Help Us Pick Slogans For Our New Shirts   55 comments

We’re making shirts over on Zazzle. Our first question is: Will you guys be interested in buying them?

Now in order to make the shirts we need to find good slogan ideas. Help us pick our slogans. Leave a comment with your ideas below.

Posted August 15, 2010 by gittsy in Robert Pattinson

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55 responses to “Help Us Pick Slogans For Our New Shirts

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  1. Do you want slogans related to Rob?

    lol 😉 those shirts are hard to find lmao

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  4. “Team Edward or die”

  5. Rob about Edward: “Love seems to be his religion.”

    Rob: “I would write her hundreds of love letters”.

    (whole quote: “He said “I’ve never really fallen in love, but I try to be as romantic as possible. A year ago I could’ve walked up to any girl and neither would’ve been interested. I’m looking for someone with character. If I ever find her, you know what I would do? I would write her hundreds of love letters”.”)

  6. oohh it’s a good idea,but I’m from Spain and I couldn’t buy it 😦 the first idea that I have is something how “I’m always thinking of Rob”

  7. Tor : proudly gossip free
    Tor : news of Rob’s public life
    Rob’s public life only
    Love actor Rob
    The list of the movies or of the first letters : WFE, RM, T…: fans only would understand
    His private life is his

  8. Yes, count me in as a buyer, size M. Slogan? I would say def. have on it for sure on one side and some other slogan which not being clever I will leave up to the rest of the creative Rob fans.

  9. Cool idea =]
    Hmmm…For the ones who really [really] love Rob:
    1)”My heart was Robbed, by Rob”
    but it’s kinda stupid ^
    2)”If you want that Harry Potter and The Twilight saga will live in peace together – Just think of Rob”
    3)”The place where Team Edward is also Team Jacob [jankowski]- ToR”
    4)”Do not disturb please. I’m Thinking of Rob ;)”

    That’s all I got for now..:)

  10. I like the Rob quote “I can’t remember who said it, but a soul and a heaven must exist because good people aren’t rewarded enough on Earth. I always liked that idea if that makes sense.” I know it is not a slogan, but I would like a shirt that maybe on the front had a smaller “Thinking of Rob” and maybe your tag line “It’s all about Robert Pattinson” in the upper left hand corner and then on the back this quote. No pictures though, just words.

  11. 1.This Vampire Sucks:

    2.Hot Rob Vamps

    3.Robert Pattinson for President

  12. I would definitely buy a shirt.
    How about:
    “ToR: Actually..It’s All About Rob”
    “All About Rob..Just sayin'”

  13. Fun…i’d get one…just a few things off the top of my head>>

    1) Rob is always just a thought away…
    Thinking of Rob

    2) Rob on the brain? Constantly.
    Thinking of Rob

    3) Once you start, you cant stop…Thinking of Rob

  14. I would definitely purchase a shirt from ToR! I love the site and visit regularly for news about Rob. I appreciate your stand against intrusion into his personal life, the paparazzi and gossip. I wish I could think of a witty way to say that on a t-shirt, but I’ve got nothing. LOL!

  15. I’d be interested but I live in Germany. Anyway I thought of something. No the front maybe like: “Don’t bother me I’m in trance. ” then below in brackets: trance=state of thinking of rob.
    At the back I think you should print YOUR favorite quote.

  16. I thought of something like: We’ll never stop ToR.

  17. “Rob takes care of our hearts have left you”

  18. TOR in the closet

  19. I love him
    I don’t want to harass him
    I get off his dick

  20. Are you TOR too ?

    How many are we TOR ?

  21. Ironing ? Yes, and TOR
    Reading ? Yes, and TOR

  22. Simply and effective.. Always ToR

  23. I’d like to buy one but i live in Greece:(
    How about I am Rob-obessed and proud of it

  24. I would put something like that on the tee-shirt : ‘The Rob Touch’

  25. Then under that, we could add : ‘why not adding a little British touch in our lives ?’

  26. 1) Addict to Rob
    2) Slave to Rob
    3) I’m Robmaniac
    4) No heart, Rob stolen it (print just in the right left)
    5) Thinking in a those British eyes
    6) “It’s always been him” (from New Moon the movie)

  27. I like the “Get Off My Dick” Ones…i can’t find one anywhere and you could put TOR at the bottom or something :L

  28. Oh, and i would definately buy one 🙂

  29. of course !!!!! ><
    i always want to have one !
    is it worldwide ?

  30. We used several awesome ones: thnx everyone!

  31. (1) T.O.R.F.F.
    (2) My guitar bolongs to rob.. (3) My name is ….. and Im A mad rob fan. TORFA. (4) My chevys in the garage. (5) I love music and I talk too much! Not always a good combo.
    Ps.I love the love letters quotes. reminds me off when my grandfather died and he had lefts dozens of love letters hidden all over thier house for my gran. priceless.x.

  32. 1) Made in UK.
    2) fangs very
    3) lets be avenue…
    4) im R-PATZ lass and PAPS STINK.

  33. 1) im 100% organic r-patz.
    2) 100% r-patz no crap included

  34. 1) mama likes
    2) party tonight at robs place
    3) ive had wheat grass and rob for breakfast.
    4) hi im rob-shell sorry I didnt get the chance to introduce myself.

  35. Dont understand the ‘get off my dick’ stuff. Anyone enlighten me! Thanx.

  36. You had me at… ‘let me formally introduce myself’.
    ROBS C.A.F.
    Im bored… Make me laugh.

  37. Dear santa claus… All I want for christmas is Mr P.
    Im bored… Make me smile.

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