Poll: What's Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie?   121 comments

The other day we asked you what your favorite Robert Pattinson movie look was and his look in Remember Me as Tyler Hawkins won by a landslide. However I don’t think we’ve ever asked you which of Rob’s movies was your favorite. So what’s your favorite Rob movie and why?

I didn’t include Rings of the Nibelungs because not many people have seen it but if you want to vote for it feel free to do so 🙂

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


The Haunter Airman


The Bad Mother’s Handbook


How to Be


Little Ashes


The Summer House




The Twilight Saga: New Moon


Remember Me


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


121 responses to “Poll: What's Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie?

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  2. I’ll start 😉 My favorite by far is Remember Me. I love the movie, I love how Rob plays Tyler. Tyler is a great character. The story is so touching and we all have some lessons to learn from it.

    “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it. Because nobody else will.” -Tyler Hawkins

  3. Its a tie between Eclipse and Rememeber me i will not pick one 😛 *Whispers Eclipse*

  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, all the twilights. Remember Me

  5. Eclipse! 🙂

  6. i love all of them but

    REMEMBER ME is my favorite….

  7. How To Be, Eclipse, Twilight and Remember Me

  8. Remember Me and Eclipse.. 🙂

  9. I saw all Rob films but my favourite one is “How to be” 😉 Rob was so hilarious 😀

  10. Okay let me think because I love Eclipse and I love Remember me..


    Nah I must go with Remember Me, he did such a great job and that movie is just amazing. I was speechless after I saw it the first time. So yeah Remember me all the way!!

  11. For me it’s a three-way tie between Bad Mothers Handbook, Eclipse and Remember me. I know I’ll have to pick one out of those lots so I’m going to roll a die. 1-2=BMH, 3-4=E, 5-6= RM
    And the winner is…


    Bad Mothers Handbook! (only downside with that movie is it needs more Rob :-p)

  12. The Twilight Saga! All of them! I love the story..so romantic! edward and Bella are the cutest couple in the world!hehe..
    I think Eclipse was my fave!

  13. mo.1 would be Remember Me, he’s amazing there, he always is, bit it’s a great story.. second would be would be New Moon, it’s when i fell in love with him, the mere fact that he didn’t have that much scenes there, i still noticed him and eventually fell for him ..

  14. oh man, this is so hard 😦 Okay Remember Me and Eclipse is the ones I love the most. He’s fantastic in Remember Me and it’s sucha great, great great movie. BUT Eclipse is my favorite. If I should go after Rob’s screen-time and all that I’d go with Remember Me… But, nah… He act so damn good in Eclipse too..
    I have to go with Eclipse, because I love the complete package more (the fights, the love, the humor)

  15. i love How to Be!!! But my fave is still Twilight 😉

  16. Remember Me: 5
    Eclipse: 4
    How to Be: 2
    Twilight: 1
    The Bad Mother’s Handbook: 1
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 1

  17. My favorite is REMEMBER ME, because i absolutely loved the story and Tyler’s relationship with Caroline. But I really enjoyed HOW TO BE, that movie is hilarious and Rob played it brilliantly.

  18. 1)Remember me
    2)Eclipse and Twilight
    3)Harry Potter

  19. Tough decision ….. Remember me! Tho he was better in Little Ashes.

  20. By far, my favorite movie is ‘Remember Me’. but I think there should be an option to choose all of them! lol

    Cintia Figueiredo
  21. It’s a very close one between Remember Me and Little Ashes. They are both such amazing movies. I’m going to have to say Remember Me is my fave. It makes me cry every time I watch it! It truly shows Robs full potential (and he’s damn hot in it too!).

  22. Remember Me…

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  24. 1. Remember Me

  25. 1) Eclipse, Twilight and New Moon
    2) Remember Me
    3) Bad Mother’s Handbook
    4) How to Be

    Hehe..guess it’s all of them 🙂

  26. “Remember Me” But big fan of Rob in “How to Be” and obviously as Robward

    I thought “The Haunted Airman” was creepy lol

  27. How to be, for the originality,the freedom of the moovie.

  28. My favorite Robert Pattinson movie is Remember Me.

  29. I haven’t seen How to Be, The Haunted Airman or Little Ashes yet, but my favourite is definitely Remember Me: he played it so well and I got drawn into the story completely. Beautiful movie, beautiful acting.
    Second is Twilight I guess, because that’s where I ‘met’ Rob and his acting skills: the awkwardness and freshness are fun to watch.
    Third I think will be Water for Elephants: I cant wait to see him with Rosie! Sorry it isnt mentioned here lol

  30. I Cant Really Pick One Because I Love All His Movies. But In Numbers Is Like This….. #1 Eclipse,#2 Twilight, #3 New Moon, #4 Remember me, #5 How To Be, #6 The Haunted Airman, #7 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, #8 Little Ashes, #9 The Short Film The Summer House. And Can Say A lot About The Bad Mother’s Handbook, I Haven’t See it yet, But I’m Positive That I’m Going to Love it. My Favorite actor Rob Is in The Movie… And He Is Great. Robert Pattinson Is More That A Beautiful Face, He Is Very Smart,Sweet, Just Look At Everything He Has Done,And You will Know That I’m Right..He Is More that Edward Cullen. Most More…

  31. wow! it’s difficult…I like How to be (and I laugh with him), the story that he tells “How to be”,I feel a little bit identified with the character,What to do in life?…I don’t know yet and I’m not a teenager.
    Well, The Twilight Saga, I like the movies, overcoat Eclipse,but he doesn’t the principal actor and it’s different when he’s the principal actor.
    Little Ashes was the first movie that I saw him, I love this movie,the story, how Rob does Dalí, I have special fondness to it.

    But if I must choose one, this one is “Remember me”,I love Tyler,the story, the meaning of it, I love the quote “What­ever you do in life will be insignif­i­cant, but it’s very impor­tant that you do it. Because nobody else will.”.

  32. My no.1 is How to be.Love it.It s totally different and brilliant. Next would probably be HP4 (oh Cedric :)) ),Twilight,Remember me.

  33. 1) Remember Me
    2) How To Be
    3) Bad Mothers Handbook

  34. Eclipse definitely!

  35. It’s difficult, again, because I have to choose between Remember Me and Little Ashes. Most probably………. hmmmmmmmm………Remember Me, because it’s one of the most touching movies I’ve seen in a long long time and Rob did such a good job in this movie. So proud of him that he won the Drama Actor Award for his role as Tyler at the Teen Choice Awards and it’s only the beginning…….. Love you Rob!!!1

  36. i love Remember Me!!!!i’m super happy when ROb WON for RM at TCA!!!

    can you please vote for Rob/Edward at :
    EW Sexy Beast Round 4 has Started

    http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/08/10/sexy-beast-quarterfinals-twilight-v- terminator/

    Polls are open for 48 hrs.

    he’s losing!!! please vote!

  37. Remember Me: 19
    Eclipse: 7
    How to Be: 5
    Twilight: 1
    The Bad Mother’s Handbook: 1
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 1

  38. Hands down, my favorite Rob movie is Little Ashes. It’s such a beautiful movie and he plays Dali amazingly well.

    It’s followed closely by Remember Me.

  39. Remember Me* Although I loved the movie, I cannot bear to watch the ending*
    I own it, have seen it many times but I cannot take that heartfail as it is major*
    Agree with Pange, Little Ashes is a beautiful movie, and he is amazing as Dali. 2nd LA

  40. I love all his movies, but I think Remember Me showed off his acting talents the best and it is just a great movie. Twilight comes in at number two as that is when I really started to notice him. This question is going to get harder and harder as he makes more movies because as he gets more experience and tries different roles he is only going to get better.

  41. How To Be..till WFE gets released

  42. I would have to go with Eclipse, even though I love all of them!!

  43. without a doubt REMEMBER ME!

  44. Twilight & New moon

  45. twilight-ecilpse coz i liked the movie and he is totally hot in it.


  47. Remember Me by far 🙂 The sec fav is Eclipse.

  48. 1 REmember Me
    2 Little Ashes
    3 How To Be
    4 The bad´s Mothers handbook
    5 The Haunted Airma

    6 Harry and the globet of fire
    7 The Summer House
    8 The rest 🙂

  49. So far my favorite movie of Rob is “Remember me”, I am eager to “Water for Elephants” and “Bel Ami”, I think will be good. I also like Harry Potter, but my favorite movie of all time “REMEMBER ME”!
    1 – Remember Me
    2 – The Twilight Saga
    3 – Little Ashes
    4 – The Bad Mothers handbook
    5 – Harry Potter and The globet handbook
    6 – How to Be
    7 – the others

  50. I think his best acted films are Remember Me and How to Be, so this is a no brainer because as much as he was great in the role, I did not like the movie of How to Be. I have watched Remember Me over 10 times even though it is heart wrenching at the end, but Robert’s performance was brilliant.
    Remember Me.

  51. Remember Me , then The Haunted Airman, Little Ashes, actually he is great in all of his movies.

  52. He is so adorkable in my favorite! I love him in The Bad Mother’s Handbook

  53. There is something in every one of Rob’s movies that makes me love them. But if I have to choose it would have to be Remember Me. Rob owns the character of Tyler in this movie, allowing the audience to relate & feel for his character. The whole movie was well casted and it is a shame that it was not received well by the critics in North America. But, after reading Bel Ami & WFE scripts/books & following the filming of both, I see these two movies being at the top of my list. I definitely see Oscar Nominations for both movies. Whatever the movie genre may be, Rob takes his characters & makes them his own. Lets see what he does with Unbound Captives & Breaking Dawn.

  54. I am a huge fan of off/odd movies and you can’t get more off/odd than Little Ashes, How to Be and Haunted Airman. Rob was brilliant in all three. Just can’t decide which one comes first.

  55. My #1 favorite is Twilight, ’cause that’s where I fell in love with Robward. I’ve watched that movie at least 100 times–easily! My second favorite is Remember Me. Rob did such a great job as Tyler–so much so that I can’t stand to watch it very often; he’s just so believable in that role, and the end is so gut-wrenching, it makes me feel like I’ve lost a close friend or family member!

  56. Haunted Airman and Remember ME.

  57. How To Be, definitely!!
    I almost said Remember Me because, ohhh my Goooodddd, Tyler Hawkins ❤ But in the end I remembered how much I laughed at the character Art and how well Rob portrayed him in this miserable fashion whilst still making it very humerous!

  58. REMEMBER ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Remember Me is my favorite because a) he’s a normal human b)it shows his depth as an actor.

  60. #1 Twilight
    #2 Remember Me
    #3 Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

  61. #1 Remember me – really deep adult movie with message to think about
    #2 Little ashes – it requires immense talent to play even a small part of Dali’s genius
    #3 Haunted Airmen – very different part from all of his… quite interesting and strong
    #4 Twilight – first movie was the best… best Edward, best atmosphere…
    #5 How to be – funny dorky Rob)
    #6 Bad mother’s handbook – loved that nerdy Rob)

  62. I was really excited to see Rob in Remember Me and I think it is my favorite so far. Can’t wait to see Water For Elephants…I’m thinking that will be my favorite next.

  63. It’s a tie between Eclipse and Remember Me.

    But if I had to chose I’d say Remember Me I just love the story, the look (who doesn’t love a bit of Rob as Tyler *swoon*)!

  64. Not so much movies today make us think about our lives and have such a great massage inside. Remember me is exactly one of them, that’s why I choose it. Rob was so amazing as Tyler! And I really loved the script, I was so upset when I realised that the last words from it weren’t in the movie…

  65. 1.Remember Me;
    2.Little Ashes;
    4.How to be

  66. Remember Me.

  67. Remember Me is #1. Eclipse #2. I haven’t seen The Bad Mother’s Handbook or Little Ashes yet, but I loved Rob in How To Be and I think my #3 will end up being Bad Mother’s Handbook from what I’ve seen of the trailer.

  68. Remember Me….. totally xx

  69. Twilight, Eclipse and the Haunted Airman!

  70. Remember me – hands down my favorite.

  71. Remember Me: 40
    Eclipse: 8
    How to Be: 8
    Twilight: 5
    The Bad Mother’s Hand book: 2
    Little Ashes: 2
    The Haunted Airman: 2
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 1

  72. Remember me is my favourite, but Eclipse is really good too. And How to Be. And. and. and. LOL

  73. Remember Me is the best, by far.

  74. Shoot, I forgot to say why. I love it because it is more real than any other character he plays. He seems more himself. And he looks more himself. Aka, he looks hotter than in the other movies. ❤

  75. i’m fan of DALI since 1992 and as an Art teacher i studied him thoroughly so i know how well ROB prepared for that role..so when i found out ROB played him in L.A. i almost died!! 😉 so LITTLE ASHES all the way baby!!!

  76. well i got to say eclipse!! 😀

  77. Remember Me

  78. eclipse cause i love the movie, remember me is a close second but i wish he didn’t die at the end

  79. Remember Me

  80. eclipse def!

  81. I am stuck between remember me and exlipse. I love him in remember me because he has a lot of Passion and seems to act a lot manlier than in twilight. However, u gotta admit. Everyone loves Edward cullen… his eyes… the soft smooth voice he has. And the loveliness n lovingness towards Bella just makes me smile 🙂 so those 2 for me. I love r patts.

  82. Remember me
    New Moon
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    then the rest

  83. Remember Me: 46
    Eclipse: 12
    How to Be: 8
    Twilight: 5
    Little Ashes: 3
    The Bad Mother’s Handbook: 2
    The Haunted Air man: 2
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 1

  84. Remember me
    New Moon
    Harry Potter

  85. Remember me is my number one, I just love Rob in that movie. Robs funniest movie was Bad Mothers handbook. How to be was in my mind Robs most confused role. I am biased I love everything Rob

  86. I think that my favorite one is “Remember Me.” Rob played such a different character in that and that is what I loved about it. That character was so well written and so well played I don’t know if anyone else could have pulled it off! I still cry at the end and I know what is happeneing.

  87. 1)Eclipse
    3)New Moon
    4)Rememeber me

  88. Eclipse …

  89. It’s really hard to pick one. I love all his movie. But #1 will Remember me.

  90. Remember Me, FTW!


    Bad Mother’s Handbook
    Little Ashes
    New Moon
    How to be
    Haunted Airman
    The Summer House

  91. Ugh to choose is soo hard….. Remember me (cuz the s*x sceene is so extreemly hott!! wish it was me!)
    Eclipse, Twilight, New moon, Harry, Airman, how 2 B, summer hse, ashes
    But I have a feeling wfe will move to either the top or 3rd when it comes out.

  92. 1) Remember Me
    2) Twilight

    Although I’ve seen them all, those are my top 2. Remember Me is just a perfect little movie with a huge message. And Rob showed us all what a wonderfully talented, versatile actor he is. So heartwrenching and heartbreaking. Cry my eyes out every time I watch it. I have a feeling Water for Elephants will blow us away, though.

  93. Of the one’s he has done so far, I’d have to say I have two “Remember Me, and The Haunted Airman”. However; I have a feeling that my all time fav is yet to come and will be “Water for Elephants” or “Unbound Captives”.

  94. Remember me, eclipse and the Bad mothers handbook! 🙂
    … and can I vote water for elephants, even though it hasn’t come out yet! LOL

  95. Remember me !!

  96. All the Twilight movies!

  97. Remember Me- he had good material, he gave a great performance, it had a great cast and he and Emilie were perfection in my mind.

  98. Remember Me

  99. Remember Me: 58
    Eclipse: 15
    How to Be: 8
    Twilight: 5
    Little Ashes: 3
    The Bad Mother’s Handbook: 2
    The Haunted Airman: 2
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 1

  100. all of them! haha but i would have to say remember me:)

  101. 1. Renmeber Me – Tyler Hawkins
    2. Little Ashes – Dali
    3. HAunted Airman – Toby Jugg
    4. Twilight (#1) – Edward

  102. remember me – twilight – new moon – eclise

    4-LUA NOVA

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