Poll Time: Your Favorite Edward… Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?   205 comments

We were talking about this on Twitter last night so I thought I would bring the debate over to the site and ask you guys which Edward is your favorite? Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse Edward?

To be honest my favorite Edward is Twilight Edward (but my favorite Rob role is Tyler in Remember Me).

Here are few pics to refresh your memory 😉

As per usual, click to make bigger.



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New Moon




So leave a comment to tell us which Edward is your fav!

205 responses to “Poll Time: Your Favorite Edward… Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse?

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  1. Twilight hands down!! Cause that’s the one that started it all for me!! I still swoon over that scene in Bella’s room when they kiss for the first time. *sighs*

    • I agree 100%. I was going to read all 118 comments and you already said what I was thinking in the first one, lol. 🙂 I’m surprised my copy of the DVD isn’t worn out at that part.

      • I agree 100% too, but I love him in New Moon and in Eclipse. Eclipse more than New Moon because is the hottest and he’s more relaxed…and I love him forever.

  2. I’m going to have to say the Eclipse Edward, I think it is because he is a bit more relaxed in it.

    • I love the Twilight Edward but my favorite is the Eclipse Edward, he’s more “human”, more young, I don’t know how to say it…I love him on Eclipse.

  3. Eclipse!!! Angryward is the hottest. 😉

  4. Twilight – Eclipse – New Moon !!!!!!!

  5. No doubt for me it’s Twilight Edward. He’s the most close as in the books.

  6. Either New Moon or Eclipse. But I’m kinda leaning towards Eclipse Edward…

  7. Eclipse Edward the make up and eyes just look alot better plus I’m just a downright sucker for angry Edward *drool*

  8. my fav is Eclipseward because he looks more sexy and really really hot when he’s
    getting angry *swoon*

  9. Twilight…at least that’s what I pictured Edward when I read the book. Then Eclipse because he really looks hot (and he can’t keep his hands to himself ;-)) and then New Moon – mostly because he’s not so much in it. Though I love his tortured expression.

  10. Twiward! the hair. the eyebrows. the peacoat!

  11. TWILIGHT EDWARd please u can denied he was absolutly perfect on that one just as bella’s descrition on the books, so to be honest i don’t love new moon opr even eclipse because he is not as much as he was beautifull on the first one twilight made everthing 4 rob’s carrear but katherine hedrike was the magition and nobody sims to gave her the credits 4 that.. She create the magic between than and she create the image of the perfect edward.

  12. Eclipse Edward is so young and hot, he looks like more Robert than in Twilight and New Moon.

  13. EDWARD in Twilight.. 🙂 and the transition he had on EClipse..i love it when he’s jealous and MAD..

  14. Gah! Uhm…. well that pic of twilight-edward explains it all…. to drown in those eyes and that crooked smile playing around his lips…. *happy sigh*

  15. Twilight Edward for me, but as Rob roles I have to say Tyler in Remember me!

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  17. Twilight Edward ..that’s when I fell in love with Robert Pattinson ❤

  18. definitely Eclipse Edward for me! angryward… sexyward… happyward… sigh…. 😀

  19. So far: 9 votes for Twilight Edward, 7 votes for Eclipse Edward and errr none for New Moon lol

  20. ECLIPSE EDWARD!!!! because he was more relaxed and he seemed more like a human and because he couldnt keep his hands to him self ;)!!!! also because angry and jealous edward is the hottest!!!!

  21. I was stuck between Twilight Edward and Eclipse Edward. But then I remembered the meadow scene at the end of Eclipse and chose Eclipse Edward. Because he has never looked so cute and gorgeous before like he does in that scene!
    Like when he smiles and says “so it’s not just about me?” SWOON!!<3

  22. Definitely Twilight Edward!

  23. Oh, I can’t choose 😀 I love the Twilight-Edward w his bouffant and lot of make up 😉 but the Eclipse-Edward looks more human. But I love the new moon one too. Oh, God, I can’t choose. :)))

  24. Twilight-Edward, I just feel that, that is the real Edward! The original one!!


  26. Eclipse Edward, he is simply like I epicted Edward in my mind after reading the books

  27. Rob looks best in eclipse ,but there are more real moments in new moon ( its very often that someone can break up with u or that u would break up with someone ) i like new moon Rob the best !!!!

  28. 😉

  29. Twilight Edward – no contest. He was just SO intense. You could feel his emotional battle within himself. It was so much more powerful than either of the other two.

  30. Twilight Edward: 14 (I’m including my vote ;))

    Eclipse Edward: 10

    New Moon Edward: 1

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  32. I choose the Edward we’ve got in Eclipse. He’s definitely more mature, he has evolved a lot. In the first movie he was just fascinated by Bella, in the second one he made a terrible mistake and now in this third film, he’s still the same though he is more mature, he not only cares about Bella but also begins to be interested by her world (Her friends, 1st scene we’ve got when they’re having lunch). I must add that the scene where he tells Bells he would have been in such and such way toward her in the past (offering her some tea,…) was excellent. It shows how respectable he is. Edward is a real gentleman. And to conclude my comment, i’d say that all these elements show we’ve got the best Edward in the third movie of the Twilight Saga.

  33. All of course, No one can choose.

  34. Twilight Edward – no competition here.

  35. Twilight Edward 🙂

  36. Twi light Edward: 16

    Eclipse Edward: 11

    New Moon Edward: 1

  37. that’s hard.. I choose Twilight Edward.

  38. Eclipse Edward… ❤

  39. Twilight Edward … because everything was so…. I can’t describe it. He’s just so beautiful and at the same time so torn. I love that.
    But I also love the Eclipse Edward because he finally decided what he really wants and he’s 100% serious about everything and so romantic and so much in love and he smiles much more than in the other movied he seems a bit happier. And he decides to live with Bella- forever. And of course he looks amazing 🙂

  40. Twilight!!
    In the very beginning he looks more romantic than ever!!

  41. GAH! I love cuddly always be my bella edward…


    nothing will ever beat de-dotted new moon edward. #angstjunkie


  42. Twilight Edward: 19

    Eclipse Edward: 12

    New Moon Edward: 2

    I’m going to have start a spreadsheet soon lol 😉

  43. I like the Eclipse Edward.

  44. Twilight Edward. [:

  45. Midnight Sun people!! XD
    And I love him in all the books! 🙂

  46. well, one thing I know for sure is that New Moon Edward is the worst on.
    and then it was a hard decision between Twilight Edward and Eclipse Edward, but I’ll surrender to you and vote Twilight Edward! but I like them all, really 🙂

  47. Going to have to vote for New Moon Edward! Edward’s not in New Moon much, but when he is, he just dazzles, hehe! 😉

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  49. Twilight Edward: 21

    Eclipse Edward: 14

    New Moon Edward: 3

  50. Twilight’s Edward ..he is very same as Bella describes him in the book ..the crooked smile and.. all. I still hyperventilate whenever I see Edward’s (ROB’s) entry in cafeteria and then there Edward and Bella’s first kiss it sooo intense ..I just love it ❤ ❤ but I also love Eclipse's Edward he is so human and Rob makes him look so vulnerable whenever Taylor's Jacob is around.

    but my favorite character ROB played is Tyler ..just loved him .

  51. Twilight because it takes a woman’s touch to make Bella and Edward’s relationship come alive. Catherine Hardwick got it. She knew that was the most important element in the story, not CGI and special effects and trying to make the stories more ‘man friendly’. The chemistry between Edward and Bella just hasn’t been the same since Twilight. I watch the movies for Robert, but his talents are wasted in both Eclipse and New Moon. Little Ashes is my favourite role of his. He was completely fearless in the role of Salvador Dali coming to grips (or not) with his sexuality.

  52. Twilight Edward

  53. I prefer Edward in Eclipse, because he looks more like Rob and I only watch the movies, because Rob is in them.

  54. Eclipse Edward

  55. Eclipse Edward FTW!

  56. Twilight Edward for sure!

  57. Twilight Edward: 25

    Eclipse Edward: 17

    New Moon Edward: 3

  58. ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Twilight Edward!!!!!!

  60. I think Eclipse Edward was the best thus far. He was funny and more relaxed.

  61. def­i­nitely Eclipse Edward for me!! love angryEd!

  62. That´s hard to decide… I think… ECLIPSE EDWARD

  63. edward…..ECLIPSE!!!!
    i love him…

  64. Twilight Edward, fo shizz!

  65. Eclipse Edward for sure!!! ;))

  66. Hard one!!! I love Twilight Edward because he’s so gorgous and I dont know something about him.
    But the eclipse edward… W-O-W, he’s face expressions and everything.

    I have to go with Eclipse Edward 😀

  67. Eclipse, sin duda !

  68. Gotta vote for Twilight Edward. NewMoon-ward and Eclipse-ward are really nice to look at, but Twilight-ward was the one that captured my heart. I still get shivers the first time he walks into the cafeteria…and the kiss…*sigh*..and the prom *double sigh*

  69. I’m so torn. Love, love, love the original Twilight Edward rock’in the bouffant. Can’t forget the first walk thru the cafeteria and the first kiss. When he turns around after Bella asks him not to go…fugettaboutit. Very sexy turn around. The New Moon Edward was such the gentlemen, looked really good even with dark circles under his eyes. He actually looked sexy being slammed on the floor by Felix; how did he do that? The Eclipse Edward well…when he cracks that “crooked” smile after placing the diamond on Bella’s bracelet stole my heart. Then him standing there saying to Bella in a whisper, “Anything you want.” (*gasps*)

    It’s Eclipse Edward.

  70. Twilight Edward: 28

    Eclipse Edward: 26

    New Moon Edward: 3

  71. Definitely Twilight Edward. He was so gorgeous with the bouffiant hair and the make up they used on his face was great. Eclipse Edward had horrible sideburns (think Elvis) no pouffy hair and his make up made his face look bloated. It was a bluish-white tint….Hes so shy and uncertain in Twilight….that did it for me. Plus, hes barely in New Moon but did look cute in some of the scenes. Still….Twilight….yummy

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  73. tutti tre. Non posso scegliere perche in ogni film, edward è rappresentato super bene. Credo che è molto importante leggere i libri e vedere i films, così sarà più facile scoprire che non può existere un’altro Edward che, quello di Robert Pattinson.

  74. I have to go Eclipse Edward. Sigh*

  75. Eclipse Edward, cause he’s the most natural (and the most Rob-like).

  76. I love Twilight Edward, but I like how he has come into his own as Eclipse Edward. As for looks though, its Twilight Edward for sure 🙂

  77. Twilight Edward: 30

    Eclipse Edward:28

    New Moon Edward: 3

  78. Eclipse Edward ❤

  79. Eclipse Edward!!!! Can we say, “Angryward”? Yum.

  80. Twilight Edward for sure ! catherine hardwicke made the hottest vampire on earth come alive. No other director has done it so far. Maybe because they’re men and they can’t see it from a woman’s perspective. Of course Bella’s and Edward’s relationship was steamin hot in Eclipse, but I still prefer Edward the way he looked and dress etc as in the first Twilight


    I mean, did you see the tent scene?!?
    Eclipse Edward was most like book Edward. He had a sense of humour and got angry/scary. 🙂

  82. Has to be Eclipse Edward for me 🙂

  83. although the still of Twilight Edward’s face at the beginning of the post is kind of coercion… I’m going to say Eclipse Edward

  84. Twilight Edward: 31

    Eclipse Edward:33

    New Moon Edward: 3

  85. twilight edward is my fave, but eclipse comes pretty close

  86. TWILIGHT Edward, closely followed by Eclipse Edward.

  87. Either Twilight or Eclipse…Cant decide!

  88. Tough choice! Have to say TWILIGHT EDWARD,though. Mostly because he is the 1 I saw first…

  89. TWILIGHT Edward! He’s the only one that looks 17 and just a bit like I imagined him when I read it. But ECLIPSE Edward was hot…

  90. Twilight Edward: 35

    Eclipse Edward:33

    New Moon Edward: 3

  91. twilight edward.

  92. Twilight EDWARD!! *Sigh* I like t danger aspect. Eclipse is REALLY close though 😉

  93. Eclipse Edward for me…angry Edward all the way!! I love Twi Edward because its the 1st time we get to see him brought to “life” and there’s def a nostalgia about it but Eclipse is where I think Rob got it right…really figured out how to play it…

  94. Although I do dig me some NM Edward Alot, he is de-lish..sex-strut, the V, the kissing.. UNF! I think I will have to pick Twi-ward. I dunno it gives me a sense of comfort, nostalgia.. The bouffant hair, the lower budget film.. the whole thing, his character..it just all seems more relaxed, it just reminds me of an easier, peaceful time in their lives. Makes me happier. Simpler. That’s why I like Twi-ward the best.

  95. Hummm.. this is difficult, the same character but very different in every movie. If I vote for what I imagine while reading my vote is for New Moon Edward, I always imagine a suffering Edward, always a little depressed, questioning all his movements, I simply love the moments before the marriage preposition when Edward face passes from having an idea, think about what to do, and make the decision to do it.

    So.. my vote goes for New Moon

  96. Twilight Edward: 38

    Eclipse Edward:34

    New Moon Edward: 4

  97. It’s a tie between Twilight Edward and Eclipse Edward…I really can’t decide 🙂

  98. umm….all?i can’t choose he’s too nice lol

  99. Twilight Edward captures my heart, but I like the Eclipse Edward the best!

  100. Twilight Edward, of course. Eclipse Edward was pretty hot, but Twilight Edward has a very very special place in my heart.

  101. Eclipse Edward only because I can’t vote for all three.

  102. Eclipseward! :O)

  103. I like Robert as Edward in all three, he’s different in each.

    I thought hard on this one but I settled on Twilight Edward.. yeah, the kissing scene, the piano scene.. I”m a killer Bella. Hang on spider monkey.

    Favorite hair.. Eclipse.. 😉 I do like the more human Edward in this one and I like seeing some jealousy break out in the movie.

  104. I think they were are all so different, but I still think Twiight Edward has to be my favorite. Vulnerable, hesitant, dangerous and finally in love.

  105. Twilight Edward: 41

    Eclipse Edward:36

    New Moon Edward: 4

  106. Eclipse Edward – He looks so much better on screen, and he’s actually smiling and vulnerable and more able to express his affection for Bella.

  107. 1° Eclipse, 2° New Moon, 3° Twilight

  108. It´s difficult … I can´t choose between Twilight or Eclipse Edward. Hmmm, nem?žu se rozhodnout, kde se mi líbí víc. V každém filmu byly nezapomenutelné scény, díky kterým mi byl Edward o n?co bližší. Když o tom tak p?emýšlím, tak je mi, ale jen o mali?ko víc sympati?t?jší Edward ze Stmívání.
    Twilight Edward:-)

  109. Eclipse Edward…so much more sensual and manly. Yummm!

  110. For me, it is totally Twilight Edward

  111. Eclipse Edward!!! =)

  112. Twilight is totally the best Edward!!! So sexy!!

  113. Twilight Edward* love his hesitation overwelmed by his desire*

  114. Hard decision, but I will also say Twilight. He had it all in that movie, we found out how gorgeous this boy was and he had mystery, sense of humor, and love for Bella. He is a sexy beast.

  115. eclipse edward…………

  116. twilight edward. i was ignorant back then and i only bought the dvd cause the salesgirl said it was good. it blew me away! that got me hooked on all matters twilght. i got obsessed with rob. bought all 4 books and watched the dvd like countless times. saw new moon twice and eclipse three times (contemplating going again) at the cinema. love him in all three movies but my fav has got to be twilight edward and i’m ashamed to admit that i’m in my forties.

  117. I put my vote as a reply on the first comment, so please include my vote for Twilight Edward! Although he’s hot as hell in Eclipse.

  118. Eclipse Edward!

  119. Twilight Edward: 47

    Eclipse Edward:42

    New Moon Edward: 4

  120. Twilight Edward Of Course!!

  121. I like edward in twilight.
    I do not like in eclipse

  122. Love all three films but if i have to choose i think Eclipse he looks sooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  123. Twilight Edward: 49

    Eclipse Edward:43

    New Moon Edward: 4

  124. Twilight! New Moon!!! Eclipse!!!… Cannot choose… from every angle you look at him you guess it’s the best ever!!! Really, cannot make a choice!

  125. It’s not an easy choice…but..

    Twilight Edward!

  126. My favorite Edward is Eclipse. The older Rob gets the better Edward looks. Lets face it .Rob gets better looking by the day 🙂

  127. Twilight all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. new moon edward by such a wide margin that my vote should be counted as at least three 😉

  129. Twilight Edward has to win – he doesn’t look too different from his original self in that one.

  130. is very difficult to choose. He is always beautiful even in the nastiest poses known to be beautiful. I could also call God.

  131. Twilight Edward: 52

    Eclipse Edward:44

    New Moon Edward: 5

  132. Twilight Edward, no doubt about it!

  133. Eclipse/Angryward. I miss the hair from Twilight but he looks much more yummier and him smiling more is most def win.

  134. Twilight Edward, nothing can be compared to that love at first sight!

  135. First place: Eclipse Edward
    Second place: Twilight Edward
    Third place: New Moon Edward
    that is how it is for me

  136. Twilight, without question. Nothing better than that epic first entrance!

  137. Eclipse-Edward is the sexiest one!

  138. TWILIGHT!!!

    Oh that bouffant does bad bad things to me.

  139. Wow! Hard to choose one! But I would say Eclipse-Edward!

    Cintia Figueiredo
  140. Most definitely Twilight Edward… he was sexy without knowing how sexy he was and that just multiplied the appeal infinitely!

  141. Twilight Edward: 56

    Eclipse Edward:48

    New Moon Edward: 5

  142. Eclipse Edward definitely.

  143. Twilight Edward,and then Eclipse. 😀

  144. Even though I love Twilight Edward.. I am going to vote for Eclipse Edward..

  145. Twilight Edward: 57

    Eclipse Edward:50

    New Moon Edward: 5

  146. Oh god, I’m torn. I love Twilight Edward for the bedroom scene and that incredible walk-on, where my heart skipped a beat. But I like his bare-chested grand entrance in New Moon and those, oomphy fight scenes. But I didn’t like his eyes. And then there’s Eclipse, in which he looks more human again, is downright sexy in the bedroom and adorable in the tent. Yep, Eclipse it is then.

  147. Eventhough is the same caracther he is so different in the 3 movies. Eclipse Edward is my favorite. He looks so sexy when he comes angry and jealous. But my ultimate is Rob as Art in how to be, he is so corky and goofy there.

  148. a 1000 times NEW MOON edward!

  149. Twilight Edward wins hands down…He looked woeful in New Moon – even in the beginning. I must say though, the part in Eclipse where his eyes are dark and he is not happy – well that s almost twilight worthy

  150. Twilight…… it’s where we fell in love with Edward…. when he walks through that door of the lunch room…….. well, you know! Catherine H and Melissa R did a fantastic job and deserve way more credit in bringing the books to life. They made us fall in love with movie and started us on this wonderful journey.

    Eclipse……. what can I say? I love the emotions Edward shows, when he gets mad, when he is jelous. But when he is with Bella…….well, you know! Not the same director but the same screen writer so again I give her and the director a lot of credit. He looks good in this movie also even without the hair, lol…..

    New Moon……..I was so disappointed in this movie. One important thing was the Cullens were supposed to ‘blend’ into the population of Forks. The way Edward looked in NM screamed VAMPIRE and I am surprised the students didn’t go for the stakes through the heart! Same screen writer, different director again. She did a fab job in Twilight and Eclipse so I am thinking anything wrong with this movie was the director.

    After NM I thought I saw a trend going on with the movies, it may have been coincidental but in the first two, Edward made an entrance. I wish they would have somehow done it in Eclipse. When going to see the first two movies again, you could tell the audience was really anticipating those those entrances……

  151. it’s verry hard to choose one, but Twilight edwardwas the best… I mean more protecteive… more lovely and more edwardly… I can’t explain it… he makes me love him… maby if it was eclipse it wouldn’t … I don’t knows I love the first kiss… and dancing at prom… I love the making , but eclipse is my favorite book… and he is verry verry lovely in the first scene in eclipse… oh god… I haven’t seen remember me yet… h

  152. Definitely Eclipse, Twilight and then New Moon.

    I think he looks and acts the best in Eclipse. Twilight is a nice carefree Edward. I don’t know if it’s the NM costumes or makeup or that he doesn’t have a lot of screen time, or maybe because it’s my least favorite book, or because he’s all stoic and it seems a bit OOC, but New Moon gets last place because of it.

    Now, if I could have a bit of creativity here, I’d say:

    Eclipse, shirtless NM Edward, Twilight, the rest of NM.

    I don’t know if it’s because he’s so broken in that part of NM, or because the lipstick is worn off . . . he just looks like a hot mess and I love it. And he’s shirtless, so . . .

  153. Ohhh yeah Eclipse Edward — WHen he’s Angry in the scene with Jake OMG SOOOOOOOOOO Hott!!! have to agree with you on Tyler in remember me my favorite Rob look yet, But the pic’s so far for WFE looks like he’s gonna out do himself!

  154. It has to be Twilight Edward even though NM E & Eclipse E give me powerful Edward reasons to choose them. But Twilight Edward for so many reasons: 1) Twi Edward was when I fell in love w RP and he brought Edward to life; 2) him explaining why he’s been coming to her room at night and the kissing bedroom scene which will forever leave me breathless & loving him; 3)restaurant reveal he does/Edward deliberately turning on charm 4 Jess&Ang outside; 4)Clair de Lune; 5) well, every scene then. Twilight is the first Edward so he’s my favorite but NM/Eclipse Edwards are only a breath behind. @RobOnly

  155. Twilight Edward: 60

    Eclipse Edward:54

    New Moon Edward: 6

  156. No doubt Twilight Edward… the one who make me fall for Rob since i see the movie. Love at first sight.

  157. 1. Twilight Edward
    2. Eclipse Edward
    3. New Moon Edward

    (But he’s handsome in all of them!)

  158. Twilight Edward!!!
    Because if it was not for this film it would be very difficult for Rob make the films he did ( Remember Me and Bel Ami ) and he is making now (WEF). That is why that I love his Edward in Twilight, that I had patience with NM, Eclipse was a bit better but I cannot wait to this Saga finishes and then Rob will be definitely free to make more and more better films. As someone already says before, Catherine Hardwicke did a great job when she chose Rob and established a good chemistry between Edward and Bella. CH made all the difference.

  159. I do love Twilight Edward and New Moon Edward…but I have to go with Eclipse Edward…You get to eehim a littl more at ease but also I think more of a vampire in the fight…loved watching him fight! He gets more beautiful in each movie and after each one I didn’t think that was possible…but I should have known…Rob is beautiful

  160. Twilight Edward! Because Catherine Hardwicke knew she had to groom RPatz just right to win over a lot of ladies and she succeeded. From the moment we see him walk into the cafeteria (scream!) to the last scene of prom (swoon) – he blew me away. I haven’t been the same since.

  161. I choose inmediatly Eclipse Edward, but I think just the look, I’ll like BD been filmed using the same style that Twilight have, musical, artistic, misterious…

  162. HA HA! I completely agree with Phillipa!

    Twilight Edward!

    I too haven’t been the same since 🙂

    I think everyone loves Edward’s entrance in the cafeteria -It’s PERFECT!
    Edward is EXACTLY how Bella describes him in the book…like a Greek God…just beautiful 🙂

  163. Eclipse Edward, for sure! He is more natural here! With Twilight a very close second. 😛

  164. i love eclipse but i have one complain – there’s no slo mo edward walk like in twilight and new moon. why didn’t david slade make that crucial scene???Aarrrgghhh


  166. Even tho’ with New Moon Edward we get a great shot of his sparkling HAWT Bod!!!!

    my all time Fave has to be TWILIGHT EDWARD!!!!

    in Bella’s bedroom, the first kiss, GAH!!!!!! and at the restaurant, OME!!!!

  167. Twilight – his hair was the best.

  168. Twilight Edward: 68

    Eclipse Edward:58

    New Moon Edward: 6

  169. You know that scene when Edward first walked into the cafeteria in Twilight? That was the start of my life.


  170. I would say Twilight Edward, he its the closest to whom Stephenie describe in the books, don’t get me wrong I love Rob, but he needs to pluck his eyebrows, pass his hands through his hair more often because his hair looks tooooo perfect ( no single hair out of the place in the books his hair is messy) & I hate those suits in New moon.

  171. Twilight Edward:70

    Eclipse Edward:58

    New Moon Edward: 6

  172. Poll is now closed.

  173. Twilight Edward by far. He looked 17. Showed Edwards musical talent,speed, strength,loyalty to his family and of course the shattered discipline that rocked his world when he encounters Bella. Rob did good by Edward and agree with the notion that Catherine was hands on and perceptive when it came to the falling in love she knew how to get them two to translate the book to screen. She should have done them all.

  174. it’s a tie between twilight edward and eclipse edward…. hmm… so HARD. i personally like all edward’s, but since i have to chose one… i’ll chose twilight edward. he got me the moment he walked through the cafeteria. mmm…

  175. My favourite is Eclipse Edward.

  176. Edward in Eclipseee!!!!

  177. ?Eclipse Edward has won my heart so far.?

  178. The twilight edward my first love never dies lol

  179. 1) twilight
    3)new moon

  180. 1) Twilight Edward is the Best, is so sexy and Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    2) Eclipse Edward
    3) New Moon Edward

  181. Twilight, without doubts!

  182. i love every edward. but edward in twilight? man, that can’t compete with anything else. so yeah, the edward in twilight is my fave!


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