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Happy Birthday Jill!   1 comment


Dear Jill,

From all the girls here at ToR: A very Happy Birthday and all the best wishes!

Hope you have a great day


More wishes from your friends below!

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Happy Birthday Marie!   5 comments


From all of us here at ToR




Dear, sweet Marie

We go way back don’t we? AND NOW I’M FINALLY COMING TO VISIT!! YAY!! After all these years I still count myself lucky to have met you and call you my sweetest friend. I wish you all the love, luck and happiness in the world because you certainly deserve it! You have one of the biggest hearts I know, are one of the toughest, most amazing people I know and admire and love how you fight for everyone you love (rawr) 😉  Thank you for just being you: dearest friend, amazing woman 🙂

Love you *mwah*



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Happy Birthday ToR!!!   68 comments


Happy Birthday ToR!!!

ToR turns one today 🙂 Wow times really does fly by doesn’t it? One year and 10 Million page views later (including our blog). I still have no idea how it happened. When I started ToR a year ago on it was mostly to post the videos I was making and some pics. I would post updates on my own Twitter account not on the current ToR Twitter account. Somewhere along the way the site exploded.

I’d like to thank you all because you’re the reason it happened and the reason we do it day in and day out. To those of you who’ve followed us from the start, those of you who are new to the site, those of you who helped us make ToR what it is today. Those of you who sent @replies and e-mails when I came very close to closing the site in March and wanted to give up, you’re the reason I kept going. Because at the end of the day we do it for you guys. To the sites who’ve helped us, I have a lot of names in my head right now  I won’t start naming everyone.  You know who you are 😉 A huge THANK YOU!  I really want to thank Late2thePartee from Random Acts of Rob for helping me out from the very start and giving me pointers.

A huge thank to Schelmy also who’s been a huge help behind the scene.

I want to also thank the girls who do an awesome job working with me on the  site: DreamySim1 MyRobAddiction SparksTP Robmusement jackieLC17 _blackrose26_ Love_CullenBoys Gittsy halvir09

Thank you everyone!

Marie aka FP

Some of you have been sending us birthday fan art so I thought I’d add them to this post. Thank you so much!


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Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!   712 comments

Dear Rob,

We have no clue if you’ll stumble upon this post or not but if you happen to do so, ToR, and 800 of your fans wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Your fans sent fan art, hand written letters and left comments in this post for you.

We wish you all the best for your 24th year and to many more ahead of you. You truly are a very talented actor and an amazing person. Don’t change, we love you just the way you are. Here’s to you Rob! We hope you have an awesome birthday!

The girls from ToR

Pssst… as a side note to all the fans who sent stuff in, awesome job everyone! I’m truly impressed by the stuff you guys sent in!

See all the fan art  after the jump!

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New Remember Me TV Spot – Happy Birthday   1 comment

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