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DreamySim1 has been working really hard creating designs for our new shirts and other promotional items.  She did a great job! By purchasing one of these items you’re giving us a helping hand in funding the site. You can check out the rest of our store here. You can purchase from pretty much anywhere in the world which is awesome, just scroll down to the bottom of the page on Zazzle and pick your country’s flag.

Thinking of Rob shirt

More after the jump!

Thinking of Rob shirt
Thinking of Rob shirt

Thinking of Rob travel mug mug

Thinking of Rob shirt

Thinking of Rob bag

Thinking of Rob shirt
Thinking of Rob shirt
thinking of Rob shirt shirt

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16 responses to “New ToR Merchandise

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  1. SHOPPING TIME!!..I love it all =D

  2. These are awesome! I love that last one

  3. *grabs wallet*

    I need a new travel mug to match my Rob er um Edward water bottle LOL

  4. i like the black tee “we will never stop tor” and the “do not disturb”

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  6. I wanted to order a TOR T-Shirt so I scrolled down to my country
    and clicked ,it got me to Zazzle but I could not find the TOR merchandise..
    I order from the US?

  7. Sorry should have said: Can I order from the US as well or?

  8. Lovely just so lovely

  9. Morning all!!! When will they be available in South Africa????

  10. `we will never stop tor` `are you tor too`..brilliant!:)

  11. GAH! I cant stop making stuff! lol Oh and a BIG thank you to the contributors to an earlier post (about quotes) for the awesome ideas 🙂 Some were used in the merchandise

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