Robert Pattinson in Dutch Veronica magazine   11 comments

Picture of Robert Pattinson featured in Veronica magazine.

TRANSLATION: we know rob as the sexy vampire from the Twilight saga but the pale Brit is broadening his horizon. For his new movie Water for Elephants he’s going for the gentleman-look. What you’d call a star-role

Thanks Dreamy Sim

11 responses to “Robert Pattinson in Dutch Veronica magazine

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  1. Robert Pattinson is known as sexy vampire from the Twilight series. But the pale Brit, his scope to push. As Water For Elephants as his film, he looks for the gentleman. What you call a star role.

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  5. I love this look on him. He looks so mature

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  7. Gah. Love it. He looks like such a “man” in this movie. He sure has grown up since his Cedric Digory days.

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  11. Oh so lovely and cute

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