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Dear Rob,

We have no clue if you’ll stumble upon this post or not but if you happen to do so, ToR, EM.org and 800 of your fans wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Your fans sent fan art, hand written letters and left comments in this post for you.

We wish you all the best for your 24th year and to many more ahead of you. You truly are a very talented actor and an amazing person. Don’t change, we love you just the way you are. Here’s to you Rob! We hope you have an awesome birthday!

The girls from ToR

Pssst… as a side note to all the fans who sent stuff in, awesome job everyone! I’m truly impressed by the stuff you guys sent in!

See all the fan art  after the jump!

DreamySim1 made this awesome birthday wallpaper

Birthday fan art made by fans

See the rest of the fan art in the gallery below

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  1. Happy Bday! I hope you receive everything to your heart content. You bring a smile to our faces and joy to our heart. Keep on rocking!

  2. Hapy birthday robert!!!! Hope you have a good one.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!! Hope all that you do turns out happy for you and all that you wish comes your way and all the best for you:) ???

  4. Dear Rob: prepare yourself for word vomit.Happy Birthday! I hope you get as shitfaced as my brother will. He's also Rob, and his birthday is the same day as yours. Useless information, I know. I won't bore you with the other uncanny similarities.Have a wonderful day, and I hope that you get to spend it with the most important people in your life, before your life gets hectic with filming again.All the best, JanP.S. You're like a fine wine – getting better with age – and you didn't even need improvement!

  5. May your birthday bring you as much joy as you bring others.

  6. RobHave an absolutely wonderful birthday, you have earned it so much! You are brilliant and deserve to have all your birthday wishes granted! Happy 24th Birthday!Love from Jess 🙂 P.S. You don't look a day over 17!

  7. Happy Birthday RobMay this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires and all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality.Love Allyson Hudson(Perth, Australia)

  8. :DD Happy Birfday Rob!! OMG hope you have an awseome day (no doubt) btw your gorgeous!! ;)) loads of loveSophie!! UK hell yeah!

  9. Haaaaapy BDAY!!!Can't believe another year has passed, NewMoon came out, people follow you even more crazier than last year. My wishes for you are still the same: be happy, always be with someone that loves you for who you really are and that brings you the same joy you bring to all of us. Love,Corina (Romania)PS: Wish I can wait for you to grow old together but hurry up, I am already ahead of you with 3 years!!! 😀

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!!! All the best hun!Love, Lynn, Newcastle, UKx x x

  11. Happy birthday Rob! Hope you have an amazing day wiith your friends and family! Have fun! (and drink loads, its your birthday after all!)Sammy 🙂

  12. Rob,So many things I wish for you …. everything good that you want today and always!But I wish the bottom of my heart: Health, PEACE and much … much … SUCCESS!With much love,Hugs and Happy 24th Birthday!

  13. Happy 24th birthday Rob !!! I wish you a year full of happiness, succes, love and quality – time with your family but most of all I wish you lots of privacy so you can fully enjoy all these lovely moments.Big hug, Hanne (Belgium)

  14. Hey Rob,Have an AWESOME birthday! Don't get too plastered, you may want to remember what happens ;-)*HUG*Jenn (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

  15. Dear Robert.Happy Birthday) You're very talented actor, musician and singer ..I wish you new roles in the movies)))

  16. Happy birthday Rob! Have a fantastic time on your special day. Thank you for bringing joy into our lives, I hope just as much is returned to you in the coming year.Love,Melissa, London

  17. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors/muscians on the planet!! Love & Hugs, Sunny

  18. Happy 24th, Rob! Here's wishing you joy in all that you do on your birthday and every day . . . and all the beer your heart desires! Cheers to you and thanks for all you do! With much admiration and respect,LynnMississippi, USA

  19. Happy Birthday Rob!! I hope that you have an awesome day. You deserve it. Thank you so much for being the fantastic person that you are and bringing such joy into our lives with your acting ability. Have a great day.

  20. Happy Birthday Rob!! I hope that you have an awesome day. You deserve it. Thank you so much for being the fantastic person that you are and bringing such joy into our lives with your acting ability. Have a great day.

  21. Have a fab Birthday Rob I hope you spend it with the people you love, as that is what is important friends and family around you have fun and don't get too drunk LOL x

  22. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!! I wish i could celebrate your birthday with you, but unfortantly you have a big bodyguard & not to mention you will be far from alabama.. but i hope your day ends up papz free & you get to drink all the stoli & heineken you want!! You are the greatest & I hope i am lucky enough to get a chance to tell you that in person one day! You make me laugh so hard i cry!! I love you for you so dont ever change that amazing personality you have!! haha and eat all the hot pockets you want on may 13th lol no one is going to stop you!! with much love, hugs, & kissesHope!

  23. Happy Birthday Rob!I wish you all the best for the future, especially health, joy and luck! : DI hope you celebrate your birthday with all your friends and family and have a great day.Greetings, Jessi. : D

  24. Young is the man who doesn't know that “the good old days” are NOW :)24 is the best age. Everyone wants to be 24! So here's what I wish I'd done on my 24th: forget about eveyone and their expectations, forget about all the fear and angst and all the what ifs and have a happy, happy day. Just enjoy it, as simple as that, because it's never coming back. I wasn't this smart. But you can do it for me 😉 I'm wishing you a carefree day.Love, Lea

  25. Happy birthday Rob! I hope you have a great day! Have lots of fun and have a drink for me! Lindsay BachmannOregon, usa P.s when are you coming back? Oregon misses you!

    Lindsay bachmann
  26. A HUUUUUUUUUUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROB! Hope he has a fantastic day! Such an amazing actor and an incredible individual. He deserves to have the best day EVER. Love him more than anything! 🙂 lots of love always, from Katie xxxxxxx ❤

    Katie Reynolds
  27. Have an AMAZING birthday 😀 you so deserve it man! You should be sooo proud to be ENGLISH and making it soo big in America! We all love you still here in England 😉 Congratualtions 😀 I hope you have another year of the same amazing success! 😀 And have a good old pi** up 😉 lol :DLaura (: xx

    Laura Horseman
  28. Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should come to New Orleans so you can really have fun lol…….best wishes on everything you do…i'll always be a huge supporter!!!!!!

  29. Happy 24th birthday Rob !!! I hope you have a really great day with the people you love (sorry for not be there man :p)Take a beer ( I know that you do not like beer, but it is a tradition) and eat cake. We all are waiting Eclipse, Bel Ami and Water for Elephants 😀 ( oohhh, and i LOVE Remember Me !!)happy birthday again (FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS !!) Love, Gisel 😉 (from Chile !)

  30. Happy Birthday Rob!I wish you much happiness and success in the coming year.And my son wishes that no girls chase you. 🙂

  31. Happy Birthday Rob hope u have a great day u deserve it you are an amazing actor and i know u r just goin to continue to get better too Remember me was amazing and it totally moved me keep up the good work and i wish all the luck in the world have a great time on ur birthday lots of love Keeley louise from london in the UK :Dxxxxx

  32. Happy Birthday, Rob! I am wishing you much happiness and continued success! Drink one for me! :)Love,MarilynPicayune, MS, USA

  33. Best wishes for a glorious birthday Rob! Thanks for sharing your talents with the world and hope that you stay happy, healthy and successful for many years to come.

  34. Dear Rob,I hope this year brings you tons of health, success and most of all happiness. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment you've provided for me. You are an amazing actor. I'd love to see you play Hamlet on stage – that would be amazing. Have a very, very happy birthday!! I hope you visit Toronto, Ontario someday, lol!M

  35. Happy Bday, hon! No words to explain the joy you bring to my days! Keep dazzling us! LoveJulieBrazil

  36. Happy 24th birthday, Rob!

  37. Happy Birthday!!! Blessings for you!!! Keep going on with your dreams!!!! Love,Marie (Puerto Rico)

  38. Rob, Hoping you have a very Happy Birthday & many more to come! Hoping you remain the humble person you are- because we all love you for it! My wish is much love, luck, health & happiness in the coming years!Love,Ann MariePhiladelphia, PA

  39. Dear Rob, I wish you all the best for the years to come. May your day be filled with peace and quiet, and no crazies!! Happy Birthday!!!~Melisa S.

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!! You're an AMAZING actor & the best of wishes to you! Have a great one!!! :D-Jackie

  41. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing person, musician, and actor and I am such a huge fan. My friend introduced me to “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” then “Twilight” in the same day and I absolutely fell in love with you 🙂 I wish you the best of luck on all your music and acting endeavors. Have a relaxing and fantastic day!!!Love Always,MichelleYoungstown, Ohio

  42. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing person, musician, and actor and I am such a huge fan. My friend introduced me to “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and Twilight” in the same day and I absolutely fell in love with you 🙂 I want to wish you the best of luck with your music and ac ting endeavors and I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing day!Love Always,MichelleYoungstown, OH, USA

  43. Rob- Happy 24th Birthday!! Wishing you much happiness and love for your birthday! You have amazing talent as an actor and singer, I look forward to your upcoming projects.StephanieMissouri,USA

  44. Happy 24th birthday Rob. You're such an amazing person. I wish you all the best of luck in everything you do. I admire how you stay grounded with all the mayhem around you. Always stay positive. I will always and forever be your fan. Love you<3

  45. Hey Rob, I hope you are able to enjoy your 24th birthday and it is all you hope it will be. You are a talented musician, actor but most of all a well rounded and seemingly grounded person. Please don't let all the suits and hangers on change who you are, stay true to yourself and your dreams. All the best,DianeTexas

  46. Happy Birthday Rob!! I will give you all my best wishes!! Too bad you are not able to get a whole day off even though it's your birthday, since you will have to be in Oprah's show that day. But at least you can spend the big day with people you love right? Ohhh I can't really describe how excited I am now!! I will be wishing you a fabulous day all day in May 13 and wait on the sofa to watch the Oprah show~Again, happy 24th birthday Rob!!!

  47. Happy 24th Birthday Rob! I wish you all the best in the world. Keep up the good work. You're doing great in all of your films & I'm looking foward to seeing more. Thanks for everything! Especially for giving us some entertainment. We all love you so much Rob for everything you do and everything you are. You're a great guy and I hope your birthday is a good one. Happy 24th Birthday again Rob. I'll be celebrating somehow. 🙂 Wish I could tell you personally. 🙂 Love You Robert. <3TashaThanks TOR! I was hoping you would do a Birthday Project. 🙂

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  49. i love you rob!!!! Youre a great actor and musician i hope you have a agreat career with lots of fans Cant wait to see you at the eclipse premiere

  50. Happy Birthday Robert :)I love you more than I should, and I hope your day is amazing!Never change the person you are today, cause he is awesome <3Lots of love, xxx

  51. Dear: Rob Happy Birthday….Love you…

  52. Happy birthday RoB!well…..i always thought abt the things i would say to you whenever i gt a chance….but m speechless today….!!!well.. i wish u all the best in ur future life….i just love you n u dont have an idea abt how important u r to me…i pray u get to celebrate this bday with the ppl u want to and …..have a blast…the whole world adores u darling….god bless..!!!muaaaaah…..love you…..!!

  53. happy birthday rob hope you have a fab day love hugs and kisses rach xxx

  54. Happy 24th Birthday Rob! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends! Your talent is astounding! I love all of your films and I think the best is yet to come! Thank you for being such a wonderful person! I wish you happiness and more success in the coming year. Remember to enjoy the little things and take time for yourself! Andrea

  55. Happy Birthday Mr. Pattinson! =) Sorry I just love your name! :PI wish you all the best for your big day and the upcoming year and I hope you can relax a little bit and spend enough time with the people you love!I'm so glad to see that another year of fan crazyness didn't change you at all! You're still this talented, charming, cheerful lovely guy we all fell in love with and I just can't wait to see what the next year will bring to you (and to us)! :)After a long time I recently was listening to your songs and I just remembered the time before twilight. So sad that I didn't know about you more that time, because ever since then….you are absolutely unreachable for us 'average mortals' 😉 Please Robert! I need more of your music! I just love your voice! <3Never forget what is important for you in life and just keep in mind that you have many people behind you! We love you Rob! Have a great day! Greetings from good old Germany! Sara ❤

  56. Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you have an amazing day and get to spend it with the people you love. Hope you have plenty of beers out with your mates and enjoy yourself 🙂 You are truly a unique person and I hope you never change. I love you and can't wait to see your upcoming movies and hope someday you'll make some more music because you really are an amazing actor and musican. Happy 24th Birthday! :)Love From IrelandPattie xxx

  57. Happy birthday Rob keep up the great work you are doing i love your work. Spend the day with your special friends and family

  58. Happy B-day, Rob! Have a great one! :)Love,Mira

  59. happy b-day from all of us down here in royce city have a great one best b-day wish from alissa

    alissa morrris
  60. First of all, I think it is just fantastic that my hubby and I will celebrating our 8th year wedding anniversary on your birthday. May 13 is definitely a special day. May you have a great birthday!! May you get to spend it with your loved ones and away from all the cameras! I hope you get to just relax on your birthday. Well done for a very successful career. I wish you many more successes to come in Twilight and after. With love from Jackie of NZ

  61. Rob, we all love you!!! Happy 24th birthday!!!!!!

  62. hey there rob! :)happy 24th birthday!i hope u enjoy your day..you are a great pride for your talents and skills..many people are so proud of you so am i :)just watching you grow on screen really is breathtaking..i hope for your many success ahead..we are all here to support you!xoxovhie**fr. the philippines.. 🙂

  63. Happy 24th birthday Rob!Have a great one and we all love you!:)Honia

  64. Dear Rob <3I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that you'll keep up the wonderful job 🙂 I love your movies, and I can't wait for Eclipse and all the other movies on your schedule to come out. I think you're one of the best actors ever. I hope you get a lovely birthday, without any crazy fans screaming at you, to the point of unpleasantness.. :DLove you..LouiseViborg, Denmark.

    [Rob bite my pillows!] <3
  65. happy b'day Rob..wish you got all the best 4 your life..come to Makassar in Indonesia n you can spend your b'day with your fans here..anyway, my boyfriend was obsessed with you,specially your hair..good luck with your films n hope you can be a good singer..^_^

  66. Happy Birthday Rob!! You are the best. ❤

  67. Our dearest Rob,its another milestone for you on may 13th !just want you to know that i'm very proud of you for all you've accomplished these past past few years and i'm so looking forward to your future endeavors. i will always be here to support you and i hope you will always stay grounded, humble, dedicated to your craft and always stay close to your loving family and great friends. always remember that there are lots of us out there who loves you and will always pray for your success and best of health.love you Rob and enjoy the good life w/ both feet on the ground !!!God Bless !!!

  68. Happy Birthday Rob!! We love you and wish you all the best!! You truly are an amazing artist! 🙂

    TSC <3 Flying Ninja Rob (8/09)
  69. Happy Birthday Rob! You are absolutely amazing and deserve all you wish for!

  70. Happy Birthday Rob!!Have a good one, you deserve it! May all your wishes and dreams come true xo

    NMB ~ Robs the one! <3 Stewy
  71. Happy B-day Rob my all your wishes come true. I Hope you get to spend it with your family and friends. Best Wishes

  72. Haaaaaaaaappy birthday to youuu, happy biiiiirthday tooo youuu, happy biiiirthday dear Roooohoooob, happy birthday to you! *singing totally out of tune* I hope you get a lots of nice presents and have your familiy and friends around you. Stay healthy and happy! May all your wishes come true :)Love,Jacqui

  73. Happy Birthday to the man that brought so many people together who otherwise would not have known each other! You deserve all the best there is in this life! You're young and have your whole life in front of you! Follow your dreams and stay true to yourself! You have touched my life in a way that can't be explained! I will be a fan forever and look forward to seeing you grow both personally and professionally! You are truly one of a kind!Happy Birthday!

  74. Happy Birthday!! You are an extremely talented young actor and I wish you much success. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  75. Happy 24th Birthday Rob, may the coming year bring all you desire, you deserve it all for the happiness you bring to others. May the success you have last for many years to come. Louise (australia) xxxxxx

  76. Happy birthday Rob! You're almost in your mid-2oth's now, yay! I hope you have a wonderful life and do your best in Water for Elephants, that movie is going to be epic! You adored by women of all ages (even some men cannot resist you) and it has all to do with your humbleness and crazy sense of humour.. And being extremely cute helps too ;)TEAM adorkable!

  77. Happy 24th birthday Rob! May God grant all your heart's desire. Hope you'll continue touching other people's lives. Stay healthy for us. Goodluck on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Much Love and Big Hug, Abbie Gaile from the Philippines ❤

  78. Happy birthday! I greatly admire your talent and especially your humble acknowledgment and appreciation of your fans. I've seen all your movies and am looking forward to more, plus hopefully a music CD sometime in the future–please don't let all that practice and commitment go to waste. I am praying for many more fun, successful, and fulfilling years for you. 🙂 Ellen Dickinson, Bentonville, Arkansas

  79. Happy Birthday Robert! One more year has gone by and, I would guess, with a lot of new experiences for you, and hopefully a lot of fun. Go on, follow your dreams and enjoy every moment :)Anja, Norway

  80. Hey Rob, there's some crazy crap happening in your life but know that you have so much support around the world for you and your craft. You've given us all so much pleasure, now take some time for yourself, your friends and family on your birthday and celebrate a great day! May all your dreams come true. Flea xo

  81. Happy Birthday Rob!May you have a year blessed with love, happiness and much success!Love & Hugs,Karen

  82. Happy Birthday Rob! Hope you have a fantastic day and are able to have some down time! You deserve it! <3Janae

  83. Happy Birthday Rob 🙂 Hope you have a great, relaxing, stress free day you definately deserve! Thanks for bringing smiles to all your lovely fans faces day in and day out 🙂 Take care! Monica NielsenCharleston, SC

    Monica NIelsen
  84. Happy Birthday Rob! May the next year of your life bring happiness and a lot of love.I hope all your wishes will become true. I wish you a lot of great experiences and more privacy from all the crazy stuff going on around you. May you have success in whatever you are going to do.Best wishes & love from Germany!Rebecca

  85. Hi Robert I wish you the best of this world on your special day. I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and to everyone in world. I hope you get to have a fantastic day with the people that you love in this special day. I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and your love ones. love always your fan: Audelia

  86. just want to wish You, Happy Birthday 😉

  87. HOPE YOU HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL 24TH BIRTHDAY EVER ROB!!! You are an awesome actor and musician and I know you will go so far in your career. All your wishes better come true because you deserve them all! I hope you get a relaxing day away from all of the stress!Love, Savannah from Tennessee

  88. happy birthday Rob!!!!!! all my best wishes for you.never change, always be honest with yourself

  89. Happy birthday from a fifty-two year old English professor who thinks you are absolutely the most beautiful male person ever born! Love your acting, love your music, love you!Your devoted fan forever,Lisa

  90. Joyeux anniversaire Robert!!I wish you happiness, friendship, love, health and success. Have fun, we have 24 years once time. Good luck for the future,veronique

  91. Happy Birthday Rob!Hope you have a Birthday that's just like you and wish you all the best, happiness, success, love and health!!! You do deserve this!Loads of love Kristyna xoxo

  92. Happy Birthday and a special thanks to your mom for bringing such an amazing and talented person into our wolrd. Coralie

    dalche coralie
  93. Hi R-pattz, Happy 24th Birthday! I wish you a happy and peaceful *crossing fingers* life. I wish your hardwork may result to something good. We, fans, looove you so much even if you are a young wizard turned vampire( a broodingly handsome one!) and who knows, maybe you will become a tissue-covered zombie who still looks hot! Just joking:) Continue being a great actor. We all support you! -Rose ann-

  94. hello happy birthday robert.I wish the best for your love life and professional.I'm from Argentina and I love the vampire do you and I love you kristen.aguante argentina jejefeliz cumple rob lo mejor para vos.

  95. Hope you have an amazing day with your friends & family there to share it all with you.Best wishes to you always & thanks so much for all that you've shared with us so far…Happy 24th Birthday! DebbieSaratoga, NY

  96. Hey Rob!Happy 24th Birthday!Hope you have a fab time!Lots of Love and Best Wishes, GoldenChimes… <3<3 I love You Rob <3xxxxx

  97. Robert Effing Pattinson-Thank you for not letting the world change you and just being who you are. Thank you for being hilarious, sexy, compassionate, and down-to-earth. You have SO much potential in life, and I hope only good things come to you in the future.Happy Birthday!Love, Cjean

  98. I wish you all the best on your birthday Rob! Thanks for entertaining us in so many ways. You are very talented and should be proud of yourself! With Love, Ashley WorleySouth Carolina

  99. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!Hope you have a great day. We are all very proud of you.Love,Aga (Poland)

  100. Happy Birthday Rob! You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. May you reach all your goals, and have all your dreams come true.

  101. Happy birthday Rob .I wish you the best .Best wishes from France

  102. happy birthday Robhave a great day, many happy returnsloving all you have done, and looking forward to what you bring us in the future. supporting you all the way. (mwah) xxx with love xxx rachael (england, staffordshire)

  103. Happy 24th Birthday Rob – Have a great day! Love Becky Williams (Oxford) x

  104. Happy Birthday, Rob! Thank you for everything you have done so far. We've enjoyed your films, music and interviews. May everything you wish come true. I hope you will have a peacuful and as noiseless Birthday as possible 🙂 with friends and family. And stay as charming and funny as you are, because we love you that way.With love,Metka (Slovenia)

  105. Happy Birthday Rob ! Wszystkiego Najlepszego !Beata ( Poland)

  106. Happy Birthday, Rob! Thank you for everything you have done so far. We've enjoyed your films, music and interviews. May everything you wish come true. I hope you will have a peacuful and as noiseless Birthday as possible 🙂 with friends and family. And stay as charming and funny as you are, because we love you that way.With love,Metka (Slovenia)

  107. Happy birthday and have a pint on me. Liz. x

  108. happy birthday rob i hope you have a rockin day!!you are amazingi love youbest wishes from lisa ( northern ireland)

  109. Messages sent via e-mail:Happy 24th Birthday RPattzYour amazing :DLots of hugs and kissesJacey, England

  110. Message sent via e-mail:Dear Rob!Ever since I 1st watched Twilight, I have prayed for you EVERYDAY! I am a “young grandma” as you're old enough to be my son. But, May 13th has ALWAYS been super special, since it's my mom's bday! So>I just want you to know, that I pray DAILY that you will know how much God has BLESSED you, & that you'll ENJOY His great love for you & know how SPECIAL you are!!Gma “hugs” and prayers,Twigramma

  111. Message sent via e-mail:Be pleased by everything that life gives you. Have fun in the way you like, love anyone you want and show the world that you don’t care what they think of you.Enjoy life and happy birthday!with respect irina p. (from romanian)


  113. Message sent via e-mail:Dear Rob,A very happy Birthday to you! May you be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations! May you know success, good health, wealth, love and most of all joy. May you always be happy! May you continue to be as humble and sincere as you are now. May you never loose sight of what is important in life.Thank you for being in an industry where privacy is second to none and for putting yourself out there. For allowing us, people you have never met, to be a part of you. Thank you for being the best you are and giving your best. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to your art. Thank you for your example. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. May you know that there are even people on the “dark and deserted” continent of Africa that think you are pretty special and think the world of you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world. I really appreciate the effort and wisdom and your brilliance.Happy Happy 24th Birthday!!!Love alwaysRonél

  114. Message sent via e-mail:Hey Rob!Happy 24th Birthday!I love you so much and it was you who helped me pick my career in acting!!Lots of Love and Best Wishes,GoldenChimes… <3<3 I love you Rob! <3xxx

  115. Message sent via e-mail:Happy Birthday Rob. Wszystkiego Najlepszego.Beata (Poland).

  116. Robert, I hope you have an absolutely lovely birthday, and that it is spent with those you love, doing what makes you happiest. Please know that you make countless amounts of people smile, every single day. I wish you much joy and success in whatever you decide to pursue. Thanks for being so fantastic.Love, Sarah Craddock(Victoria, BC, Canada)

  117. To mr Robert Pattinson,What a handsome chap you are! congrats on making so much of your life considering you're still quite young, you're growing into a fine actor and I can't wait to see the other films you're doing when they come out because after watching Remember me I was excited by how much potential you have and obvious passion you feel for your careerDon't forget us in the UK and keep reppin' Barnes and Richmond Borough!Live long and prosper, much love,Kez :)x

    Kez_MLIT...team riley ftw :)
  118. Hey Rob, wishing you a very happy and 'normal' style birthday, if anyone as famous as you can be allowed a normal day in your entire year, this should be it. Hope you get all you wish for. Take care xx Louise, UK.

    louise o'neill
  119. Have a great day and many a drink to celebrate the fact that you're not really a 107 year old virgin!! May all your fans willing to strip naked to get your attention have the goods to do you justice, and may all the stalkerazzi DIAF and leave you the $%#@ alone!Cheers!Mel from Australia – Come visit some time!

  120. Happy birthday Rob!Hope you have a great day and hope the Eclipse promotion is not to exhausting for you and the cast. You bring Edward to life so brilliantly and most Twilight fans do not love you purely because your 'hot' but because of your humour, your loyalty to the fans, your attitude towards the Media and the 'Hollywood life' and because you think about every single detail of how you can project 'book Edward' to 'movie Edward' and along with Kristen, you bring the romance, desire and the incredible love of Edward and Bella to life.Have a great birthday! Please do not ever change.Love from all of your British fans!In particularly Angela from Newcastle!


  122. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday with friends and family that are close to you. You are an amazing actor and have so much talent that I can't wait to see in years to come. I love your sense of humor and how you don't conform to the hollywood lifestyle. Never change who you are and keep making interesting film choices!! It must suck having to work on your birthday, but tried to enjoy the time to yourself to go out and have a few beers with your friends…you deserve a break from all the caos in your life for just one day. You put so much hard work into your films and don't let the critics get to you. Good luck with the rest of the year and get some rest when you can. I look forward to seeing you in Eclipse (I cant belive it is almost here!!) Thank you for continuing with acting and staying true to yourself. Your greatest fan,AshleyNew York, USAP.S. you should defently make more music in the future because you have an amazing voice!!

  123. Dear Rob,A year ago I would have NEVER believed that I would be here, wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, after having seen you 3(!!!) times and having had your autograph in the past 6 moths alone!You make me happy beyond words with your acting, your music, your smiles and your amazing attitude. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a breath-taking year ahead! Most of all, whatever you do, be sure that you're happy. That's all we (your fans) care about :)Lots of love, from Bulgaria and the UK,Chrissy

  124. Happy Birthday Rob!! Just celebrated my birthday on the 2nd. Hope you have a fun and relaxing day. You deserve it! Gotta love a fellow Taurus :-)xoxoxNicole

  125. Happy Birthday 🙂 !! I hope to achieve as much as you have done and become successful just like you.I LOVE YOU ! ^ sorry, its true.. im another freakish obsessed stalker lool :)Have a great day, without me lol -Cara xx

  126. I Forgot To Mention^^ Im English By The Way 🙂 BIG UP THE BRITS (Y) you've made me proud to be britishFrom Again-Cara xx

  127. Happy 24th Birthday, Rob! Kick ass and raise hell, proper.Lots of love,Ash (MN soon to be TN)


  129. TessHP ?”Elephant Frown??Today is your birthday, don’t pull your hair,?Look in the mirror, nature was fair.?Not a day over twenty,?I’m kidding! you’re plenty.??Don’t mean to burst your bubble,?But stop asking for trouble.?You know what I mean,?When you drink that caffeine.??What should I bring??Just give me a ring.?Elephant or Clown??I knew you would frown.?” Happy Birthday Rob!!! All the Best in the World to YOU! Tess *BD smooches* ???

  130. Received via e-mail:Hi Robert ! My name is Joris Royer, I'm a 19 year-old guy who lives in North East of France, in a city called Metz, and I wanted to congratulate you for what you've done till now in the Twilight Saga. I had seen you in Harry Potter and you were good in it, but your acting level really reached the summit, if we can say, when you began portraying Edward Cullen. I've got to say that I don't understand most of those crazy girls who yell at you, it's so hilarious and I think I understand what you undergo, sometimes. Don't worry there are normal fans in this world. I always wanted to mention these great films you made like LITTLE ASHES (Even if the movie wasn't released here, I saw it and bought the dvd in the UK) and I also must confess that I worked on HOW TO BE for a french blog, should I say. I made the subtitles for the 'Non-English speaking fans'.Your career has evolved, indeed. You met the biggest stars of the world just like the talented Kristin Scott Thomas (I love her, she's so cultivated and speaks French fluently!) and Uma Thurman (Kill Bill caught my attention and my heart). Just a few examples to show how incredible you are, you're totally normal, simple (you don't want to be part of the High Society, you know, with all those 'stuck-up' people right ?) and I adore that. You're a good example to follow. I gotta say that you're my favourite actor (same for Kristen Stewart in the Actress Category).My dream would be to meet all of you, the whole twilight cast, just to chat normally and having answers about cinema business because my dream is to become an actor and it's hard I know. I'm studying English at college to be a sort of English teacher in the future, even though my vocation is also focused on being an actor. Could you advise me ? Some advice or something ? Thank you very much anyway. About my life and my twilight-related existence (haha) well i'm addicted since november 2008. I read the books in a week and I saw the movie in London, in December 2008. By the way, I had sent you a 'fanmail' circa January 2009 : it was a letter containing 11 pages and one of them had lyrics for a NM song. I had created a song for you and your character (based on Edward's perspective then). I had imagined it for the Italian sequence, when Edward thinks Bells is dead and when he's gonna kill himself in the sunlight. And the song's title was 'LOVE'S GONNA HAPPEN RIGHT NOW'.Unfortunately it never arrived, well, I suppose so. I didn't get a reply but I understand that, you've got so many fans and you're very busy. Don't worry ! 🙂 So just to finish this message, I adore you, you're humble, reasonable and you've got to follow that way. Don't change (you've never wanted to, anyway). Stay very down to earth as we all like. Thank you for your attention. Merci !! (Okay, first and last Frenchy touch 🙂 ).If you want to thank me for the message, you can tweet me @TwilightForks or visiting http://www.chatroll.com/TwilightSaga-Eclipse And now the final touch : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ROB ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!

  131. Received via e-mail: Hi Rob, I wish you a happy birthday.I have discover you by twilight and now i'm looking at all your movies.You are a great actor.I'm a 30 year old women and my little girl Joly-Ann who is only 5 years old is already a fan of you and all the twilight actors. Hope to hear from you.I'm living in St-Dominique,Quebec Canada and here to twilight is a big event. Big kisses and alot of love for your birthday. Valérie Gadbois

  132. Well what to say… Welcome in the club of 24 years old people 😛 I hope this will be a great day for you, to have next to you everyone you love and hope all your secret dreams to come true :)HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY, ROB!Hugs and Kisses, Andreia (Romania)

  133. Received via e-mail:Happy birthday to a fellow taurus?.Best wishes on your 24 b day my birthday us the same day enjoy it your a gifted actorMary H.

  134. You might not read this but i thought I'd give it a try…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you enjoy it with all the people you love .. You deserve It!! :DRemember that there are people out there that have your back no matter what!! This has nothing to do with birthday wishes but I thought you should know!! Hehe!! ENJOY!!

  135. Hauoli La Hanau ia Rob!!From all the Twihards in Hawai'i!!

  136. HAPPY BDAY ROBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!! MAY THIS BDAY BRING YOU HAPPINESS AND TONS OF JOY! YOU DESERVE IT!You are an amazing and talented actor!We are all so proud of you!xoxo from argentina!

  137. Happy Birthday Rob!! I hope its a good one!! Best Wishes!! (p.s.) My bday is on May 13th as well. But you're 9 years older..Anyway, You are a marvelous actor, keep up the good work.

  138. Dear Rob,Happy Birthday!!! Have a fabulous time what ever you do! Love alwaysCharlotte (London)

  139. Happy birthday Rob!Hope you have a lovely day, one every bit as wonderful as you are. Thank you for being you!X

  140. Happy Birthday Rob. Have fun and enjoy it!

  141. Happy Birthday Rob!!Just want you to know you make me smile everyday! Hopefully you know how special you are and that you are truly loved by many!Wishing you a year filled with success, happiness, good friends and cold beer!All the best,Nancy

  142. HaPpY bIrThDay ROB hope you have a good one !!!

  143. Dear Rob,Before I give you my best wishes, I have to take a moment to thank you. Not only have you shared your musical and acting talents with us, you have shared your friends. Sam, Bobby, Marcus, Johnny… my playlist and life would be much emptier were you not so loyal!I have met some of the most wonderful people through our mutual admiration of you and your friends. In a roundabout way, you have shared a lot of love with an awful lot of people. On behalf of your fans, we thank you from the bottom of our all-ages hearts.Have a very happy birthday, full of all the things and people you love best, and may God continue to bless you in the next year.Morgan

  144. Happy birthday Rob!!! Thank you for everything! We love Edward?! Yes!!! But we just love you for who you are, not for the character you played.So just keep being youself and enjoy your life. And always remember: you deserve all the happiness in the world, Rob!!! Don't ever give up 'cause everything 's gonna be okay. I promise!!!Love you 4ever, Cherry:)

  145. Happy Birthday Rob love.. have agreat one.. and have lots of fun with all your loved ones.. and may all your goals and dreams come true. never stop trying.. you are the best.. we love ya.. hugs and kisses..

  146. Rob aka (Spunky) :DHAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope all youe wishes come truep.s. You still look as hot as you did in Twilight

  147. Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you have a fantastic one and know that all of your loyal fans are celebrating with you in spirit. LOVE YOU ROB!!!!!!!

    Shannon Miskimen
  148. Hi rob,you're really a very good actor & also very talented,not just a handsom guy:Dhappy birthday and i wish you more success in life and learning more and more about lifebest wishesRaghda

  149. Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob!I hope you have a wonderful, magnificent, amazing, superb, brilliant, fantastic Birthday!you know we love you to pieces!

    QueenAnnie- TeamMoaningRob
  150. Happy Birthday, hope you all your dreams and aspirations come true. Also keep doing what you love, and never stop being yourself. We all admire you're ability to stay loyal to yourself, despite all the changes in your life. You've come along way – and I hope you keep going. Hope you have a great time because you only turn twenty-four once! Love, Neera (London)

  151. Happy Birthday Rob! I wish you the best always! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us! Hope you have an awesome day, you deserve it 🙂 Love, Stephie (Paraguay – South America)

    Mrs. Pattinson (L)
  152. Happy Birthday Rob!!!! . I think your an amazing actor and musician. I wish you the best on your career, and health. I hope many good things come to you in the future. Kelsey (Rhode Island)

  153. To Rob xHope u have an ace 24th love u always ! Thankyou 4 being you x x

  154. Dear Mr. Pattinson!Happy 24th birthday, I hope you'll have a great day! Wish you all the best and I also have to say that I am very excited for you playing Jacob Jankowski in “Water for Elephants”! Better start working on your polish skills! And just so you now, I would gladly help you with that 😉 Love, Agnieszka (Poland)

  155. Have an amazing birthday Rob! I hope you manage to get some peace and celebrate with all your family and friends. You deserve a great day.. because i know you have given many of your fans great days from your performances! Have fun 🙂 Love Maddy (UK) xxxxx

    MK1309 - TigerKitten
  156. ROB HAPPY 24th!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing Eclipse, Remember me was fantastic. Thank you so very much for doing this franchise and I hope you have a very nice birthday! Best wishes from val in york,pa (it's a tiny town). 🙂

  157. Rob, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!You're an amazing person who is honest, real, and extremely down to earth. Qualities that are so hard to hold onto, when you are thrust into the spotlight. Good for you for holding onto the things that truly matter in life. Your personality shines no matter what you do, and you deserve everything you wish for!My two year old little girl is absolutely enamored with you. She doesn't go anywhere without her Edward pillow or doll. Someday I look forward to telling her that the first person she fell in love with was Robert Pattinson. An amusing story indeed, but until then, you have a little girl who is singing “Happy Birthday Edward, I love you!”All our love and best wishes.

  158. Happy Birthday, Rob. May your 24th year be your best one yet! I'm sending you best wishes for continued success and happiness in your life and all you pursue from me and my friends, the LGR girls.

    Breesmom<3 Fierce Edward/duRob
  159. mhh 24…Well I hope all your wishes come true wherever they may lead you next, music cinema theatre… world domination? I believe you can do anything you set your heart to 🙂 you've already proved it :)In my own language I want to wish you:Tantissimi Auguri di Buon CompleannoCon tanto affettoxoxoxoxoxo

    PhoenixMP3 The One & Only
  160. Happy Birthday Rob !! Hope your special day brings you more joy than you have given your adoring fans!! Keep up the great work, looking forward to all future projects. Have a great b-day along with many, many more.Love,1 of your biggest fans,Diane (United States)

  161. Happy Birthday Rob! I think you are simply amazing!Love,Misty(Tennessee)

  162. hi Rob 🙂 happy birthdayy :)!!!! you are such an amazing actor and you are the best, you are gorgeouss i love you soooo much 🙂 anywayssss happy birthday i hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

  163. ah HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! :D.hope you have a good one and success in everything else in your life and career. you have potential and we your fans will always support you in all you do.love you ❤ -iliananew jersey.

  164. Happy Birthday Robert!I hope you have an amazing birthday celebration. You are such a hard worker, and an amazing actor. Thank you for blessing us with your talent.You truly are awesome!Love Always,Christina RoseToronto, Canada

  165. Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you have a great day! Have a pint for me!Love,Michelle (Indiana)


  167. Happy Birthday Rob!!! Hope you have the greatest birthday ever!! Enjoy as much as you can and live in the moments 😉 You are a great person and my favourite actor 😀 Best wishes,Andrea (Argentina)

  168. There once was a lad from Barnes, who wooed the girls with his charms. His sex hair and long fingers made the naughty thoughts linger and turned grown women into sex crazed teenagers. Their husbands don't “get it”, but their reaping the benefits, so for his birthday they'll buy him a Heineken. Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!

  169. Hi Robert!I wish you a wonderful birthday! Let the day be very special for you.I love your work 🙂 You are a really good actor. I have seen all the movies that man can find in the internet. Of course the new ones like Twilight, New Moon and Remember Me I have seen in the movies. And now I am waiting Eclipse and Bel Ami.Best wishes from Estonia.Anneli

  170. Happy 24th Birthday Rob! Hope you have a fantabulous day. I'll be watching you and the other cast members on Oprah!Love,Marissa (Australia)

  171. Hello! Happy 24th!! Hope you have a amazing birthday and a good one too!! 🙂 Have fun!! 🙂 Kat

  172. Happy B-day Robert, your way better than Edward, your acting is amazing…..and I'll love you till the end!!Make the best of your b-days!! Go out and have some fun with your friends and familly!! Forget about the paparazzis cauz us fans will take care of them but you just go have a blast!! You are my Idol Rob…because of you I'm actually considering acting…the way you do it…it just looks like so much fun!!My friends and I will be celebrate this special day too Rob and I'm a lot of other girls as well will be celebrating you turning 24 and dont think thats old because it isen't :)Anyway I hope this day will be the best day of 2010 for you!!You are the grates, the best, talented, down to earth and did I forget BEAUTIFUL!!!We Canadien girls love you!!I hope I get to see u again (because I went to the remember me premier in NYC 😛 ) Bye xoxoxox

  173. Happy Birthday ROBBIKINS 🙂 we love you ! we hope you birthday is as amazing as yourself ! thank you for bringing beloved Edward to the screen 🙂 i love you a lot ! ur are sooo hilarious and funny ! never loose your great traits and awesome attitude 🙂 TEAM ROBBIKINS !!!!Love, Yassmeen Karimi 🙂

    Is it June30 yet ?! Rileward<3
  174. Received via e-mail:Dear Rob, I wish you all the best on this birthday and future ones to come. I love you from the bottom of my heart. ❤ 🙂 I hope you have a awesome 24th Birthday! Much Love, Monique Z. PS- You're one of the sweetest, down-to-earth actors out there and I really respect you for that. The world needs more people like you! *lucky birthday kiss* Hehe 😀

  175. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!! Thanks for being the amazing, funny, humble person that you are. I hope you have a year full of endless possibilities and happy times with your family and friends.XOXOJ =D

  176. Happy 24th Birthday, Rob! Have fun on your birthday; wear that Stoli shirt and get drunk :DGoodluck with all your movies;I can't wait to see them! I'm very proud of what you've accomplished and I'm sure you'll have more success in the upcoming years.Your fans love and support you :-*Just be your-adorkable-self and stay fuckawesome!!!! Have a kickass party

  177. Hi Rob! Just wanting to say happy birthday! We all love you so much no matter what happens. So I hope you have a nice day and a nice year! I send you all my best wishes from here, Québec, Canada. Be happy, have fun and enjoy life!!! Lots of love ❤

  178. Received via e-mail:Wishing you a Very Happy 24th Birthday !! We hope you are able to get some privacy to enjoy your Birthday! Erinrose & BarbaraWest Babylon, New York

  179. HAppy Birthday Rob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are the hottes guy in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cant wait to see you in eclipse

  180. Happy birthday Rob! I hope you get everything you wished for and more.Thank you for being you, it's your gift to the world :)Love, Allie.

  181. Happy Birthday Rob! You are an incredibly talented young man and I am so thankful you chose to share your talent with us. I pray that God will continue to bless you, guide you and watch over you. You are such a blessing to us, your fans! Love,Jennifer

  182. Happy Birthday Rob from all of your fans in Adelaide, Australia – have a wonderfuld day :)xxxxxxAlessandra

  183. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! Your acting skills cease to amaze me with each movie of yours that I watch. I am of course a Twilight fan, but more importantly your fan. I hope you have an incredible day, because you have earned every last thing you've received. I hope you reach every goal and dream you have set for yourself (of course my dream would be to meet you 😉 but I won't bore you talking about how much I adore you) I just hope you have a fantastic birthday and don't have too much fun 😉

  184. May you be blessed as you have been so far and have a great time on your birthday. Have fun, enjoy yourself, even though you are working so much, take time for you. If you need entertainment, I would pop out of a cake for you if you like…heheheForever your fan, Isabel

  185. Happy Birthday!! You are truly an amazing and talented person. I wish much happiness and continued success. Hope your birthday is a wonderful!!Love,Dana

  186. Happy Birthday my dearest ROB! Just remember that age is just a number and you don't look your age.Wish you that you'll have more birthdays to come and that this coming birthday of yours, you'll have that day with your loved ones. Stay healthy and down to earth attitude of your, do. And I also wish that you'll keep your passion and love on your job. Remember always that we love you and we'll always be here for you no matter what, ok?I'll always be your number 1 fan. twilight_princessRobert Pattinson is ❤

  187. There was a young man called RobWhos beauty made other men sob He played the vamp teenWith a sparkly peenAnd now hes a famous heart throbBe honest, we all think hes buff Despite an allergy to… stuffIts his birthday I hearAn excuse for a beerIn tomorrows pics I bet he looks roughI cant think of anything else to rhyme& it takes a whole lot of timeSo let me just say,Rob have a GREAT birthday,And what I wish most is that you were MINE*Cough* Rob will appreciate my humour.Happy birthday! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxSparks, England

  188. Dear Rob ???Hope u have a lovely birthday.People like you that possess such a special talent for music & acting should be special every day of the year…not just on your birthday.My brother's birthday is on the 8 of May.I wish you many more happy years ahead in whatever you decide to do.I'm sure that your family are very proud to be a part of your life.Special thanks to your mum for bringing such a wonderful and special person like you into this world. **Happy Mothers day to your mum** – Hope u get to spoil her rotten.Your fans from Brisbane, Australia would love to see u pop in for a visit.Take care,have fun and be safe.??? Loads of love,kisses and fan support ???From Lisa Lloyd (Brisbane Australia – “Down Under”)

  189. R0bWell im going to have to tell you the same shit that everyone has told you over and over again..well cause i might not have anything eles to say.::.Happy BirthDayy™.::..Ohhh just to let you know people have told meh that people after passing the age of thirty your boddy has a mind of its own..lmaoo..wel idk if its true but im just giveing you the heads up..just in case..L0ve..Nessa!

  190. Received via e-mail:happy birthday rob hope you live to see many more .so you can show people just how amazing you look inside and out. p.s you don't look a day over 17 xoxo Selena Carbury

  191. Happy Birthday Rob. You're an amazing actor and you should be proud of yourself. I've always been a fan and will continue to be. Please dont change. You're awesome and from what I can see, funny, intelligent, a little quirky, and of course handsome. I could'nt imagine anyone else as Edward or as Tyler in Remember Me. Fantastic Job. Love,Julia

    JuliaPattz--team jawline
  192. Happy Birthday Robert Thomas Pattinson ! I Hope You have A Great Birthday And Spened It With All Your Loved Ones And All You're Wishes Come True !

  193. Happy Birthday Robert Thomas Pattinson ! ❤ I Hope You Have A Great Birthday And Spend It With All Your Loved Ones ! And I Hope All Your Wishes Come True ! Love You !

  194. Happy Birthday Rob!! I am a 36 year old English teacher, and am convinced that you are the most beautiful man on earth. My students think that I am crazy, but I look at myself as normal. I hope that you get to spend your birthday in a stress-free environment, and with the people you love. Enjoy your day, and thanks for being you, and giving your fans so much enjoyment.

    gGretchen Moschkau
  195. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!! Hope your birthday is full of LOVE and Happiness,and Thank You for always being yourself, and never changing who you really are. Just so you know, we are all really proud of you, and we hope you keep doing what you love!!!=} LOVE, Joseline

  196. Happy Birthday Rob!!!Keep up the excellent work!!Enjoy your birthday with friends and families and no papz!Phayvanh B.

  197. Hey there Gorgeous Happy 24th Birthday!!!Love ur acting,ur music, ur looks and ur personality so much so please don't ever change stay grounded and keep up the good work…LOVE U MUCH ROBERT!!!Jen from Singapore 🙂

  198. Happy B – Day… To My Birthday Brother (Since It's My B – Day Too!! ) I Hope You Have A Cool Day.. And Many Blessings… Also Lot's Of Presents!!! :-)And That You Celebrate Them Like A Rock Star!! Best Wishes From Me!!

  199. Happy Birthday Rob! Wish you have a good health. And hope you will find a true love soon:)

  200. Rob, a very happy 24th birthday to you. I hope it is truely special for someone as amazing as you are…..may you be richly blessed always. Have the most wonderful fun filled day.Love Brendaxxx

  201. Happy 24th Birthday Rob, & many more!!!! 🙂

  202. Happy Birthday Rob, wishing you the best of everything in life, for you truly deserve it.You're such a good person, thus you are being rewarded for all your successes . Hope you wont ever change for the worse, but always strive to be better & be a better person as well.Goodluck to your lovelife, and dont ever take the ones you love for granted.Goodluck to you and Kristen, may you never break up, and take good care of her.The two of you really look good together.May you be happy.

  203. Hi Rob!!!Happy Birthday!!! I cant believe how well you have done for yourself and I do hope sometime in the near future that those bloody paps will leave you and all the Twi-Gang alone! I hope you have a fan-fucking-tastic birthday doll, and all your wishes in the world come true. Thanks for making Twilight what it is, It wouldn't be it's fuckawesome self without you!!Love, georgiecullen.PS: Come down to Australia soon!!! We miss out on you guys so much!!!

  204. our dearest Rob,a BIGBIGBIGBIG Happy Birthday to you !!! :DDwish you a happy , nice birthday with the ones you love !!!!!!!!remember to take care of yourself !by shan from HK.

  205. Have a very happy day, enjoy yourself and don't let anyone ruin it for you!From all us on ''Thinkingofrob''Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. Wish you happiness, health and joy. mhaw

  206. hi,RobI'm your fan from Taiwan.And there are many your fans support you.We all appreciate your perfomance.Don't give up chacing your dreams.At last,Happy Birthday !! :DLove you, Lynn

  207. Received via e-mail:Dear Rob..have a very happy great birthdaywish u for all d best things in lifebe what u want to be..if it takes u to the happinessloveQnoy24 (indonesia)

  208. Received via e-mail:Hi Rob,So i was thinking of you (like always!) and of all the smart things to say for your birthday. I would love to tell you of the many wonderful things that you are to us fans but I guess you won't be able to finish reading this letter 'till your next birthday (hahahaha). It is such a pleasure to know that you are well and doing wonderful things in your career and love*cough, cough*life. I, however, would like to be known now as your “supporter”. A fan will admire you but will be easily dissuaded by critics or by new, up and comers. I prefer to be loyal to you (crazy huh!). I relate to you a lot apart from the fame and good genes.You represent people like me in the big arena. You represent the awkward and strange but good hearted and dedicated people that seem to never always get a break but when it comes people question. That may or may not be you in its entirety but i see you that way and hopefully you don't get insulted (coz it isn't). Your attitude of IDGAF makes me so happy coz I have that most times. I will always remember you inspiring me to be comfortable in my own skin (and tat's odd coz i am a woman) and to pursue my love for art (yes i am back to sketching, writing and will enroll in film school this year). So enjoy this day and all the things that will come. Grab a Lager, sing and compose something with your friends, smoke, eat kobe beef (and all those things tabs say you do or not do) and just make the most of it. Take good care of yourself, not for our sake but for your family and yourself. There are lots of us out there, who are happy when we see you happy and who will keep giving our full support. I hope you see this fame as a vehicle for something good but first and foremost, celebrate to your heart's content. You deserve everything.I am eager to see all your movies and other projects. (Oh I forgot!) Happy 24th man!!!!Ravenous

  209. Happy Birthday Robert! I hope you have a really special day with friends and family. Good luck with all your new movies. Have a really great day! Maria

  210. Happy Birthday!!

  211. Happy birthday rob!!!! i really hope you will spend this day how you want surrounded by the people you love most…I as your fan i love you very much and am SO proud of you and all your work…I really thank your mother from bringing you into this world cause you are an amazing person… Love…Claudia from Romania

  212. Happy Birthday Rob! Or in german “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Rob!” :)I hope every goal you set yourself came true and that everything else you desire comes true as well!You are great actor (I personally prefer your other movies instead of the Twilight Saga. But i´m a fan of them too.). you are a pretty talented musican as well and I hope we are hearing more from you.I wish you the best and have fun celebrating your birthday!Nicole from Germany 🙂

    Nicole Engelmann
  213. Dear Rob i want to wish you an amazing Birthday !! hope you have lots of fun !!

    yashi from Puerto Rico
  214. Us Taureans have to stick together =) Let your heart continue leading the way to your success. Stay true and Oh! Happy Birthday.

  215. Happy birthday Rob!
    Have a fantastic day, enjoy a few beers and bust some moves!
    Funtimes! Lots of loveeeee xxx

  216. Robert,24 years happy birthday!Please be happy every day,because everybody supports you forever!Therefore don't worry after the Twilight finished?how couldI hoped that you may handle the matter which you want to do.like play music,sing songs or develop the movie …and so on.At last,i love you, Robert Pattinson!Happy birthday,my love!

  217. Dear Robert,Happy Birthday! Look at you now you big ass movie star! I'm so proud of you! I've had a crush on you since Harry Potter well you were my second crush.. Haha anyways… You've grown so much (in a good way) since then and are now in these amazing movies *coughtwilightcough* I really liked you in Remember Me though. You were great and I really loved the plot of the movie. So you just keep pickin 'em nice movies alright? So get crazy drunk, have fun, and just keep on having a good head on your shoulders. We (fans) love you a lot and support you in everything! I am 100% sure you will achieve all your goals because you are the type of person who really goes after it.. at least that's what I think. Keep believing in yourself you handsome “brooding” man!P.S. I LOVE YOU. joke… well I do but anyway..P.P.S. Give me some beer okay? Haha.Love, Nikkiedee from someplace cool.

  218. Happy Birthday! May all you wish for come true, now and forever!!!

  219. Rob Happy Birthday!!!!:D

  220. Happy Birthday Rod!! look forward to your new movie 😀

  221. Perhaps you have no idea about Taiwan, but you can come here to escape from those annoyed paparazzi.I love USA and UK more because of you and Kristen Stewart.Now, I'm trying harder to learn English, because I believe that I will meet you someday.We have one thing in common that is we all love Kristen Stewart.I hope I could have a chance to be friends with you and Kristen Stewart, even that just a wild fancy.And there's one more thing I would like to say is happy birthday!

  222. Happy Birthday!!!!I love you!!!Rob

  223. Happy Birthday Rob!Sorry,I can't say too much because my English isn't good.

  224. Happy Birthday Rob! Stay true to who you are because that's what I love about you the most.

  225. Happy Birthday, Rob!Cindy, from Taiwan 😛

  226. Rob!!!!! Happy Birthday:D I love you so much

  227. Rob~~Happy Birthday!Wish you happy every day!!

  228. I am your Taiwan's movie fan,anticipated that your performing skill will be progressive.Wishes your happy birthday!Hoped that you can also arrive at Taiwan!(Was sorry that my English is not very good,please very much forgive…)

  229. Hi~Rob, I am from Taiwan. Happy Birthday to you !Maybe you will not remember my message…Maybe you are really tired of too many yells around you …Well…I have to say…that is nothing because you must know WE are always support you!Just be yourself!

  230. I am your Taiwan's movie fan, hoped that your performing skill is getting more and more progressive!Hoped that you have free time can also arrive at Taiwan, Taiwan very good!!!Wishes your happy birthday in this!!!(Was sorry that my English is not very good, please very much forgive…)

  231. Hi RobHappy birthday to you!!I have send a letter for you,have you got it?well, I'm Kelly.Happy birthday!!Keep going.

  232. Happy birthday my dear Rob! I love u so much! I wish u will have a good result at your movie! God bless you!

  233. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Robert, you are a truly special young man. Always, always stay true to your yourself. Your continued grace amazes me as you continue to be surrounded by this incessant hysteria. As a mother, I often think of how proud your parents must be. Thank you so much for bringing so much happiness into my life and the lives of so many others. You bring a much needed smile to my face each and every day. Enjoy your special day with your loved ones. I wish you continued success in all you do and always, always, be happy!

  234. ?LLO??Rob????24???????Maybe????…?????????????????????????????…???????????…???????????…????????…???????????????????????????????????????????…???????????????????????????????????????????????????…^^

  235. Hello~Rob~happy 24th Birthday!!!!Maybe you can not see…But I will always be somewhere in the world supports you!!!!Sorry, my English is not very good…Kan Bukan to know you do not know?…hahaFinally, I want to say…Rob, please do not get down on yourself!!!!Your acting is really great!!!! Please be assured that they are the best!!!!Although you want to know…However, you can learn from the Internet any information I am satisfied.I dare not ask you to always remember me, but that you will remember there was a person from Taiwan will always support you…^^

  236. Should have thought of this before, but “Isten éltessen sokáig!” That's in Hungarian, which is my first language, but I was born here in the US. I have to mention what a thrill it was for me to see you filming in Budapest – well I wasn't there, but you know what I mean, lol. My mother is in Hungary right now visiting her sisters and I hope she sees “Remember Me” which opens there today. As I am writing this, today (May 6th) is my daughter's 25th birthday and my 26th wedding anniversary is on your birthday. My daughter Julianna is in NYC today to see your wax statue, lol, and she's already been to the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. I know none of this matters, but I just thought I'd add that on. And don't drink too much! That's the mother in me!

  237. Robert, I just want to wish you a happy birthday, and I really hope you have a nice day! Love, Daphne

  238. Happy Birthday :DMay all your dreams and wishes come true, and may this year bring you all joy, happiness, success, health wealth all the days through :DEnjoy it 😉

  239. Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday,happy birthday,happy birthday dear Rob!Wish you had a great success for your life… Have a great 24 year old,Rob!Love,Erin from Indonesia

  240. Hey Rob, Happy birthday! I wish you all the best. Love Anja

  241. Happy birthday Rob…I wish you all the best for you life and career.I'll send you a big smile as a present <3with love, Mesy

  242. You have an amazing talent and I enjoy watching all of your movies! I hope you have a blessed birthday. I also hope you are able to enjoy it peacefully with your family and friends. You are an amazing person and your life is one to be celebrated!!! Happy Birthday Rob~Tiffany Rose

  243. Happy Birthday to the coolest guy on the planet. No one's ever looked better in wayfarers and a beanie. We're all very proud of you and wish you luck in all that you do!Much Love,Jessica

  244. Happy 24th birthday Rob. I'll be with you forever and you know i love you.XOYvonne, Singapore.

  245. Happy birthday Robert .Love you 🙂

  246. happy birthday robhope you always had joy, succesful, wonderful year ahead, healthyness, and peace with family, friends and people you care and loving…Ciro, Indonesia

  247. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!! Hope you can enjoy your special day with the people you want to =)/XOXO,Camilla from Sweden

  248. Happy 24th Birthday Rob! We are all very proud of you and all your success! Hope you have a great day with all your family and friends and you get to relax! Wish you the best Spunk!I love you,Fiore (Peru)

  249. Happy Birthday Rob! I wish you the very best, I love all your movies, I hope you get the rest you deserve and more great movies to come! I love you, Ana (Peru)

  250. happy 24th birthday rob!!! have an awesome day and im virtually sending you a heinekin to drink. enjoy:)love, jenn ❤

  251. happy birthday:D24th

  252. Hey Rob….Happy 24th Birthday….Many Many Happy returns of the day…Have a blast…… Have my part of cake also…Vatsala Bhutani India

  253. Happy Birthday to Rob !!!

  254. Happy birthday to Rob !!!

  255. Happy birthday to Rob !!!

  256. Happy birthday to Rob !!!

  257. Happy birthday to Rob !!!

  258. Received via e-mail:Hey Rob, I adore you, and truly appreciate your amazing work, and I don't want to wish you anything less then an amazing birthday, and a bright future!Love, Sahar.

  259. Happy Birthday,Rob!You are amazing and thanks for all!I really apreciate you.A big enbrance!GabrielaRomania

  260. Happy 24th Birthday Robert ! And if the pap's still annoy you, you can attack them with a water gun ! That's could be funny.Best wishes from France !Mathilde.

  261. Robert Pattinson,Happy 24th Birthday! You are such an amazing and unique person. Never ever change who you are.Lots of Love,Cathy

    CathyCullen(RIP Orange Pants)
  262. Hi ? I from Taiwan Happy 24th Birthday Rob!I like your workThe hope reads your more worksI love you !!!

  263. Happy Birthday Rob !! I hope you have a great day. I truly admire you as a person. You have all my respect and I hope you stay true to yourself.XOXOX,Jillian

    Jillian Kennedy
  264. You were still unknown a few years ago,Today, everyone is amazed by your talent.Your modesty makes of you someone human,Just a normal man who does what he loves.In my eyes, you're not only “Edward Cullen'',Your talent goes far beyond this role.You really impressed me with your role in ''Remember Me'',Your sincerity was such that I felt to be in reality.You get involved in everything you do,You take each role seriously,And this makes of you someone uniqueAnd maintain your mysterious side.Know that many of your fans,Support and respect you,And are ready to kill paparazzi,To ensure your peace !Happy Birthday Rob, continues to make us dream!Letty from France

  265. Dear Rob,Happy Birthday!Have a great day-I hope you get everything you want!You are a great actor and role model and I can't wait to see your future projects.Love, Thea (London)

  266. Happy Birthday Rob!!! Your talent is blossoming and I see you're pulling out fingernails to understand what they're worth. I have seen many movies and I think you're a talented actor, best in every movie you make! Good Luck!!! Greetings from Italy. Stefania

  267. Happy Birthday Rob,may you continues to have a successful life.I admire you for your handling the media and I hope some day .The truth of your things unsaid about your life will come out.say hi to Kris and you two be whatever you are and not be afraid you two are just awesome.:)

  268. Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays Rob. I sincerely hope that you get to enjoy your day and may this coming year be full of nothing but joy for you and yours.Love,Teddi-KaySacramento, CA

  269. Happy 24th Birthday! Robert I love you so much You're the most perfect person in the whole world!I wish you the best! I wish you have a lot of health and happiness and wealth and success!! I also hope I can meet you sometime in my life !! I love you so much and wish you the best and please please Please come to Israel!! I just can not wait to watch the solar eclipse I'm sure the film is good like the other films by the way, I really, really liked the new movie for you!! So that I think I wrote enough, but please please read the post it is very important to me!! ? Hadar(Israel)<3<3?

  270. Happy Birthday! ..from Austin Tx…. umm.. that is all!

  271. Oh sorry if I have spelling errors: o

  272. Oh sorry if I have spelling errors: o

  273. Happy B-day, Mr. Pattinson!I wish you all the best. I hope that each of your dreams will come true. Oh, I almost forgot… I wish you to have the coolest B-day even with all these crazy fans and paparazzi. Rumyana Petrova Bulgaria, Eastern Europe

  274. Happy Birthday Rob!Hope all that you do turns out happy for you and all that you wish comes your way, so each hour will bring EVERY wonderful thing you could ask, of a wonderful day!!! You know we love you! <3Megan (Bulgaria)

  275. Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you have a great day and a wonderful year!Love,Christina Flack Montgomery, Alabama

  276. Rob – Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your 24th birthday. I only hope that this past year has been as exciting for you as it has for us – the fans.Hope you get to enjoy a relaxing day off for once – We'll have a cold beer or two waiting for you back in London :)Love & best wishesLouiseUK

  277. happy birthday rob!!!! i hope you have an amazing day!! we all love you just the way you are so never change :)best wishes <3love, danielle 🙂

  278. happy 24th birthday robbb, you are amazingly talented, sexy, hawttt, dazzling.. well the list could go on foreverrri hope you have a greattt birthdayyy. best wishessss lots of love your biggest fan in the whole wide world ;)paisley (uk)<3

  279. Happy 24th birthday from Omaha,Nebraska!!!!! cant wait to see Bel Ami and of course Eclipse!!!<3 ❤ Liz

  280. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!!! I wish you all the best and hopefully you wont have to work this year on your birthday. I cant wait to see Bel Ami and of course Eclipse. ❤ Liz (Omaha, Nebraska)

  281. Happy Birthday Rob!! Hope you have a Fantabulous day! You deserve it, so take a break and have a beer! 🙂

  282. I hope that you have a wonderful Birthday!! I hope that you are able to relax and enjoy yourself!

  283. Happy Birthday Rob!I hope you have a fantastic day! I wish you a very happy and successful life! May you always be surrounded by people who truly love you and may you always do what makes you happy!Your fans are so proud of you and your work!”Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.”Love,Susana (Portugal)

  284. Received via e-mail:Hello and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great one and a good one to come. Don't do anything I wouldn't do….LOL p.s. I love ur music tallent! 🙂 connie

  285. Hey Happy Birthday Rob! You are an amazing and talented celebrity and I love you so much! I hope you have a blast in your birthday because you turn 24 just once in a life time! One of your biggest fan in the world, Fiorella 😀

  286. Rob,all the best to your birthday!I hope you're somewhere nobody know and enjoy your day.God bless ya!Bengta (Germany)

  287. Happy Birthday Rob! Love, Kristy

  288. Well as I told FP and LTCB I'm not going to send Rob a message….I'm going to do a dance for him… I was thinking a striptease…. you know… do alittle dance… make alittle and get down on birthday night…. !! And Sparks wanted to know how I was going to post a striptease on here>>>> well here's a taster for you Rob!!! LMFAO

  289. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!hope you have an awesome day with your friends and family!keep up the good work you gorgeous man!take care!love, anne reed (australia)

  290. Happy Birthday Rob! May you have all the fun you can. All your birthday wishes come true. Stay sweet and true to yourself.Hugs,Robyn

  291. Happy birthday Rob!! Hope you have a great time!! I wish I could be there but unfortunately I wasn't invited 😦 lol. Anyway, I love all your movies and you! Keep up the great work!Jimena (Fonzie) from Peru.

  292. Hey !Happy birthday Robert :)I believe that you will have more good works!!!Keep going ~

    sunny in taiwan
  293. Hey Rob! Happy Birthday!!!!!Have a great day, best wishes for you and all of your family. You are the most amazing, sexy and hilarious person i have ever not-met 🙂 WE LOVE YOU.PLEASE COME TO PERU, WE WANT YOU. Love,MAFE AGUAYO 🙂

  294. Hey!! Happy Bday ? Rob!!! I hope you have the best day ever and have everything !!!!! Continue your great job !! Love you Priscilla (Quebec)

  295. Happy Bday Rob?
    I hope you will have an happy,funny and sunny day for your bday!!!
    Continue your great job !! Happy birthday !! Love you !!!! (priscilla Quebec)

  296. Dear Rob,I wish you a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!May all your wishes come true and your next year be full of love, hapiness, joy, great movies-choices as in the past, more privacy and all you're wishing for! Hope you're gonna have a wonderful day with all your loved ones ? because it's your day, Rob! Happy 24th birthday and stay the way you are, you are truly amazing, in everything you do! You are way too talented and awesome as a person. Lots of love, Milena from Germany!

  297. Dear Rob,I hope you have a fabulous 24th birthday and I hope you get to spend it with the ones you love.I look forward to seeing more of your movies and maybe even music in the future.From JessP.S I'm kind of in love with you.

  298. DEAR ROB ?Happy Birthday! Always succeed in everything you want, in any position you receive. I hope you always do only what will make you happy, not what others expect of you. Keep smiling and be patient with fans like you are now. Enjoy your birthday with everyone who loves you and respects you and of course love you.I must tell you, it was always hard for me to write a birthday greeting. I can never find good words or greetings could wish someone best. Maybe you will be easier. Perhaps more difficult. So I wanted to tell you about myself, meet someone who adores you and respects you for all your role. My name is Hadar. I live in Israel, Tzur Hadassah. Tzur Hadassah is near Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. I am 13, studying in the seventh grade. I saw you the first time in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric. You played Cedric just like I imagined Cedric should be. Naive and not giving up. When I saw you as Edward Cullen I recognized you and saw you are a very talented actor. I recognized your voice singing “let me sign” and only after that I noticed that you sang the “never think.” My friends and I really loved you! We were talking all day about you and listen your songs, even the three of us we saw the movie “how to be” we saw a good actor you are.I'm sure you might feel uncomfortable to read everything I wrote. I understand you really are. I do not like to praise me like that. Always when someone does that, my friends or parents or teacher, I really do not feel comfortable. So I just want to tell you that you continue to be like you, maybe one day you will come to Israel and maybe I'll meet you. Recognize the place where your many fans live and recognize Jerusalem. And finally – have an amazing birthday! Love and appreciation, Hadar, Israel. Maybe I may have some errors in English, I'm not that good in that language … XDYou may have seen me in a few greetings site – just remember my name- Hadar from Israel.

  299. Dear Rob, Happy Birthday Rob. I wish you the best for your birthday. I hope you enjoy this special day with your love ones. Don't forget that we're here to support you always. Love,Nikka (Philippines)

  300. Dear Rob~I am one of your fans in Taiwan!Happy birthday to you!I love you so much!Love Edward Cullen!Hope you have a nice day~!

  301. Happy birthday to you , Rob!!!Hope you can have a good time on 990513Your acting is so excellent , good job!I expect your new movie”eclipse”!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:)))BY YOUR FAITHFUL FAN(((FROM TAIWAN)))Jessica Lee

  302. Robert, I wish you happy birthday. I am very proud of being your fan.

  303. Dear Rob:Happy birthday ?) Christina

  304. lmfao!

  305. Dear RobI wish you Happy 24th Birth day!Thank you for letting us see your wonderful talent. You should know that you are one of the most talented actors on your age I have ever seen.Just be yourself and follow all your dreams!And always remember that, we, your fans will always be there for you!Happy birthday!!!with so much love and supportIxy ❤

  306. *winks*I think my message should be right there at the top seeing I'm the only wolf girl on here! 😉

  307. Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Your birth is definitely something to celebrate!!!We love you, your movies, and your music very, very much. The outside world holds no interest for me without you in it!!You rock!! Enjoy your day!Love 4-ever,Maritza (United States)

  308. Dear Rob,Happy 24th Birthday!I am so love you that I can't without you.You are so handsome.Love forever.

  309. Happy Happy Birthday Rob!! This special day, I hope you are having beautiful time with your special friends and your precious family and whoever you love the most! Love you always, Rosy (Tokyo Japan)


    Kate-Alison Winster
  311. I from Taiwan. Here has many person movie fans to support you, in the future will have your work I to support you. I love you. Wishes your happy birthday @@

  312. Happy Birthday!!I hope you enjoy this day and every thing you do in your life!You´re doing a great job….Just continue!!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY once more…. :)With Love, Katrin K.

    Kate-Alison Winster
  313. happy birthday!!just keep going and do your best!!your fans are always be there!:-)

  314. Wish you the best HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB…..Hope you will be the most successful Hollywood Actor & that's the birthday wish for you….Want to see you as honest and humble as EDWARD….always…Sonika (Bangladesh)

  315. Happy Birthday Rob! Have a really nice day and I hope that all your wishes comes trueVšechno nejlepší k narozeninám! (czech)Love,Barbora from Prague

  316. Happy Birthday Rob ..you deserve all the best…love you so much… enjoy your day cause i know i willand by the way my birthday is ten days after yours it's on the 23rd of may..i wish you all the best and thanks 4 being our favorite of all the time vampire …Love:Angel Cullen…Happy Birthday…again

  317. i'm from jordan by the way…yeah you got alooooooooooooooooooot of fans down here…not kidding…Happy Birthday…Team Robert All The Way…

  318. Hey Rob 🙂 Happy 24th Birthday. Wishes from Germany 😀 Christiane

  319. Happy 24th Birthday Rob 😀 I am the Taiwanese!! I like you also wishing your birthday very much to be joyful !! Love CHI

  320. Dear RobHappy birthday to you : )

  321. oh~Rob,Happy Birthday!!!!!I'm so excited to tell you this…because I am from Taiwan~

  322. Happy Birthday Robert!May this year be a spectacular year for you and may you have many more to come.Thank you for all the many ways you entertain us.You've brought so many people together who never would have gotten to know one another otherwise. I have met people who I am certain will be life long friends and I have you to thank for that. You've touched my life in ways that can't be explained. I am a fan for life and I look forward to watching as your grow both personally and professionally . You mean the world to all of us. You truly are a beautiful person both inside and out. Thank you for being you and not letting all the craziness change you. Have a wonderful Birthday! Love, Patty (New York)

  323. Have a fabulous Birthday. Twenty four is a wonderful age but it just gets better. You have so many fans out here, not all of us crazy or at least not in a bad way, lol…. You are a very talented actor with an ability to get things across without saying a word. I look forward to upcoming films and hope that all the crazy behavior of some of the more nutty fans finally dies down and you find the peace you need and deserve. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Shea

  324. Have a fabulous Birthday. Twenty four is a wonderful age but it just gets better.You have so many fans out here, not all of us crazy or at least not in a bad way, lol…. You are a very talented actor with an ability to get things across without saying a word. I look forward to upcoming films and hope that all the crazy behavior of some of the more nutty fans finally dies down and you find the peace you need and deserve. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Shea

  325. You are an amazing talent, Rob. I appreciate how you are so down to earth, and have remained true to yourself. I look forward to seeing so much more from you and wish you all the best. Happy Birthday. :-)Sincerely, Kimberly from Connecticut

  326. Happy Birthday Rob. You are very talented and deserve to have an awsome day. I hope your birthday is as good as the way you make so many fans feel everytime they watch you. I wish you luck with all your future project. Can't wait to see what your future brings.With loveShannon

  327. Happy Birthday Rob!!!!Hoping you have an amazing day, you deserve it. You are an outstanding performer. You bring happiness to so many people everytime they watch you. Can't wait to see the future brings you, best of luck with it all. With love,Shannon

  328. Only six days to Robert Birthday! I love you!?????

  329. Happy birthday Rob! Hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you get the chance to celebrate with family and friends. Thank you for being who you are and for staying true to yourself. I was thinking about you, my thoughts became words and my words became this little poem.Two-dimensionalNever knew I could feel like thisIntoxicated, overwhelmedIt's been a while agoI fell in love with your eyes, your smileEver since you spoke that famous lineYou had me at Hello…You're leaving me breathless On more than one occasionEven though I never met youYou're funny, honest, articulate,Genuine, unconventional,And immensely talented tooYou're humble, polite, sensitiveGoofy, endearing,Unpredictable and smartYou're ordinary extraordinaryExpressive, alluring, You speak your words from your heartYou cannot be described in wordsI try but I know I failMy truth is all I've gotI know you just from paper or screenTwo-dimensionalYet you capture me on the spotRob, I wish you the best!Dutchie (The Hague, Holland)

  330. Dear Robert,Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, you are an excellent actor and I look forward to your future projects.Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, special day!Happy Birthday, may all your wishes come true.Ellie

  331. Happy 24th Birthday Rob! Hope its everything you want it to be!

  332. Received via e-mail: Happy 24th bday from ur biggest fan in las vegas hope u enjoy ur bday and i cant wait to see u in eclipse love u – from mklovesrob4er

  333. HelloWell, not sure why but you Mr PATTINSON have unwittingly been us crazy to a level that all of us consider you part of our lives, so deep and so overwhelming that even if some of these woman (like me) are very professional ladies standing on our feet (elsewhere), here we behave like teenagers brimming with energy and happiness only to see a little photo of you, and for that we dare to break into your life as if such a little thing and say, with all our enthusiasm and a love so powerful and strong (that it removes all embarrasing shame), VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! and this 24 years give you everything you want, becuase if there is anyone in this world that deserves it, it's you my love …From Argentina… the land of love more passionate (jajajajajjaja)Sara

  334. happy birthday^^~

  335. Happy birthday, Robert!!I'll have a “very-big-exam(which includes math, history, english, chemistry and social study)” on your birthday,so I feel a little…complicated…!??But still happy for youand wish you a happy happy birthday!!^^p.s. hope you can visit Taiwan soon!!!best wishes,Sunny

  336. Oh! =D It's make me so excited that maybe Rob will read my wish!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!!!I am an Asian girl and I lived in TAIWAN!I really approciate you since I watched the Twilight move!I like your performance in the movie, so I went to see ''Remember ME'' almost one month ago…..I think you're a very cool and natural actor that I've ever seen!!You are my first but the most favorite foreign celebrity of all singers and actors (actoresses).My calssmates and friends don't know why I am so crazy about you .Mabye they assumed that I'am strange but this doesn't matter.I plan to write a letter to you …I'll start after my exam.HAVE A GOOD YEAR AND HAPPY WORKING~Love, Ashlye Lin (Taiwan)???

  337. Happy 24th birthday Rob!!I hope you have a wonderful day!You are a great actor and you have a great future ahead of you and don't lose yourself because you are so unique! You should be proud of yourself.Love, InêsPortugal

  338. hello and herzlichen glückwunsch from germany 😀 have fun getting shitfaced and don't forget the oprah mask.hugs and lovehici

  339. Received via e-mail:Happy Birthday Rob,Wish you always success and happy with your life.Hope you have amazing day with your friends and your love onesi'm so proud to have you as my idolBella Anindita(Indonesia )

  340. Dear Rob, I wish you all the best for your birthday, to spend it with people you love and please stay as you are and come to Croatia for a vacation one day 😉 Kisses from the Croatia, Tanja

  341. Happy birthday Rob!!Don't forget us in the UK – we love you!!Lucy x

  342. hiRob.happy birthday!Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.Live the life you've imagined. best wish!

  343. Dear Rob, I know you couldn't possibly ever know what your existence does for so many of us around the world each day so I thought I would express a bit of my own experience.. Your birth unto this Earth has brought together the most unlikely people in the most unlikely situations, formed lifetime friendships, offered friends and units, teams of support, strength, inspired rebirths of marriages, of bringing sexy back to women who thought they had lost it, of creativity in artists who make the most gorgeous things, confidence in people to explore new talents, along-with just generally helping people to step outside the box of their own limitations that they had resigned to being their destiny.You have a wonderfully, uniquely beautiful personality, the dedication you have to your fans and the simplistic yet deep character you seem to have secured within yourself is a magnanimous gift to the human race. I think I can speak for not all but, a lot of your fans in saying that we try our best to respect you and your life, faithfully support your talent and its offerings, and otherwise be graciously grateful that on some of the days when its all off, somehow even just a picture of you may fill us with a smile that makes it right. If this day brings you even a thousandth of the smiles you have brought us, it promises awesome things. Here's to a year of nothing but continued success & happiness stretching out before you.Happy Birthday.~ M.

  344. Hi Rob! Happy Birthday:)I hope you can come to Taiwan.Always be happy:)You are so good!

  345. Happy Birthday Rob! Eat, Drink and be Merry!!!!

  346. mehhh i felt the need to leave another comment 🙂 just saying Happy Birthday… again! and BTW! Remember Me = me crying! loved it!! again from Sophie UK…Newcastle 😀 XXXxxx

  347. Happy birthday~I will always love you.you are my favorite star forever!!With Love,Irene((I am a Taiwanese))

  348. Received via e-mail:Happy 24th birthday Robert.Wish you all the best.You is the best man in the world.I hope you always together with Kristen.And I hope you and Kristen can visit Indonesia. Because I and my little sister is your huge fans.Sorry for my bad english.Rahmi your fans from Indonesia

  349. Hi my dear Robert, From Colombia I wanna wish you the best Bday. We will always support you!!! Lots of Huges!!!Jolene TapiasColombia, South America

  350. Happy Birthday Rob!!!! I wish all the best sweety!Layla

  351. Happy Birthday Rob, Hope you have a good one, and relaxe :)Thanks for doing what you do :)Love Charlie, London.xx

    Charlie Ballinger
  352. Happy Birthday, Rob! Wishing you all you wish for yourself and more. You have been a joy to watch and listen to and have altered my life. May you have many more happy and healthy birthdays to enjoy.Love, DoreenNew York

  353. Rob,I hope you have a wonderful 24th birthday, surrounded by the ones that are most important to you. I wish for this year to bring you happiness, less paparazzi (unlikely, but I can still wish for you) peace, plenty of beer, and more of that success. You're incredibly talented and I look forward to all of your upcoming projects. Keep up the good work, and have yourself an amazing birthday! With love,Tami SeverinsenWisconsin

  354. hey Rob! :)happy 24th birthday! i hope you have great day!-iloveyoumillions<3love,ashley reynoldsenglandxx

    ashley janee reynoldss
  355. Hi Rob,Happy birthday! I just wish you good health and long life for you to continue to be the finest man you truly are.Take care! C j

  356. Hi Rob! Happy birthday! I hope you have a great birthday and I hope to see you in other roles in addition to the Twilight Saga later on! You did great in Remember Me. Even my friend who went with me to see it, who absolutely hates Twilight for a reason I can't fathom, said that she might just watch the Twilight movies because you're in it. You're a really great, talented actor, and I wish you all the best.

  357. Happy Birthday to you~Happy Birthday to you~Happy Birthday Rob?I hope you always happy,and you wish will become true~take care your health, do not let yourself be too tired?I really like you,so i hope you always health~I from TaiwanLove you forever~Kavy(I hope come to Taiwan and remember me)

  358. Happy Birthday to you~Happy Birthday to you~Happy Birthday Rob?I hope you always happy,and you wish will become true~Take care your health, do not let yourself be too tired?I really like you,so i hope you always health~I from TaiwanLove you forever~Kavy(I hope you come to Taiwan and remember me)

  359. Received via e-mail:Hii… Rob…Happy Birthdayz…I'm Ika From Indonesia..!!Wish All the best for your special day..for your Career…for your life…and absolutely for your love… =)I Love Twilight Saga…And Absolutely I Love You and KStew…Umm… may be,,, TWIGA, RPATTZ, & KSTEW.. is one Package… Hahaha.Can't to separated…Okay Rob….Success For U…!!!!From Indonesia With A Lot of LOVE….iKa R. Nanda_Indonesia ^_^

  360. Received via e-mail:My Message:Hello Rob, I am Nicole from the Philippines and I just want to say that you are a fantastic actor/musician (talented! Naks. :>)Anyways I really love how even though after all this fame, pressure, and fame you still manage not to freak out and stuff or turn to drugs and you know..Just know that even though I'll never ever see you in my lifetime I will always and forever support you in everything that you do!I wish you the best on your birthday! God Bless!Mahal Kita! (Try figuring that out haha)xoxo,Nicole

  361. Happy 24th Birthday Rob :)I love you so much I am an enormous fan and I hope you birthday is just brilliant and that you have the best day!Lots and lots Love Ellie xxxxxxx

  362. happy birthday Rob! all our love from England 🙂 i love you in harry potter, i cried when ur charictor dies 😉 I love you in remember me, i cried when u die then! lol! and I LOOOOOVVVVEEE you in twilight! i cried when u left in new moon an ill cry hatder when u propose in eclypse!I LOVE YOU!

    Sophie Davenport
  363. I've already send my message 🙂

  364. Happy Birthday Rob! Here's to hoping you have a great day and that you get a little time to spend it the way you want. Cheers,ShilaynaOregon

  365. Hi Rob,Have a great birthday, I hope you get loads of great pressies, thinking of you. LololololololololTracyReading, UK

  366. Hi, Happy birthday, dude! Enjoy your 24th and rock out. I am one of your biggest supporters and I am just happy that you are doing so well in your career and life in general. In fact, seeing you smile just makes me happy. I wish you would get all the experiences and wisdom you would need to go further from where you are now. Just don't forget to take care of yourself, family and friends. Always praying for you,Rowena

  367. Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!!!!!! =)) I hope you are well and that you have the strength to NOT go crazy from the paparazzi invasion to your private life. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you… So I give you my best wishes for a wonderful May 13th and (just so you know) we are all on your side!! We will support you in anything you do and that's because you are the incarnation of our perfect guy and we love you for that! We love you for being such a talented, but at the same time, down-to-earth person and (of course!!!!) such a breathtakingly beautiful young man. Thank you for existing and for giving meaning to our lives Robert Pattinson! I wish you well!

  368. Received via e-mail: Dear Rob,I hope you have a wonderful 24th Birthday and that you get everything you could ever want!You deserve the best!!!Love from,Swee-Lee O'Gorman (age 18, UK)xxxxxxxxxx

  369. Received via e-mail:God… I just wish the paparazzi didn't bother you so much. At least at the interviews and videos that I've seen , you're great, and charming and funny. I don't know, I think you're a great actor, and you'll have a lot of oportunities to become bigger at your job. Just at playing the role of Edward , I think you make the best job ever, but you've a lot of potential to become bigger and bigger . Thank you for all the things you've sheared with us, you should very very very proud of yourself.Thanks for being sexy,charming and sweet . Happy Birthay!Love, Lulla

  370. Happy Birthday Rob,May you get all you wish for Tina xxx

  371. Received via e-mail:I want to wish Robert Thomas Pattinson happy Birthday from Nava Hone who's from Grantsville, Utah and would want to give him a birthday hug to him from me, and Hope his 24th birthday will be a great day to celebrate it with friends and family.Plus, I would love him to come out so I can give him a birthday hug.Nava

  372. Happy 24th birthday, Rob!!Have a lovely day!RebekahPennsylvania

  373. Hey Rob,Okay, I know this are tons of entries and mine is just one of those…and probably boring + unnecessary…But I'd like to wish you a happy 23rd Birthday. Hm…I'm not going to write a poem or an endless comment so, I'll do it my style:Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday dear Roooooooooooob,Happy Birthday tooooo youuuuu!yaaaay *applaus* Imagine I would give you a cake right now with 23 candles :)Anyway, Happy Birthday P. Rob [yoyo, you should rap]Much love (& crazyness)Anna [from Germany – this is my 3rd Birthday entry and each is on another side. You think I'm crazy? Then you should come meet me because I am way more crazy than this entry is xD and by the way: The other 2 entries are looonger 😉 ]

  374. Received via e-mail:Rob I hope you have a fuck-tasic birthday and you get as trashed as me and my best friend plan on getting on her birthday, which is the 12th, so now your probably out drinking beer and having fun while we nurse our catastrophic sized hang overs, so I hope that tomorrow when you are nursing your no doubt horrific hangover you think of me and this message and you smile at both of our nights of complete fuckery! I love you to death Rob and I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you can imagine it to be and you get to spend it with all of the people who mean the most to you in this world, and for the people you don't know that they are thinking of you, and know that another couple million people will be sending you good thoughts and birthday wishes even if you don't know it! Enjoy your birthday! You deserve it after putting up with all the shit you've been through because of accepting this little job on an indie film a few years back. Know we will always love you for it!!!Love you for fucking ever,Annie?

  375. Hey Rob,Okay, I know this are tons of entries and mine is just one of those…and probably boring + unnecessary…But I'd like to wish you a happy 23rd Birthday. Hm…I'm not going to write a poem or an endless comment so, I'll do it my style:Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday dear Roooooooooooob,Happy Birthday tooooo youuuuu!yaaaay *applaus* Imagine I would give you a cake right now with 23 candles :)Anyway, Happy Birthday P. Rob [yoyo, you should rap]Much love (& crazyness)Anna [from Germany – this is my 3rd Birthday entry and each is on another side. You think I'm crazy? Then you should come meet me because I am way more crazy than this entry is xD and by the way: The other 2 entries are looonger 😉 ]

  376. Received via e-mail:Hello Rob, I am Nicole from the Philippines and I just want to say that you are a fantastic actor/musician (talented! Naks. :>)Anyways I really love how even though after all this fame, pressure, and fame you still manage not to freak out and stuff or turn to drugs and you know..Just know that even though I'll never ever see you in my lifetime I will always and forever support you in everything that you do!I wish you the best on your birthday! God Bless!Mahal Kita! (Try figuring that out haha)xoxo,Nicole

  377. Happy Birthday! The world is yours for the taking…I would sing Happy Birthday to you, but I would rather hear you sing it =)Take Care and Much Love,Amanda

  378. Happy Birthday Rob!!Hope all your wishes come true!Thanks for being who you are and being so talented!!XX K.

    K.team legsMcGee!custewyROCKS
  379. Rob, have a wonderful birthday:)LOVE.Olivia

  380. Hey Rob wish you only the best much love good luck and good health to the birthday. many thanks for your great movies at your voice and your always entertaining interviews stay the way you arelots of love Sabrina from Germany

  381. dear Robert :)” You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. ” A.CamusI hope You enjoy each minute of your life ,couse it's the best gift you could ever get.THANK YOU for all………………………………………………………………… stay as You are .P.S I hope i wasn't pathetic ;Pwith loveAda ,Poland

  382. Dear Rob, I just want you to know how special you are and that you have many,many fans in Houston. Here's hoping that you have a Happy 24th Birthday and I'm so proud of you for the work that you have accomplished and happily look foward to your work in the future. Come hang out in Houston sometime and we can go to a pub and have a beer. XOXO,littlewing1975Houston, Texas

  383. Happy Birthday Rob. I hope you have a great day and get to go out for your birthday and have a couple beers. I wish you the best this year and dont work to hard.Love,Cindy

    CinCindy UtterCind
  384. OMG!! 24 YEARS!! Happy Birthday Rob!! Sending Happy birthday wishes with all my love via thiniking of Rob!! I think of you 24/7 so the title is really true! Lol. (i hope that didnt sound stalkerish) I would sing you happy birthday but it would only hurt your ears! I love you!! I hope you get wasted and have a fucking fantastic birthday with all your friends and family….and me…if you see a crazy teenage girl sitting alone at the place you are going say hi..please? lol just kidding. MUCH LOVE FROM PERU! I hope you come here someday…there aint any paparazzis to worry about and youll get to meet me!okay this is sounding pathetic so Ill end it already. xoFiore (From Peru)

  385. i hope you have a nice and enjoyable birthday. Rob you are very talented and are good at what you do. I enjoy listening to your music and watching your movies. Rob you have worked hard and deserve all the goods things you have. I hope you have a fun and memorable birthday. Rob Happy Birthday!

  386. Hope for your b-day you get everything you want and more the sky is the limit….

  387. happy birthday rob :]love, ali and jen ❤

  388. happy birthday! i'm really love u so! i'm your fan from Taiwan:^)

    naomi lo from taiwan
  389. Happy birthday, Rob! I wish only the best wishes for you on your day of birth. Make it worth your while! I do hope you have a wonderful birthday, because you deserve it :)xxDannie

  390. Robert, congratulations, many years of life, that life is always full of joy, love, you are a gift in my life as Edward Cullen, a great big hug and a kiss, Congratulations !!!!!!!!! Andrea Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil.

  391. Dear Rob :Hellow I am from Taiwan.I am 12 years old.I'm very like you.You are very handsome.AndHappy Birthday to you!!!! Lisa .

  392. Happy 24th Birthday Rob i hope you have a special day and a great year ahead of you !!!!!!! From Chris in Washington State

  393. Dear Robert Pattinson:Happy Birthday!I from TaiwanI very like you Your fans Sandy

  394. I from Taiwan. Our many people support you. Has supported in the future also you and loves you. Dear Rob, wishes your happy birthday.

  395. Happy Birthday Rob! From all your fans from Poland :)Have fun a drink a lot of Heinekens :DMay all your dreams come true. Please never change a make a lot of great movies for us!We all love you here xoxo

  396. Happy Birthday Robster! hahahahahahahahahahahahaI hope you have a lovely day, all your wishes come true and Good Luck for the future whether it's on your professional or personal life, just follow your heart :D!, Live happily!Love From Ameena QasimBirmingham, UK

  397. Dearest Rob,Happy birthday! May you be celebrated as you deserve and have a wonderful day, filled with love, friends, family, presents and cake.Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us!LoveA.

  398. dear rob, happy bday!!!!!!you are incredible and i hope your bday is amazingall my love FOREVERlauren xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

  399. Happy Birthday, Rob. Thanks for keeping us entertained and helping to inspire my munchkin to follow his dreams. He loved Cedric Diggory in the HP books and seeing you play him on the big screen only made him want to go to Hogwarts more LOL. So thanks!Love Kelly and the MunchkinMelbourne, Australia

  400. Hi Rob!First I wanna say that I love the fact that you are just being who you are. And not let the craziness change your personality because you have a beautiful personality! And you are very talented I think we are gonna see a lot more of your great movies/work in the feature :')HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I hope you are surrounded by the people you love on that day.Much love from the Netherlands,Tessa RutjesP.S. I'm still hoping that someday soon you come to visit the Netherlands?! 🙂

  401. Happy 24th Birthday Rob! Have a great day and may all your wishes come true! I doubt fans would mob you on your special day. Hahas. Thank you for bringing Edward Cullen to live and also for being such a great idol (just by being you) to all the fans! Once again, enjoy your day and all the best for your future projects!Love,Charmaine GohSingapore

  402. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!!!Hope you have the best of days and have as much fun as is physically possible in one day. You deserve it for bringing so much joy to others, like me.Have a great dayCharlotte xx

  403. Received via e-mail:Happy Birthday Rob, you are such an amazing actor and so gorgeous! I really can't wait for eclipse, I hope to see you at the london premier or the fan event held for it, the New Moon fan event was really good and you defiantly got more screams than Taylor 😉 anyway happy birthday and enjoy your day. xxxxOlivia

  404. Rob-/-????^^HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!I want to speak more speeches originally to you, but my English is not very good .Will wish you to be able to have more breakthroughs in the future .This is I uses the translator to turn, possibly can a little strange, please do not have to care about .

  405. Happy Birthday Robert, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I wish you the Best Birthday ever!!!!!!! You're the greatest actor in the whole planet, you're really talented and I know your career as an actor will be amazing!!!!! You're a great musician, I'm glad because you're always yourself no matter what and that's amazing, you're an inspiration to anyone who wants to be an actor or an actress, I wanna be an actress so you're an inspiration for me, I hope you have the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeleana

    Kristen Stewart
  406. Dear Rob,there are so many things I'd like to wish you. Apart from 'traditional' birthday wishes of luck, health and happiness, I also hope you will stay the same person you are because you seem to be genuinely overwhelmed with all these craziness about you. So don't get distracted, always achieve your goals and give us even more wonderful experiences connected with your movies. I also would like you to know that the story of Tyler in Remember me has affected my outlook a lot – I guess it's a good news for an actor that he can actually bring something new to his fans' lives? And last but not least I wish you to experience some goods sides of fame from you fans – not these insane and obsessed but your real, devoted fans who appreciate your work. And you've got millions of these! Happy birthday,Dorota, Poland.

  407. Hi Rob!Happy 24th Birthday! I wish you very much health and succes (with acting and music, and erverything else you want to do). I hope you'll have an awesome day and that you can relax a bit. You deserve it!Love from Holland,Keanu

  408. Hi Rob<3HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!Have a great day and I hope you'll have a lot of succes with all the other things you want to do :)BTW; I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH EN YOU ARE BREATHTAKING 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)I'm still hoping I will see you here in Holland!!Much love and kisses, Ayla

  409. Happy Birthdayy! :DWe all know this year has been crazzzyyy for you, so i hope that your birthday will bring at least some privacy for you and you'll be able to spend it with people that truly matter to you 🙂 I love that you never let any of this craziness change who you are, and for that you seriously deserve the best birthday ever, and i hope everyone will make sure you get your day!Enjoy it, Rob 😀 Lots of love, Lauren 🙂 x

  410. Received via e-mail:Dear Rob,I am a huge fan. Your work impresses me…I love you in Twilight but in other movies as well. Remember Me was amazing. You are very talented and I hope you keep actor and someday put out an album. Please don't let the paparazzi and crazy fans make you stop. There are normal fans who just want to meet you. I have never been but so impressed with an actor but I'd never scream at you. Be true to yourself and do what makes you happy. I hope you have a great birthday. Have fun and get some privacy. Happy Birthday !!! XXXAll my respect,Jillian Kennedy

  411. Received via e-mail:Happy 24th Birthday Rob! Hope you have a really great day & year to come. You deserve the best! Love you, Jennifer D., 28, Brooklyn, NY

  412. Received via e-mail:Cedric Diggory was even more upset with this Cullen guy than he was with Voldy, all Voldy had done was kill him. Edward on the other hand had erased all memories of Cedric, and paved the road to hell. It was Edward who propelled Robert to fame; and as a result Cedric was being replaced by zillions of other characters. Okay, so Cedric was jealous. Who wouldn’t be? Robert Patttinson (the guy who can’t look in a mirror without saying “ouch” because his own beauty pains him) would never be seen as just Cedric again. He would be seen as a “multi-talented actor” with fictional characters clamouring after him, also claiming to be portrayed by him. He knew it was selfish, but he had liked being the only one that could declare that. Anyway it was Robert’s birthday on the 13th of May, and Cedric who was friends with Tyler decided to go and see “Remember Me.” Admittedly it was slightly hypocritical of him to like Tyler and hate Edward, but Tyler was the epitome of the rebellious human that Cedric had always wanted to be. This was the first time Cedric had seen Robert in another film, and he was stunned at how far he’d come. In a complete change of heart, he smiled and found himself feeling happy for Robert, however as he turned to see who was sitting next to him his smile turned to a scowl. Edward Cullen on the other hand looked pleasantly surprised to see Cedric and said “you know before seeing this film, I was so jealous of these other characters for stealing Robert, but now I see that it’s for the best” his voice was velvet “no hard feelings I hope.” Cedric smiled and shook his head “None.” He was surprised to see that Edward felt the same way, but maybe it was just in the nature of fictional characters to be possessive. They were after all modelled on humans. Both he and Edward sat back, and in their minds wished Robert a happy twenty-fourth birthday, and a very successful life. Then out loud they both said “Remember me.” Author’s note: Happy birthday Robert, may you go onto become even more successful than you already are. Keep being yourself, and never change for anyone or anything because we adore you the way you are! Love, Neera SoniLondon

  413. Dear Rob,Have a very happy birthday. You deserve it. You're a great actor, and I don't know how you deal with all of the crazy fans and people hounding you 24/7. With love,Allie Grady (:PS. Do some more non-Twilight movies soon, you shine!!!

  414. Happy Birthday Rob!!May all your wishes may come true and enjoy that day!!Thank you for being such a wonderful, funny, sexy and down-to-earth person.I'm really pround to be your fan!!Sending a lot of love and greetings from Germany!xxxMaria

  415. ——– H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y R O B E R T————Just thought id wish you a very, very, very,very, very amazing 24th Birthday! Someone so talented, good looking and successful as you deserves the absolute BEST. You are a complete inspiration and have never let us down! Thank you for giving us an amazing performance with every movie you star in, i hope your birthday this year will put a big smile on your face because it definitely will for millions of other fans out there! ——H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y R O B E R T———

    blg all the way

  417. Happy birthday, Rob! I hope you have a great day! Love, Julie (Indianapolis, Indiana)

  418. Received via e-mail:Hi Rob,This will not be very original.. *maybe I should write it in french ;D *Well, Happy B-Day ! Wish you a lot of good and beautiful things for this year and especially to be happy ! I think, it's the most important thing !Maybe, one day we will have the opportunity to meet each other.Meanwhile, I wish you all the best for you, including many films because you deserve it, you're a great actor, no doubt about that !Enjoy your day !Lily(France)

  419. waow you are getting older so much robert:))) some rest on your b_day. You don't always have to create a miracle.with loveYagmur Turkey

  420. Happy Birthday Rob!!We wish you the best in your life & career.WE LOVE YOU! Will adore you till the end,Corrine & ALondraProvidence,RI

  421. Dear Rob,Happy Birthday, hope you have fun! You are amazing!

  422. Happy Birthday Robert!You are a great actor, really talented! I look forward for watching you on other movies!Love from Colombia, South America.Diana Herrera

    Diana Herrera Ibarra
  423. Happy birthday Robert! hope you have a great day and a lot of fun, you are so awesome and talented and you have the most beautiful smile in the whole world 🙂 i love the way you are hope you never change, i know you wont, well happy Birthday again love you so much :]

  424. Hi Robert !!Happy Birthday to you !you are really very great We love you forever .

  425. happy 24th robert!!! twenties are such a fun time in ones life!!!you seem like such an awesome guy!! i've enjoyed all of your movie characters immensely. i do hope one day you will pursue a musical career. love your voice, and i listen to oldies and jazz alot and especially van morrison, and i always think of you. my wish for you is to stay true to yourself, and i hope you enjoy your birthday with great beer, wonderful music, and those close to your heart. 🙂 one day i would love hearing you play piano and/or guitar and singing on stage!

  426. Bon Anniversaire !I wish all the best !Love,Sarah

  427. Received via e-mail:Wishing Robert a wonderful birthday!Tobin L.

  428. Happy b-day Bobby! Hope you'll have a wonderfull day with a superb b-day cake & spend the day with the ones you love 🙂 Blink 182 once sang: 'nobody likes you when you're 23..'.. well, that surely didn't count for you, cuz we fell in love with you when you were 23, 20, 107, whatever ;)! & we'll keep supporting you 'till forever. May your wishes come true, lots of love,Si

  429. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!I hope you have the best day.I'm sorry for all the crap you have to put up with.I would love to send you somewhere where no one has any idea who you are so you can just live your life. I'm from Australia so if you ever do come here, Im sorry in advance if stupid paparrazzi and annoying teen girls surround you. I support all the work you do, and I dont believe anything I hear/read about you (unless you say so yourself.)Whether you keep on actor or become a musician, I'll be supporting you.Enjoy your day however your spending it.x

  430. Happy birthday Rob.We love you no matter what pathetic rumors we hear.Have a great day.Keep making amazing films.Love Chloe 😛

  431. Happy 24th birthday Rob!May happines be with you all the time!I love you, Rob :)Love,ASI

  432. Happy 24th Birthday, Rob !!!! :)Hope you have nice days in the coming year.Don't give up your music dream !!All of us will support you forever and forever^^Love, Han :DP.S. I am from Taiwan !!!

  433. Happy Birthday Rob!!! I hope you get some time off to celebrate!LoveMelissa

  434. Happy 24 Birthday Rob.I hope you have a great day.Keep on being who you are and don't let people try to change you.Your perfect the way you are.Lots of LOVE from Laurie

  435. just have fun

  436. just have fun

  437. Happy 24th birthday Robert,I wish You all the best, Don't change anything, you're perfect.Roxane from FRANCE

  438. Happy birthday Rob!!!! Hope it's a good one, and everyone special to you is near! Just know we are all celebrating with you! (Have a drink for us!) thinking of you, Missie -Jacksonville,Fl

  439. Happy Birthday Rob, I wish you good health and happiness not only this coming year but forever. I hope you're as happy as you've made thousands of us. Thank You for all that you do.

  440. Happy birthday~I love your film and your song very much.I watch twilight video and listen it every day, so that I can learn english fast and make me can understand what you said in all your video everywhere, but it still hard for me, I will try.You can do it and I can do it~Your fan, AmandaTaiwan(10 May ,2010)

  441. Happy Birthday ROB!!! I hope Kristen gives you a little something special for your birthday I know I would if I was your girl.

  442. Robert,Happy Birthday.You changed my life completely. Thanks for being here, for making us laugh, for being down-to-earth, for giving us a fictional boyfriend; edward cullen., for being sexy and for being just you.I love you for who you are and I hope we will see so much more of you.We believe in you and we will always support you.Goodluck with everything!HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love,Laurien.

    Laurien from holland.
  443. Happy birthday Rob! Have an awesome day, hope you get totally spoilt you deserve it Ness xxx

    Vanessa Antrobus
  444. Dear Rob, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that all your wishes come true. And that you'll be happy and nice every day! And Happy Birthday!Love, Keidy

  445. Happy 24th Birthday Rob, I hope you have a peaceful and happy day may your day be blessed. You are an awesome actor and seem like a down to earth person from your interviews. I wish you luck and happiness with everything you accomplish. I hope people will let you rest someday soon. Much love,Angela, 38, Oklahoma

  446. Received via e-mail:Rob happy birthday(:You are the best actor of the planet you deserve everything in life. There's no people like you left in the world. I wish you have an amazing birthday and that god bless you always!!You have an incredible talent that not many people have!I LOVE YOUR MOVIES, YOUR AN EXCELLENT ACTOR:) I will always LOVE YOU and ADMIRE YOU ! You are my idol and the best person ever! ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY;) YOU ARE THE BEST LOVE YOU FOREVER 🙂 MARIA JOSE PARRA

  447. Dear RobHappy 24th Birthday~~~I'm your such huge fans from Taiwan.I saw all of your rcently movies and I think you are amazing in your every movies.(Remember Me is amazing~So touching) Robert Pattinson I promise every moment support you forever.Actually Robert is the best actor of our generation~~That's why I love you so much^^PS. I really hope you can come to Taiwan! Please~~AK, Taiwan


  449. Hey, RobertI want to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day!P.s. My birthday is the day before yours ;)from Britt, Belgium

  450. Dear Rob, I wish you everything, what you have always dreamt of, unless it've already come true. In this case make new dreams, because there are many new things to discover and many roles to act. I hope that in this special day you'll have fun with your family and friends, because you deserve for it. Thanks for it who you are and what you're doing. You even don't know how you make me happy. [Of course you even don't know that I exist, but that's the norm]. So, many happy returns! Hugs & kisses. Happy 24th Birthday! (ad nauseam)Love, Misia Bella (Michalina Antosiewicz) from PolandP.S. Very sorry for some mistakes. English is my third languages and I'm still learning 😉

  451. Hey Rob,Wish you a very Happy Birthday .. may you have many many more ..You just can't believe how extremely lucky we are to be to a time when you exist .. LOLWill always remain a fan for as long as ….. well Happy Birthday once again Love Gail

  452. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!!i adore you and your work and I know you have a bright future ahead of you. stay sexy!!!xxak

  453. Happy Birthday, Rob! Thanks for being such an amazing influence in my life. I wish you every happiness on your birthday and every day, ever. Just remember that the world is behind you through everything. And I also want to congratulate you on an amazing performance in Remember Me, you showed the whole world you're not just Edward! xxx

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  455. Happy Birthday Rob!!! I hope your birthday is sofa king awesome!! Just like you!! :DTake Care!LMC

  456. Happy Birthday Rob! -Danni 🙂

  457. Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Well I just wanna wish ya THE BEST!!! Have a great time! Lots of blessings!!!Thanks for being the same humble guy you've always been, Never change!!!!Keep doing all the amazing work you do, such a great actor!!!! =D

    Little A !! - I<3myTwisters
  458. Happy Bday Robert, may all your wishes come true and your heart me melted with the fans and family that love you! btw your bday and my husband birthday are in the same month and year, crazy!!

  459. Happy Birthday ROB, have fun. Cant wait to see eclipse and breakingdawn. enjoy your day and dont get hit by any taxi's

  460. Happy Birthday Rob! Thank You for showing that us Brits do it best :)I feel like such a stalker doing this, for that I'm sorry! Lots of Love, Jess Newby from sunny England.p.s. I'm writing this instead of revising for my A-Levels! That shows dedication! Haha

  461. Happy 24th birthday Rob! I hope you have a great day surrounded by friends and family! Eat lots of cake and play music!! Thankyou so much for giving us fans some time out of those 24 years. We really do appreciate it! I REALLY hope your day is stress free/pap free and phycho fans free! Have a good one Rob! With lots of gratitude Rachel

  462. ??? ????? ??? ? ???? ?? ???????) ?? ??????, ?????????? ????!???? ????? ,????? ?? ???, ??????????.????. (????????)

  463. Received via e-mail:HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!!Hope you liked my fan mail!! And the picture I drew for you xx Love lauren curtis xxx xxx xxx

  464. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from LITHUANIA FANS=)Hope you get everything you wish for you birthday.LOTS of HUGS from LT FANS!From the heart;*lithuania fans=)))

  465. Received via e-mail:Hi Rob!Happy Biirthday gorgeus! happy birthday to youu, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to robert…happy birthday to YOU! hahah :Di just want you to know that i love you and today is a very special day for you and for all your fans around the world!God Bless you much and Best wishes! I hope i can meet you someday that would be my dream come true!Thank you for be one of the best person ever and for be so sexy and cute!i adore you Robiie..Your fan: Gabriela Arias (15 years old) from DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

  466. Received via e-mail:Happy Birthday Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that it filled with lots of special memories and that you are granted peace and privacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jean Loper


  468. Happy Birthday!…Do you need a birthday spanking? *blushes*

  469. How do you wish the most fascinating man a simple happy birthday?Rob, if I could give you the world, I would. Because if anyone deserves it, it is you. For everything you've been through, for what you've done and for what you're still doing. Thank you for giving us what you have. We love, admire, and support you more than you'll ever fully understand. Happy Birthday Mr. Spunk Ransom.

    CC; Team Treebanger
  470. Happy Birthday in advance rob…!may u have many more with a lot of success and happiness…! 🙂

  471. Happy Birthday to the man who unknowingly saved my life. You are an angel. Thank you for being who you are. You deserve the best because you are the best. Enjoy yourself always. You are a young man who deserves to have fun Go for it and don't let anyone stop you. Happy Birthday!!Greatfully yours, ChayoHarlingen, TX

  472. Feliz cumpleaños, que te la pases muy bien, te deseo lo mejor del mundo y México te ama!!!Happy birthday, i hope have a blast, i wish you the best of the world & México loves you!!!

  473. Received via e-mail:HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB, love u Miriam N.

  474. happy birthday robi wish you many blessings and best wish's on this wonderfull daymay you have fun and may all your dreams come turelove your fankathy.toronto,ca

  475. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!! i think you are an amazingg Actor tbf :] LoveYouuu ❤

  476. Happy Birthdays!Best wishes, much love and many many emotions!You are very special and talented, keep evolving every day.And his birthday present is ……………………………… myself! *-* i'm joking ;)Millions of kisses!by: Aline Brazilian fan! s2

  477. Happy Birhtday Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you have a fab day! : D

  478. Sorry my bad english!!!

  479. Sorry my bad english!!!

  480. Received via e-mail:happy birthday rob i wish you many blessings and may all your dreams come turehave a fun birthday and injoy your self becuse you are the greatest man ever happy birthdayfrom your fan kathytoronto,ca

  481. Happy Birthday Rob!I hope you have an amazing birthday full of happiness and rest :)I hope one day I get to meet you! :)But don't worry, I won't scream 😉 PROMISE!

  482. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! you're the coolest person ever. i hope your birthday makes you as happy as you make me!love, lisamiami, FL

  483. Received via e-mail:Happy Birthday Robert,II hope that is one of your best days full of happiness and you're having so much fun.I wish you the best.The biggest kiss on the world to you,Catarina de Oliveira

  484. hey rob! i hope you have the best birthday anyone could ever have! i hope you keep acting forever because your really great at it, dont let anyone ever tell you your just Edward Cullen! and i hope you start making music for all of us to hear because your voice is beautiful! btw your the most attractive person in the world im pretty sure. Love, Kaylen(:

  485. Hey Rob, Have a great birthday and a great year. You deserve it because you are so lovely. Hope to buy you a pint one day! Lots of love and best wishes Amanda xxx

  486. Happy Birthday or PARABÉNS Rob!!!!We love you and not only because of Edward, but above all because you're a great person.I and all Brazil love you ?

  487. Happy Birthday Rob,I hope you get to do whatever you want. If you get drunk, don't let the paparazzi catch you, you know they would love that. You deserve lots of happiness with the people that you love.

  488. Dear Rob,I<3 you and please have an amazing 24th birthday!!!

  489. Hey Rob,Hope you get to do whatever you want on you're special day. Stay away from the paparazzi, you know they would like a drunk video. Spend the day with people who care about you.Happy Birthday!!

  490. BUON COMPLEANNO ROB … e ovviamente ke questi auguri Passano giungerti anke se da lontano Così Nazioni Unite per Fantastico 24 ° compleanno … spero ke quei Tuoi Sogni Lasciati Ancora chiusi in cassatto delle Nazioni Unite, Passano venir Fuori “tutti” e realizzarsi … Perchè Sicuramente SI tramuterebbero in Qualcosa di bello anke per Tutti Noi ke ti sosteniamo con Ancora … Il cuore 1000 Volte RobFans AUGURI … italiano …? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  491. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!!! Hope you have a really wonderful time on your special day. I hope all your wishes some true and wish you all the best in whatever you do. I will always be there supporting you no matter what. I love you. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  492. hey its sexy rob 😀 happy birthday (: i love you ❤ i hope yu get a good present from yu know who c(;

  493. May your birthday bring you as much joy as you have given to others!

  494. Rob Thomas Pattinson:I hope you have a fucking awesome birthday. Thank you for always being yourself – never change. You are a role model for many people, and your passion for acting, down-to-earth attitude, perfect appearance (hair/lips/jaw/fingers/fuckhotness), musical talent, and humor set you apart from the other actors in your industry. I know that each of these qualities is celebrated each day by all of your fans, but I hope that you recognize them yourself. You truly are a great person, and I wish you lots of luck for the future and your many jobs to come. I also wish you peace with Kristen. You and Kristen were clearly made for each other, and the only thing we all want is for you to be happy. We respect your privacy, and apologize for the intrusions of the paparazzi that seem to happen to you both daily. We hope they will not affect your relationship, as we know how much you care about each other. Attempting to keep your relationship to yourselves has been a wonderful decision, and it is that decision that has shown us how much you truly care about one another.Once again, have a fuckawesome birthday. We love you… AND Kristen. <3Love,Kelley (Chicago, IL)

  495. BUON COMPLEANNO Rob….che questi auguri ti arrivino anke se da così lontano per un fantastico 24°compleanno!!…spero ke tutti quei tuoi sogni ankora chiusi in qualke cassetto,possano venire tutti fuori e realizzarsi,xkè sicuramente si tramuterebbero in qualcosa di splendido anke per tutti noi ke ti sosteniamo…con tutto il ? TANTISSIMI AUGURI…ItalianRobFan….Love so much? ? ?

  496. Here's wishing you a Happy 24th Birthday spent with family and friends…May you be able to really relax and do something you enjoy without PAPARAZZI!

  497. *clears throat* (and in my sexiest Marilyn Monroe voice) “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Mr. Pattinson, Happy Birthday to you!” Here's to a great 24th birthday! Gee, you don't look at day over 17!!!!!Yours, VampireGirl_69

  498. Robby,Happy birthday!!!! Haha oldie 😉 it's aight, you've still got some sexiness in you. Good to go. Can't wait to see your future movies!!Anyways…. Have a great day man! Stay cool.~Katie xxxxooooo

  499. Happy Birthday Rob! May you have a day blessed with good times surrounded by those you love. And a wonderful year to come, you are very talented and deserve the best.

  500. Happy Birthday Rob!! May you have a day blessed with good times and surrounded by those you love! May you have a wonderful year ahead of you. You are very talented and deserve the best.

  501. Very Best of days and happy birthday too – may you have the kind of day you want and need! Your work has made a lot of people very happy

  502. First and foremost I would like to thank you for not turning my favourite literary male into a complete and utter douche-bag (I hope I can say that on here)! I am well aware that many an actor would have portrayed Edward in a completely different way. You didn't. Thank you.I hope you have a great day! Happy Mother Effin Birthday Rob! Take a day to enjoy all that your fame has brought to you. You earned it and deserve it.All the best in the future. Cheers!~Hitchy~

    Hitchy*Team Treebanger*
  503. Happy Birthday! You're amazing.-Kendall

  504. My fathers name is Robert, my assistents name is Robert and my favourite actors name is Robert!Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robert!As long as you're in the entertainment business as an actor/a musician/a producer I will be your NON screaming fan!Taartje (misstq from The Netherlands)

  505. Robert ! ilove you so much ! you are the best ! i admire everything you do !! i wish you have the best birthday eveeer ! you deserve it ! I LOVE YOU ! you are the beeest ! no one can be like you !!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY ! I LOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUU !

  506. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!! Thanks for being so down to earth and just plain cool! I hope that you have a wonderful Birthday, make sure to take it easy and have LOADS of fun! Hopefully you will be able to celebrate in peace with all of your friends and family. Take care and remember that the majority of your fans are level headed and only want the best for you!!! 🙂 HAPPY 24th!!! Love, SharonP.S. Thanks for taking such good care of our girl! 🙂

  507. Hey Rob!Happy 24th Birthday!! My wish for you is to have the very best day surrounded by your friends, family and loved ones. You are an AMAZING actor and musician and deserve the very best life has to offer you!Best WishesDeanna

  508. Received via e-mail:Congratulations!!!!Be happy today and forever!!!I wish you love, helth, sucess, money(why not???) and peace!!!!!God bless you!Isabela MattePorto Alegre , Brasil.

  509. Received via e-mail:Happy birthday rob. I hope you have an awesome, private, and paparazzi free 24th b-day. You deserve all the happiness and love you can handle. Don't forget about your music. Ever.stacyd

  510. Hey, Rob! Hope you have a great birthday! Have fun & God bless!!

    Carrie Goodling
  511. Happy Birthday Rob. I wish you all the happiness life has to offer.

  512. Received via e-mail:HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!! have a wonderful day with the people you love and have a lot fun you deserve it! Love Yoselin

  513. Received via e-mail:Happy 24th birthday, Rob!!! I love you!! I hope you have a great day with your friends and family!! Love from Upstate NY–Heather

  514. Received via e-mail:Hi Rob,Just wishing you a Happy B-day on May 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your're Hot! Looking forward to the Eclipse Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read the Eclipse and breaking dawn books!!!!!!!!!!!!!Loved New moon movie saw it 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your fan,Nina

  515. Happy 24th birthday, Rob!!! I hope you have a great day and thank you for being the wonderful man that you are!!! Best wishes to you in all that you do in the future and I'm really really looking forward to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and Bel Ami!!! Love you from Upstate NY!!! Heather

  516. Hope you have many amazing moments on your birthday, Happy Birthday Rob! We all love you and wish you well.

    Sparkles [Rob is like Tequila]
  517. Happy 24th birthday Rob! I hope your able to spend it with family and loved ones and enjoy yourself! Love,MegAlberta Canada.

  518. Hey Rob,Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! :)Love,Kathryn

  519. Happy Birthday Rob you always have all my support i wish you all the best never change you are amazing may all your birthday wishes come true always smile 🙂 Dana

  520. Happy Birthday Robert!!!!!!!! Best wishes from one of your “older” fans. I just turned 39 on May 6. Hope you get to spend some of your birthday with your family. Don't ever lose your great sense of humor and don't let Hollywood get to you. With Love,Angela – Springfield, MA

  521. Happy Birthday Robert and many wishes. Have a great day filled with love and happiness.

  522. Have an amazing birthday Rob! Party hard.Love, Taylor (Long Beach, California)

  523. hi Rob i've been a fan of your work (your movies) sence you were in haunted airman and im so glad you have been this susscesful. i hope you relise how lucky you are to have a great job and great fans. so wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i'm sure the years have been tough working up to this point so why dont you take a break after Breaking Dawn and get some good R&R. wishing you the best on your birthday hope you have funyours truly,Danielle from Louisiana (go saints!)

  524. Robert, Happy Birthday and many more to come. Good luck in all you do.I'm a big fan of yours and can't wait to see up in your upsoming films. Stay sweet and sexy…Dee Dee

  525. Rob, Wishing you an awsome birthday. Hope you have a good time. Love your work. And hope that we your fans can share many more birthdays with you. To add: Thanks for making amazing movies, and for always making us laugh. You truly are really funny. Love your fan.

  526. Hi RobHappy B-dayI wish you a great day with your family and friendsBonnieSan Juan, Puerto Rico

  527. Happy big 24 Rob! Hope you aren't working to hard and if you are know that we all appreciate it!

  528. Happy Birthday Rob! Wishing you happiness, love, health and success no matter what comes your way.(I almost forgot….I can't wait for the movie “Water for elephants” that your going to work on. I know you haven't even started filming but I'm really excited for it. I'm reading the book. And of course my excitement for Eclipse is really hight but I didn't need to tell you that because I'm a twi-hard… it goes without saying.)Relax, let loose and enjoy every moment! -Emilie x

  529. Happy Birthday Rob. Have a wonderful 24th birthday. Hope you can relax and be with family and friends. Thanks for every movie that you've brought to life and making them believable. You are an amazing actor and my best wishes on you B-day!!Susan

  530. A VERY happy birthday wish from me to you, my fellow Taurean! Best wishes to you and your family. Keep up the good work! Be true to yourself and we will always be true to you! We love your acting (even if you don't – haha!) and love your music – keep it coming!! Keep smiling, because we love that too!!! XOXO

  531. Who doesn't love you Rob?! haha just wanted to be another face in the crowd to wish you happy birthday! Hope it's a good one, you're a remarkable actor keep up the good work!!xox- Janai

  532. Happy Birthday Rob!!! You have inspired so many with your movies and music and we all know you have a long and successful career ahead of you! I know your many fans and I look forwad to following you on this crazy fun ride. And I gotta say it's fun being one of your fans 🙂 Hope you have a great day!!! With admiration, Kristen

  533. Have a Very Happy Birthday “Spunk Ransome” We Love, Love, Love You ! Happy Birthday, Cindy P and Vickey S

  534. Happy Birthday ROB!! I'm really a fan of youI'm from Thailand and I'vedraw you too : ) I really like you : ))))Hope you have a great time and a happy birthday

  535. Happy 24th Birthday Rob! I hope you have a great day and just be able to do whatever you feel like doing on your day. I think you are an amazing talented person and I enjoy watching your movies and listening to your songs. I have to say I will be a forever fan of yours! thanks for entertaining us! Hope your 24th year treats you well! Love your 28 yr old fan, Pam


  537. Hey Rob! Wish you a very…very..ver.. Happpy 24th B'Day…Hope ur wishes come true.. =D? Love You?- Raya- / From: MAldives

  538. HAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAAYYY!all the fans wish you the best and hope you have an amazing day, because u deserve it ! u have made uss alll happpppyyyy in being edward culllen in twilihgt and other amazing movies such as remember me. this is just some appreciation to you! we love youuuu! and wish you all the bestt in the future!!LOVERYOUUUUUUUUUUUU!<3mwahmwahmwah


    stephania rose
  540. omg have great b day!! best wishes!my b days a day after urs lollove you!!!!!!!

  541. hey rob many many happy returns of your 24th b'day ………….. may dis b'day bring lots of happiness,success in yr life ……………….with love

  542. hey rob appy b'day …………. may dis is ur best day of the year n may u achieve all the success ………………happy b'day once again

  543. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!Don't ever change yourself.You're a great actor, soon others will recognize that.NOW GO GET WASTED! LOL

  544. Rob, I wish you more than the best in life and a wonderful birthday!!!You are truly a gifted and beautiful person who's beauty not only shows, but comes from within :)Happy Birthday Rob! :DDid I mention you're HAWT too?…hehe….You're one of a kind :)Nuff ♥ ♥ wafflegirl 🙂

    alter eggo ? :)
  545. HaPpY 24th bIrThDaY RoB!!!!!! I wish you the best in all that you do in the future!!!!! Hope you also have an amazing birthday with the friends and family! Keep on shining and don't ever change!!!!!!!! I mean it!!! 😉

  546. ?? ????? ?????? ??????????? ???? ? ???? ???????? !!! ??????? ?? ???? ??????????!! ?????, ????????????????, ???????????? ?? ?????!!

  547. hey robhope you have an awesome birthday! you're an amazing guy so please don't ever change :Dxxx

  548. Happy Birthday Rob….=)From Greece…With love….=)

  549. Received via e-mail:ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!! first of everything i want to tell u HAPPY BDAY and I LOVE U SO MUCH u r amazing, lovely, great, BEAUTIFUL, great actor, sexy….. I really can't tell u how much i love u and how much i want that u enjoy your bday!!your Bday it's once a year so try to really have fun. I really hope that u reed this letter and that make u know that like me are no many girls out there that want u so much ..so keep going with your job (u r doing great), just be who u r cuz how u r make us love u!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT PATTINSON postscript: i love u more that all that crazy fans out there 😀 from: Mariolga Urdaneta …from VENEZUELA to: Robert Pattinson note: VENEZUELA LOVE U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  550. Happy Bday ROB wanna tell you how talented and amaizing you are. LOve you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. DONT blush now you ur HOT. anyways hope u have the BEST BDAY EVER:) LOVE YOU

    alma frin texas
  551. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! here's to a another massive year. dont let the haters get ya down cause we all think UR FAB!! i hope you get some time to relax n spend time with those close to youJade from Australia

  552. Hope you have a great day with your family and friends. Hope you get lots of great presents. Make the most of the day and have a few drinks to make it memorable hehehehe.

  553. Happy Birthday! I wish you to have everything you ever dreamed of because you deserve it! May your fridge, your wallet, your arms and your heart be always full!!! kisses from Greece!

  554. I hope you have a great 24th Birthday Rob and I hope the stupid Paparazzi leave you in peaceto celebrate with your Family and Friends.Wishing you all the best in the future and I am looking forward to all your upcoming movies.Love always XX

  555. happy birthday rob! i am from india! hope you have a nice birthday with friends and family! i really like your acting! you are really good in remember me not to mention the twilight movies!

  556. Received via e-mail:Happy Birthday Robert,II hope that is one of your best days full of happiness and you're having so much fun.I wish you the best.The biggest kiss on the world to you,Catarina de Oliveira

  557. Happy 24th Birthday Rob 🙂 and Happy Birthing day to your Mum :)Love your work! #1 Aussie Fan xoxoxox

  558. Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday dearest Rob,Happy birthday to you!!Hope you have an amazing day & year ahead, may it be filled with love & joy & may you have many, many more glorious years ahead of you. Thank you for all that you give your fans & I hope in return, we can give you a little bit too :)Enjoy your dayxoxoxFelicityJohannesburg, SA

  559. Happy Birthday, Rob.I love you so so so so so so so so damn much. I hope you have an amazing time at London with your family. I hope someday you will come to Indonesia and I'll wait for you in the airport. (; Wish you all the best in you're life & job. Have fun in life, always be true to yourself. I'll support you no matter what. *cross fingers* Oh, and i hope you'll get an amazing gift. Keep rockin' our world. YOU ROCK.Lots of love from Jenny. (: ?

  560. happy birthday, rob! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! damn your hot! 🙂


  562. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!I love your work. You are truly an amazingly talented actor and singer, and an all-round artist. Keep doing what you're doing. Hope you have a fantastic birthday!Tiana,Sydney, Australiaxx ❤

  563. Happy Birthday Robert! Hope your day is amazing. Love your movies, music, cant wait to see Eclipse. Enjoy your day!Love AshleyAtlantic City, New Jersey

  564. Good 24th birthday Robert…it would be very beautiful to be able to really wish you them, but I know that it is impossible.Good luck for everything…. Giusy (Italy)

  565. Happy Birthday Rob From All Your Fans Here In Greece!!! We Love You! Best Wishes To You<3

  566. HAPPY B'DAY Rob!!!!!Hope you have the most amazing day ever!!!!!and i just wanted to say that Remember Me was AMAZING!!!! :Dtake careAnii

  567. Happy birthday Rob!!! I hope you get everything you wish for. You are very talented on top of being beautiful and I can't say for sure ( because I never met u) but I think you are a good person too, so you deserve all the happiness in the world. Have a great time with your family and friends. God bless you, always!Hugs and kisses from Brazil!!!

  568. Received via e-mail:Happy Birthday Rob!!! We share a birthday today, and I couldn't think of a better Birthday present than getting to watch you on OPRAH!!, LUV YA Colleen K.

  569. Happy Birthday Rob!!! My Birthday is also May 13th!! Getting to watch you on Oprah is going to be a great present!!

  570. Dear Rob,You… complete me. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY!!!! All the best today and always.Love,Vanessa

  571. Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you will be able to enjoy your day. You are an amazing actor & musician. Thank you! ShannonMichigan

  572. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!!!!!!!!Hope you have a wonderful day with your Friends and Familiy!!I wish you all the best, happiness, success, love and health!!! You do deserve this! !!And a special Thanks to your Parents for bringing such an amazing and talented Person into our wolrd!!Sandra from Germany

  573. Rob~Happy Birthday!!I'm your Taiwan's movie fan.Wish you have a good year~I love you so much!We (fans) all love you!

  574. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!!!!Hope you have a wonderful Day with your Freinds and Family!!I wish you happiness, friendship, love, health and success!!You do deserve this! !!A special thanks to your Parents for bringing such an amazing and talented person/ actor into our wolrd!Sandrafrom Germany

  575. happy birthday rob i think your amazing im a big twilight fan i hope you read these would love to meet u one day

    kkelle treharne
  576. Hy Robert! I wish you an amazing day with your friends & family. I hope you'll come to Budapest, Hungary again… :)Happy 24th Birthday!!KittiBudapest, Hungary

  577. hi.. happy birthday Rob. You have a long greetings here..well I wish that you achieve all your dreams in life.. too excited to see your films. you're great! Happy birthday agan and God bless you,,xoxo,dhei, phil1440

  578. Happy 24th Birthday Rob, I hope you have an amazing and relaxing day, you deserve it!Love Jodie (Hertfordshire UK) =^Dxxxxxx

  579. Happy Birthday,, hope you have lots of fun,, cant wait to see eclipse your a great actor well done!!!! xxxxx

  580. Happy Birthday!

  581. Happy Birthday Robert!!!!!!! Make sure you get some rest between filming. We love all your characters you play, especially Edward of course. Stay yourself and you will go far in the business. You seem to be a great person in real life so keep those films coming. Thanks for all you do.Happy Birthday again.your fan,Adrian/S.C.

  582. Happy happy birthday Robert! Us May birthdays have an awesome month! I hope you get to just have a relaxing, chill day with your favourite people. Happy 24th Birthday! 🙂 -Melissa, NC

  583. Happy Birthday Rob, hope you have a great day xHappy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday dear Robert,Happy brithday to you!

  584. oops i spelt my name wrong lol it was Sophie

  585. Happy 24th Birthday Robert :DHope Youu have a Great Day !LoveeYouuuu

  586. Happy 24th Birthday Rob :DHave a good'n ;)Lily ❤

  587. May this day be full of love, (wich we know you are already are sorround by it) share this day with your family and friends, have a very peacefull day… is my wish to you, from Tijuana. ZoeCuidate mucho, y que Dios guie tus pasos.. hacia nosotros LOL. (may God lead your steps…. to us)

  588. Happy 24th Birthday Robert!! I hope you have a fantastic day with family and friends and get lots of nice presents , your fans will be celebrating too =) we all love you and love that you put lots of hard work in your films, your an amazing singer and musician too and I hope you have the best 24th birthday ever :] Have fun! Love Sarah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3<3 ❤

    Sarah Wilkinson
  589. Hi Rob !! Wish U A Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day 🙂 I Wish You The Best Of This World On Your Special Day 🙂 God Bless You Rob =) Love U Always =) Ur Fan From Pakistan..

  590. OMG i love you happy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayhappy bdayi looooooove youuuuuu!!!!!!i dont think i could say that eneymoreuk love you man lol !!!!i wish you could relly see thisif you can call me lol messin but yeah call me hehe !!!ohh yeah i relly what a micro pig i no random but yeah i relly what a pig the snort its so cute lol!!! xdo you think when your older you will look older cuz i like the way you are!!!ohh yeah and love from all my matesmesophie or Siphie lolbeth cbeth rand all my <3ing frendshehei love youdo you think this is the longest post??did you now i love you!!!!______________oo$$$$$$$$$$S$D$$$$$$$$$$$o___________oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o_________o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o________o$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$o_______o$$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$$$$$o_____$$$$$$$$$$$______$$$$$$$$$$$______$$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$”_”$$$$$___$$$__$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___o$$$$___$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$$____$$$$____”$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$”______o$$$_____”$$$o_____”””$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$”$$”_________$$$_______$$$o__________”$$””$$$$$$””””___________o$$$_______$$$$o________________________________o$$$”________”$$$$o _____o$$$$$$o”$$$$o________o$$$$_________-“$$$$$oo_____””$$$$o$$$$$o___o$$$$””____________””$$$$$oooo__”$$$o$$$$$$$$$”””_______________””$$$$$$$oo $$$$$$$$$$__________________________$$$$$$$$$$$__________________________$$$$$$$$$$$__________________________”$$$$$$$$$$”___________________________”$$$$$$$$lol its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexx

  591. I'm not going to repeat everyone else's birthday wishes- useless. Dear Rob, live your life and be who you've always been, please don't turn into a Hollywood jerk. Remember there's more out there than fame and glory.Like your smileHugs,Janou, the Netherlands (Europe)

  592. Hope you have a great Birthday-Love all your movies-We need more music!!!!!!!!!!!!

  593. Received via e-mail:hey happy birthday!~millions of die hard fans must hav said this!! so now it makes it a million and one,like any person m just going to write the basic thingsHAPPY BIRTHDAY,GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE~~ MAY YOUR UPCOMING YEARS BE FRUITFUL AND BRIGHT” I sound like a old person but thats all i can say~many of the fans may say about the whole twilight things and the obsession but everyone knows that well so no need to elaborate on that onetake carehappy birthday once againfrom one your fansSADIKSHA GURUNG

  594. Received via e-mail:Hi Rob !! Wish U A Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day 🙂 I Wish You The Best Of This World On Your Special Day 🙂 God Bless You Rob =) Love U Always =) Ur Fan From Pakistan..Hanni B.


  596. Happy 24th birthday, Rob!I wish you a happy life, and that all of your dreams will come true. Don't forget to relax and just be together with the people that you love.Also, I wish that you come visit Norway; we really need some hotness over here, because it's snowing in may (that's not normal)! Be careful with your hotness, though, it may cause global warming ;)Love, Ingeborg T. G. (16)Molde, Norway, Europe

  597. happy b-day rob i wish you the best you seem like a wonderful guy i hope you get everything you want out of life i know you deserve it. theres not many that do. i wish you knew that you helped me at a very depressed time in my life an cheered me up even though you didnt know it well all of you did but you the most,well my wish is to hopefully some day meet you. i wish i new what your wish is for your b-day? well ill keep you in my prayers. hope you have the most amazeing b-day ever. your most truest fan ever.

  598. Happy 24th Birthday!!!Hope you have great day and a great 24th year of life!!Best WishesKateDublin, Ireland (Please come here you have so many here that would really love to meet you!)

  599. Dear Robert, I hope your birthday is as lovely as you are. You are such a talented person. Thank you for New moon and Twilight! Jasmine x

  600. Happy Birthday Rob !!I am from Germany and I like Twilight.. And you, too ! 🙂

  601. Happy birthday Rob!May all your dreams come true!Always be yourself o matter what!You're a great actor!Best wishes,TONIAATHENS,GREECE

  602. Happy 24th Birthday to you Rob, I wish you have an amazing day with your loved ones. Wishing you happiness today and to remind you too, you make the world a nicer place just by being you!Love, Veronika (Hungarian)

  603. Hey Rob i hope you have the best b'day i hope you enjoy it and whenever your happy im happy lol but i reallly do hope you have the best b'day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    twilightsaga lover forever
  604. My most beloved Rob,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST MOST-HANDSOMEST-DOWN-TO-EARTHEST (yea I know that's not technically a word) MAN WALKING THIS UNIVERSEHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…AND MANY MORE ON CHANNEL 4…AND SCOOBY DOO ON CHANNEL 2!!I ❤ you Robert Thomas Pattinson. You are a wondrous gift to this yucky world. A beautiful, blooming flower opening its petals to the rays of the sun. YOU are that flower. YOU are that sun that shines brightly, warms and melts everybody's heart with just a hint of smile upon your lips. I want to wish you nothing but happiness, success, love, peace, late nights at the pub, freedom, mic nights (oooh please more music, PLEASE)… I want nothing but the best of THE best in this world for you. You may not grasp the concept of how much you have done for all of us who have gathered here and all over the world to share these birthday wishes; but you have! May you continue being as humble, dorky, adorable, silly, charismatic, hilarious person that you are. That IS the man I fell in love with. Be YOU… always. My life is no longer the same with you in it; it is that much better. When you smile, I smile. When you laugh, I laugh. May sorrowful tears never roll from those beautiful, twinkling eyes. May you continue shining in this world for years to come, but no matter what happens… you will ALWAYS be that shining start in my eyes. God bless you, sweetie pie.<3 you Happy Birthday–Cecilia (Ceci <3)

  605. Like everyone else on this globe I wanna wish Rob a great birthday with all his friends, family and loved ones around. Thank you for being you and all the best in your life, love and carreer ;)<3DreamySim1

  606. Received via e-mail:Hey Rob!! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day and get to relax! I am a huge fan and cant wait to see your future projects!! You are amazing!! Love you <33love always,ashley t (new york)

  607. Happy Birthday Robert!!! 🙂 We ❤ you!

  608. FIRST OF ALL I LOVE U and i hope u have a great birthday with everyone u love!

  609. Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you have a beautiful day…if you are happy so do I!!From Mary of Ecuador , South America.

  610. Rob your birthday is the same day as my 11yr old daughters~ So we will all be having cake together LOL! Have a great one! Happy Birthday!

  611. rob, i love you so much. i am your number one fan, and NEVER DOUBT THAT! i do NOT want to marry you, i want to be your sister…. sounds creepy, right? it is, but i do not care. i go around talking with an english accent all the time, pretending that i am your sister, and TOR! PLEASE SHOW THIS TO ROB! if you do, it will mean the world to me. i also have made a letter for you , rob; if i ever see you, or have the opportunity to email it or something, i would have to go to the hospital because i will not be able to breath….. bro, i love you. once again,:D i luv u spunk

  612. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT hope you have a fantastic day and I enjoy the whole twilight saga just as i love you as a extraordinary actor, you aspire me everyday Best wishes for your future and good luck. love sidhra rashid x x

  613. Happy birthday to you Robert…best wishes from all your Italian fans,we'll always follow, you're a great actor and we're proud of you…I hope you read this message and come back as soon as possible in Italy…HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY

  614. Hi and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT I am indulging in the whole twilight saga and loving you just as much as an actor you truly are an extraordinary actor and aspire me everyday. Good luck for the future and I wish you nothing but the absolute best. love sidhra rashid x x are you single only kidding!

  615. Happy birthday Rob!! Hope you will have a great day!Lots of love from Sweden!Kiss & hugs// Benita

  616. Happy Birthday Robbie!!! My name is Gina Domino from Jacksonville,fl and I am 11years old. I really like your movies! and your songs. I just want to say thank you..For being you, and and as one of your fans I wanted to celebrate with you! Hope your day is Great, you deserve it! besides 24 really isn't that ummmm old!lol (wink)muahh…

  617. happy birthdayold man, here's wishing you a great time with friends and familyand many many more!make 24 wishes!happy happyRUVASudbury,ON

  618. Happy Birthday Robert! I wish you happiness, success… And love, love and once again, love! Everything little thing you wish for yourself… Enjoy everything you do, and never forget to smile – it looks great on you 🙂 have the best birthday ever! Waiting to see you once again on the big screen :)Yana, Israel.

  619. Rob, I Hope you have a fantastic birthday, and whether you are with Kristen Stewart or anyone else for that matter or not, i just hope that you are happy :)you TRUE number one fan (honestly).Lindsey :)I love you!

    Lindsey Wallace
  620. Hey Rob, umm…I'm Phoebe and I'm from Taiwan.Wish you happy 24th birthday and have a great time everyday. Love you=)))without wax

  621. Mr. Pattinson (respecting the fact that I don't know you to use your given name), Here's wishing you the greatest of birthday wishes from the State of Colorado and wishing for myself that it is to be distinguished from all the rest of those being given on your special day. 🙂

  622. Mr. Pattinson (respecting the fact that I don't know you to use your given name), Here's wishing you the greatest of birthday wishes from the State of Colorado and wishing for myself that it is to be distinguished from all the rest of those being given on your special day. 🙂

  623. aaa! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!! aa robe ya 24 añotes Te Deseo Exito y Felicidad en Tu Vida Que Siempre Tengas Trabajo en Tu Vida eres super agente de las Naciones Unidas y Que Bueno Que eres Edward Cullen no existe persona mayor; párr interpretar El Papel Que Te la pases super Con Tu Familia Toda amigos y , ojala y Por Cierto ESTAS bn guapo jeje y me gustaria Que hicieras pareja kristen Con tan lindos sí ven y En Un Futuro SI USTEDES SE lleguen Quieren una seria casar la boda mas esperada del Siglo Mucho exito en Tu Vida Como actor de Como y cantante Posible Eres un buen Musito Que cumplas muchos felicidades Que mas Años Los Mejores Deseos att. ara

  624. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! you are far out the best actor ever!! i love how your so chill about everything…. not all famous people are like that….. and i love how you still live as if you werent some hot actor walking down the street…. you also seem very grounded and i really admire that….. so i just want to say thanks for bringing the our beloved book to life…. with out you or Kristen this would never have been this awesome!!! so thanks!!! LOVE YOU TONS!! -Angie

    angelica gutierrez
  625. Happy Birthday to my dear Rob.I just want to say “You are the BEST!”I'm Jia-Yin from Taiwan.


  627. HappyBrithday rob, and many more to come!i read on twitter awile back that u said in a interview you think your fans say u r sexy because u r a actor, personally i think u r wrong ,i think u r very SEXYbecause of your beautiful eyes and great smile,funny sence of humor and a great personality. u r just the best i love your movies and your music! from bettypaterson nj #1 fan and friend

  628. Rob, I hope your Birthday is as wonderful as you are. Always stay true to yourself because you are a beautiful person inside and out!!~Always, Amy(Phoexix, Az)

  629. Like OMG its your birthday…..have an awesome, spectacular, fantastic 24th birthday!!!!!~Sophia from Seattle,WA

  630. happy b-day robert!!!!

  631. Happy Birthday Rob. Hope you have a great day. have funAtalia xoxo(Perth,Australia)

  632. Happy Birthday!Go out, party & forget the rest 🙂 Have an amazing time!! Astrid

  633. happy birthday robert 🙂 you should buy a dog!Dogs are fantastic birthday presents for yourself!Infact! you should buy a dog AND a cat. *mwah*your loyal drooling fanBrea <–from tx <–best state ever<–i win.

  634. Happy Birthday Rob!

    I hope you know how many people you have behind you, supporting you. We all adore you and think you are a fantastic actor.

    I’m going to keep this simple;

    Be safe. Stay beautiful. Keep true to yourself.

    We really do all love you exactly the way you are.

  635. Received via e-mail:Hey Rob,I hope you have a very happy birthday and I wish you only the best. You are an amazing actor with this incredible talent to completely encompass every personal detail about a character you portray and I've enjoyed all of your movies. Thank you for what you do and I sincerely hope you enjoy every minute of life.Sincerely,Jackie Brenner

  636. Received via e-mail:Happy Birthday, Rob! I'll raise a glass to your good health in the coming year! Have a great birthday!-Sue in New York

  637. Received via e-mail:Am following your progress, read Bel Ami, and just finished reading Water for Elephants and look forward to your portrayal. Did you get my birthday gift? Wishing you a great and blessed year. Kathleen

  638. Received via e-mail:Happy 24th birthday my lovely robert pattinson!! you're everything for me..I hope u can always be a great super famous star who always remember and love your fansLots of love,Yunita, Indonesia

  639. happy birthday Rob!I hope all dreams come true!we love you!!! FROM TURKEY

  640. Rob, happy bday!! Hope you wont get spoiled by all that fame and you will stay with both foot on the ground!! Love you! Hope you will celebrate it without nasty paparazzi 😉 All the best!!!!!!!!!Kisses from Slovenia

  641. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROB!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!Hope you enjoyed my singing ;)Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday Rob. Have a great day whatever you do 🙂 Thanks for being such a great actor and genuinely nice guy! You make us Brits proud 🙂 Can't wait to see your next projects. Lots of love Danielle. xxx

  642. Happy Birthday Rob!!!! Hope you have a great day!!! 🙂

  643. Rob, I hope you have ninja Kristen with you on your birthday so you can have a pap free peaceful rockin celebration! Happy Birthday!Lurve, Ellie xxx

  644. Happy 24th Birthday!This is your special day so go out,celebrate and have a great time!Wishing you lots of luck,success and happiness. Continue being a great actor and musician.Take care.Lots of hugs!Elena D. from Greece ❤

  645. RobFor God's sake, 24?! Hope you have a proper piss-up, get absolutely sh*t-faced, snog the face off your favorite bird and wake up the next morning with plenty to apologize for. That's what being in your mid-twenties is all about, hot stuff.Happy Birthday, first Stoli is on me, last orders is on you, if you ever come up to Glasgow. xo

  646. Hi Robert! Happy 24th birthday from a 13-year old girl!Can't wait to see you in Eclipse. By the way, you're awesome in 'Remember Me', like you were in Twilight, Harry Potter and other films.I wish you to have a happy life and I hope all your wishes will come true, one day. And don't ever withdraw from your successful career!Have a great birthday!Kisses from Romania,-Ana.

  647. Happy birthday Rob. Hope you have a great birthday and that it's completely paparazzi free.

  648. Happy Birthday Rob!! Here's hoping you have the kind of day you want. Music filled, Paparrazzi free and filled with the antics all of us fan fic writers envision you in i.e. Smut filled and drunken!! xoxo

  649. Happy Birthday Rob! wish you all the best in your life and may your dreams come true! Have fun!xxx

  650. hAPPY fREAkIN bIRTHdAY, ROB!!I love who you are and how you are. Thank you for giving a piece of yourself to us every day. Good luck in your career and in your personal goals andI hope all your dreams come true. Now, go celebrate, dammit!!Love, Aloha SD from Honolulu, Hawaii

    AlohaSD "Robso-Freakin-Lutely"
  651. Happy Birthday Rob!!!Have a nice day with all the people you love.Wish you all the best for your life and I hope you are happy with everything you do!Greets and kisses from germany!

  652. Happy birthday Robert!!!I hope you have a awesome day!!xoxo Marloes (the Netherlands)

  653. Happy Birthday Rob. I hope u have an absolutely won­der­ful birth­day and be with some­one that loves you for who you really are and that brings you the same joy you bring to all of us. I truly hope the paparazzi can’t find u on your special day.

    Love from Bangladesh-

  654. Hey !Rob !Happy 24 B-Day and I 'm your big fan !I live in Taiwan and I hope you can comenext time !The most important thing of all ,happy birthday !Have a nice day !Love, Gloria

  655. Happy Birthday, Rob! Hope you get to enjoy your day!

  656. happy b-day rob i wish u all the happiness and luck and love in the world!!keep doing what ur doing because ur rockin it and screw the haters .i love you and ur work so much!! happy 24th birthday and i hope u celebrate it with people u love !!xoxo

  657. I wish ALL the good things in your life, both personal and professional, you deserve it. You're so funny and talented, humble and handsome. Please, never change!!! I am so proud to be your fan and i will ALWAYS support you. Happy Birthday, Rob ? Brazil loves you!!!!

  658. Happy birthday Rob!! U know why i love you? It's your self-deprecating way, your crazy jokes, how you always smile and laugh all the time..It's just..too adorable! and the fact that you're earning millions but you're still your old self..i respect you! so stay that way! ;pHope you'll have a wonderful, awesome birthday! I wish you all the best in whatever you do and i'm always looking forward to your future projects! P/S : Can't believe we're only a day apart, my birthday is on the 14th of May! We should throw a party together! LOL. Lots of love, Alia. All the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

  659. Hi Rob, HAPPY HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY!! 😀 May today be filled with sunshine, smiles, laughter and love. I hope this year will be your best ever! Wishing you all the best on your special day. 🙂 Count your life by smiles, not tears.Count your age by friends, not years. -Josienne 🙂

  660. Happy Birthday cutie pie!Love,Lucy (Tennessee)

  661. hello happy birthday robert.

  662. Hi Rob,happy 24th birthday!! 🙂 We wish you all the best! Your really amazing person and you have a huge support from all of us! We love you ?Eva and Magda, Czech Republic

  663. Have a wonderful Birthday Rob, have a few brews and have some fun, you're gonna be busy this year.Sherry

  664. Received via e-mail:hello!!happy birthday dear rob!!!i m stella from Greece i am 16 years old and I want to become actor for a lot of years and i am your fan since the movie “harry potter and the goblet of fire”….i wish you health always successes and hope come some moment in Greece because we love you a lot.health always successes and hope come some moment in Greece because we love you a lot. I know that unfortunately you do not take him you e mails other me it does not tease I hope to you they say, what to you we sent..I know that today you have received thousands messages from the all world other I wanted also i to wish!! we love you and anything you wish I wish you have him. once again happy birthday!! i love your movies(L)Stella:)

  665. Received via e-mail:Happy Belated 24th Birthday Robert Pattinson!Maybe I'm not your biggest fan but I love you so damn muchand you know ? I'm just 12 years kiddo who live in IndonesiaRob,you're so damn much hot and you have an amazing face!I can't wait for Eclipse!It would be pretty dmn good if you come to JakartaXOXO-Fasya

  666. Received via e-mail:Submitted on 2010/05/12 at 9:31amHappy Birth day Rob!I hope you know how many peo ple you have behind you, supporting you. We all adore you and think you are a fantastic actor.I’m going to keep this simple;Be safe. Stay beautiful. Keep true to yourself.We really do all love you exactly the way you are.<3

  667. HAPPY B-DAY ROB… I just hope you can have a normal birthday… remember, there are many people who know you´re human… not vampire… kisses…

  668. HAPPY 24th ROB!!

  669. Hello!Happy Happy Birthday! I Hope you have a Very happy, Great, funny and Lovely B-Day!I'm from Estonia and Estonia says Hello to you… of cours.Estonian congratulation – Pal Palju Õnne Sünnipäevaks!I think you Are Amazing Actor and have been fantastic all the time. I'm very sorry that THE FANS love you so much ( well i do love you too, even more :D) that they don't give you a personal life.I'll be happy to watch you and see you every day. You aren't Edward Cullen… You are Robert Thomas Pattinson, who have his 24th birthday. 😀 I love you and Can't live without watching you in movies and on the screen. And Please…. Be on the screen always. :DLove you, xoxo Katre from Estonia. (Say Hello to Estonia, please!)

  670. Happy 24th birthday Robert. I'll always be your no. 1 fan even though i may just be a stranger to you. You're really talented and i hope someday you'll be able to achieve what you've always wanted.YvonneSingapore.Loveya!

  671. Happy 24th Birthday, Rob! I hope you have a great day with your loved ones and may all your wishes come true! You deserve all the happiness in the world. You make me smile, you make me happy, Robert, so please, stay the adorable, sweet, kind and funny person you are, because we truely, truely love you. Don't forget it.Feliz cumpleaños! Best wishes & hugs from Spain! PD: Come to the Costa Brava (Catalonia) some day 😉 It's paparazzi free, js!

  672. Happy Birthdaaay Rooob!

  673. Happy 24th birthday Rob! Hope you have a good day with your loved ones. (:Carry on your amazing work and don't let anything stop you.. you are the one that brings a smile to my face when nothing else can! Good luck on all your future projects, and always stay happy, Mrs_Cullinson, London.

  674. Wish you a very happy birthday and a great carreer!! You're fantastic!!

  675. Received via e-mail:Happy Birth day Rob. I hope u have an absolutely won der ful birth day and be with some one that loves you for who you really are and that brings you the same joy you bring to all of us. I truly hope the paparazzi can’t find u on your spe cial day.Love from Bangladesh–Afsana

  676. Happy Birthday Rob. I hope u have an absolutely wonderful birthday and be with someone that loves u no matter what. I truly hope the paparazzi can't find u on your special day.Love from Bangladesh-Afsana

  677. Happy birthday Rob!! Hope you have a great day and you get all you want plus more! 🙂

  678. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!! Hope all that you do turns out happy for you and all that you wish comes your way and all the best for you…My wishes for you are still the same: be happy, always be with someone that loves you for who you really are and that brings you the same joy you bring to all of us. Nadine ( Germany )

  679. Received via e-mailHappy Birthday Rob! I hope your day is filled with friends, family, & all the things you love!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!! Happy birthday Love from Cleveland, TN Melinda M

  680. Received via e-mail:Hope you have a great birthday Rob! I'm sure you're celebrate it sensibly…*rolls eyes* Yeah right what was I thinking? A few crates of beer and a dozen ciggies! That's the way to go!Have a great day! Love Joanna xxx

  681. Via e-mail:Happy Birth day Rob! Hope yoiHave a good one with lots of love and hap pi ness:) Con grats on yourSuc cess & hope you spend itWith every one you love xoxo;ulia(arts

  682. Hi Rob,Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day. You certainly deserve it. You're extremely talented and make me proud to say i'm a Robert Pattinson fan. I wish you all the success and happiness in life. And I hope you know that, you shall always have the continued support of your fans.We love you Rob.<3

  683. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!!Hope you have a fab day and you have a relaxing day not being interuppted by us Robessed fans. Make sure you enjoy yourself, not too much that you forget what happened!!! The hangover's start getting worse as you get older, sorry to break this bad news to you!!!Thank you for being so talented and humble. And thank you for flying the British flag so proudly across the world. Lots of Love Laura xxxPS To Mr & Mrs PattinsonThank you so much for creating such a fine young gentleman into the world. They are very hard to find in this world. Believe me, I know!!!Much Love to you and the rest of your family RegardsLaura

  684. Dear Robert Thomas Pattinson I hope all your wishes come true and you have an amazing 24th birthday you are the most important man in my life i love you so freaking much you Big Lovely Biritish Dude You amazing person yo

  685. Happy Birthday Rob! Met you in Dallas, TX and you were gracious and adorable 🙂 Megan

  686. RobYou are the best!! Happy Birthday

  687. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY, ROB!!!! Me ,my kids, and lots of friends are BIG,BIG fans of yours! Hope you have a wonderful birthday, a great celebration, you're truly happy, and enjoy yourself and be blessed! Absolutely loved Remember Me, and loved you in all your past films. Greatly looking forward to your upcoming projects Bel Ami, and Water for Elephants, and of course, seeing you in Eclipse! Take Care! Hugs & Kisses!

  688. Happy 24th, Rob. May all your birthday wishes be granted, especially those involving granting you some privacy in your life. Thanks for all you do!

  689. Happy Birthday Rob – hope you have a fab day;)!Luv,Kellyxx

  690. Happy birthday Rob! I wish you the best for your birthday! Love u so muchJess from France

  691. Received via e-mail:Dear Rob,I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!May your year be filled with love, laughter, music and friendsSincerely,Cathy from Toronto

  692. Received via e-mail:Happy birthday, ROB.. I'll always supporting your career, life, etcWish you had a wonderful day today with yoursLove, Vana

  693. Oh My Robert!!! Happy 24th Birthday, Rob!!! I'm from Argentina and here we all love u!!!Come to Argentina, please!!!You're the best, hottest, carismatic, funny actor ever!!!

  694. Received via e-mail:Hi Robert Pattinson…I'm A Big Fan Of U And I Think Ur Awesome And I Love U Soo Much…Jus Lyk 2 Wish U A Happy 24th Birthday!!!Love Zahraa, Bolton, England.

  695. Happy BDay to a fellow May baby!I wish for you privacy & sanity from the intrusive paparazzi. My birthday wish this year will be for more of your music. I'm a singer as well & have studied voice for over 20 years so what I'm about to say isn't blowing sunshine up your ass. (Yes, I'm a blunt & overly forward American LOL)I recently heard your version of I am Broken. The energy & emotion you conveyed in the song touched & moved me deeply into my core. I appreciate the folk & blues influence that is apparent in your vocal stylization. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY!!! And may both wishes come true.

  696. Via e-mail:Lovliest Rob,You have touched the lives of so many. Your talent, charisma, smile, laughter, and well lets just say it, awesomeness, have been reached all the way to the darkest corner on earth.On such a special day as your birthday, I wish with all my heart that you spend it with the people you most love..And specially that you spend it in peace, such a beautiful soul deserves at least that much.You're a growing star glowing brighter and brighter by the second, don't let anyone or anything deem that light.Happy Birthday, you hunky brit.Big hug and a kiss (place that wherever you want *wink*)Aly Ponce (California, USA)

  697. Received via e-mail I feel a bit ridiculous doing this because WTF! you don't know me and I don't know you but the true is that you cheer me up when I feel blue and you make my life better even without knowing me (admitting this is damn embarrasing btw…) so I think I can do this and post a comment here to tell a guy I dont't know and I'll ever know that I wish him an amazing birthday and that I think he deserves everything good and I'm sure he'll get it if he continues working and trusts on himself… well, I think that's all. Happy Birthday Pattinson! I'll have some beers for your sake :DMaite

  698. happy B-Day Rpatzz I love you. I wish you that all your dreams come true and all the happiness of the word!!! Your Lovely and must devoted fan of Venezuela.

  699. Dear, Rob, Venezuela wants you to give yourself great Happy Birthday … May God bless you always … We love you Rob, We Love You Rob

  700. Happy Birthday! I hope you realize all us fans love you ❤ Have a great day bb 🙂

  701. Happy Birthday Rob!!! the best for you I wish, & all the success of the world, live, laugh and never give up your dreams, be yourself and don´t change, we love you just the way you are…Love,Madelein from Venezuela xoxo

  702. Now is the day. I wrote here yet, but:from every page I read constantly, Robert, I wish you a wonderful birthday.

  703. I forgot!Froma my country, ArgentinaWith love

  704. happy birthday Rob… I wish you the best, and very sweet 24 years… I'm from Portugal and i love u… I love your amazing tallent, and even if i don't know u personaly I think you are a really great person…Carolina Carneiro

    CaCarolina Carneirohh
  705. Received via e-mail:Happy 24th birthday Rob!Two years had passed since The Twilight Saga phenomenon started, and the hype until now has not died down. You immortalized Edward Cullen for us, your fans. I would like to wish you a happy, happy birthday. Somehow, your presence even as Edward Cullen or Tyler (in Remember Me) inspires a lot of people, including me.All of your fans hope that you will not change. You're the humblest actor I know in this planet! Wishing you more success on your future films, and keep it up. You're one amazing and talented actor.We love you Rob!From: Pamela

  706. Happy Birthday Rob! I hope you have an amazing and blessed year. You are loved lots~ JRene

    RobismySL_ TeamPatzzandStewy
  707. Happy Birthday Rob!! I hope you have the best birthday ever and a spectacular year! You deserve it! Thank you for bringing one of my favorite fictional characters to life and being such a beautiful person! You are a part of two of my favorite phenomena (Harry Potter and Twilight) and you are awesome in all the films! Thank you! Happy Birthday!XOXOTammyWisconsin, United States

  708. Received via e-mail:Hi Robert Pattinson :I think everyone is very pleased to be able to use this page to share with you the joy of heart.We thought you may see a message from all of us. Everyone wants to share how we feel happy for you.Vampire from the wizard to either, or a seemingly ordinary and distinctive young man in New York .In the movies, we saw the continuous progress of your performances.It was pretty respectable to the film.I see your effort, just make me admire you.I appreciate your good looks and your talent for music so much.I have some piano lessons, and I play the paino diligently everyday.I know that your particular way of playing the piano is very wonderful and feelingly.As if each note on the keyboard are living up!We want to tell you that we will love you and support you forever.We like Edward Cullen .We love Robert Pattinson more.We really hope that we will have a date with you in Taiwan.We are your fans from Taiwan.My name is Jessica.I am fourteen yesrs old.Sorry, my English is poor.

  709. Happy Birthday Rob! Hope you enjoy your day and get to relax and do what you want for once! 🙂

  710. I might be comment number 723. Or 700++, but this is a very sincere birthday wish, regardless. :)Happy Birthday, Rob! :)I wish you an almost paparazzi-less life, and that you get to be with everyone you wanna be with this time. :)You're an awesome person, basing on interviews I have read.Be who you are, and I hope nothing changes about you. (Unless, you're gonna be any more hotter… Well. :P)-Nestlé ❤ Manila, PH

  711. Received via e-mail:I'm your fans in Taiwan today is your birthday happy birthday Robert I hope you can see this letter My name is mamie only the sixth grade, I can ask you back if I wish you a happy birthday letter~

  712. Dear Robert! Happy 24th birthday to you! I hope you have a fantastic day with the people you most love, you deserve it more than anyone else. Words cannot express how much I respect and love you! Thank you for being who you are, so hilarious and down-to-earth guy. Don't ever let anyone or anything change that!You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I hope only good things come to you in the future. I’m really looking forward to your upcoming films and album (your voice is breathtaking!)Lots of love,LindaP.S. My only dream is to meet you one day 🙂

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