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Black and White Pics of Robert Pattinson   5 comments

Random black and white pics of Robert Pattinson.


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'Bel Ami' featured in Total Film Magazine (September 2010)   5 comments

PattinsonLife via KStewRobFans

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Holliday Grainger talks about romancing Robert Pattinson in 'Bel Ami'   2 comments

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Robert Pattinson Wallpaper with LA Twi-Con Pictures   6 comments

Here is a new wallpaper with pictures from the LA Twi-Con made by @MyRobAddiction

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Matt Lanter ('Vampires Suck') Speaks About Poking Fun at Robert Pattinson & Says He's a Fan   5 comments

Buzz: Have you met Rob [Pattinson]?
ML: I have not! He seems like a great guy, though. He really does. Honestly, I’m a fan. He does a great job in the Twilight series.

Buzz: So you’ve seen the Twilight movies?
ML: Yeah, I’ve seen them. I actually read the first book. I did my character research!

Buzz: Can you do an Edward Cullen impersonation for us?
ML: I’m not going do a re-enactment for you! But I had the eyes and I had the hair. My hair was longer too, I had a very good, disheveled Rob Pattinson look going on. It was great, we pretty much closely follow the Twilight film. So a lot of the scenes in Twilight we’re actually doing. What’s also kind of cool is that we also follow our own storyline. It was fun.

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2 Robert Pattinson GQ Outtakes – Better Quality and Untagged   4 comments

These are not new, but they’re bigger and better quality than the ones posted before. Click them to make them bigger.

Photobucket Photobucket

kjmchjzun at Pattinsonlife via RPLife

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Robert Pattinson & Water for Elephants in Total Film   5 comments

From Total Film magazine (August 2010)

“I want to work with an elephant,” says Robert Pattinson, on the California set of circus romance ‘Water For Elephants’. Why the hell not? Adapted from Sara Gruen’s depression-era bestseller, Pattinson plays a young vet, Jacob, who runs away to join a traveling circus after his parents are killed. There he falls in love with beautiful equestrian Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) and befriends untrainable pachyderm Rosie. ‘Inglourious Basterd’ Oscar winner Christoph Waltz – who’s fast establishing himself as baddie de jour – rounds out the cast as abusive, Dumbo-bothering bastard August Rosenbluth, in what Waltz calls “a sensational adaptation”, with Francis Lawrence (‘I Am Legend’) on directing duties. Nevermind the elephants, then, what’s it like working with Waltz? “He’s terrifying!” smiles Pattinson. We suspected as much.

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New Pics of Robert Pattinson Leaving the Set of Water for Elephants   2 comments

Here are some new pics of Robert Pattinson leaving the set of Water for Elephants on August 3rd and a fan account.


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Poll Results: 45% of You Are Losing Interest in The Twilight Saga But Can't Wait To See Robert Pattinson in His Other Movies   11 comments

Yesterday we did a poll asking you guys if you were losing interest in The Twilight Saga. 161 People answered the poll, which is awesome, thank you! 45% of people (73 votes) voted that they were losing interest in The Twilight Saga vs 55% (88 votes) who voted that they were still interested in The Saga.

However, the people who voted that they were losing interest in the Saga commented that they weren’t losing interest in Robert Pattinson (and his Twilight co-stars) and said they couldn’t wait to see him in his other movies (Water for Elephants & Bel Ami).

The reasons stated for the loss of interest in The Saga? Some people said that they simply lost interest in the whole Twilight thing and now wanted to see the stars in other roles, others said it was because of all the drama that goes on which gets to be a little too much and some said it was due to mismanagement. The majority said that even though they were losing interest they would still go see Breaking Dawn to support their favorite actors. You can read all the comments here.

Why did we do this poll? Well as a Rob site we get many comments here on the site, on Facebook, on Twitter and by e-mail and we’ve noticed over the past few months that people had been less enthusiastic about the Saga, yet still very much interested in Rob’s upcoming movies. We decided to reach out to you guys and ask you what your thoughts were. Ironically enough Rob always said that people were more interested in seeing him as Edward Cullen than in any other roles. I guess we proved him wrong 😉

Screencap of Robert Pattinson With the Mother of the Two Boys Who Play Rob's Sons in Water for Elephants   2 comments

Here’s a screencap of Robert Pattinson with the mother of the two boys who play Rob’s sons in Water for Elephants.

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