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Shannon, one of the former posters here on ToR, and her family lost their pets and everything they owned in a house fire yesterday. I used to be very close to Shannon and this breaks my heart. If you can help in any way possible it would be greatly appreciated. You can make a donation to Shannon by going here.

You can read the article about the fire here.

Keep the drama out of it. This is about a family losing EVERYTHING. They need your help.

From the very bottom of my heart please help them.



We are coming together with multiple fansites to try to organize a way to get things to Shannon and her family. We currently have a list of things of essentials they need. If you are in the Portland area and have space to store stuff or have a place where Shannon can pick up stuff you can mail us at thinkingofrob@hotmail.com

If you have stuff you are willing to donate big or small: send us an email with what it is and we’ll get back to you asap. We’re going to try and keep an updated list on here of things they still need: with clothing sizes, amounts, etc.

Everything is welcome,  big or small

Please spread the word and help this family out. Thank you!

More updates after the jump!

**UPDATE #2 **

We now have a drop off location for people who would like to mail or go drop off stuff for Shannon and her family. We won’t be posting the address on the site but if you contact us at thinkingofrob@hotmail.com we’ll be able to give you the address , as well as when and how you can go do your drop-off or mailing.

Here’s a list of what the family needs:

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Posted February 1, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

20 responses to “A Family in the Fandom Needs Your Help!

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  1. I am sorry. I see how people losing their houses deal with it because i am a firefighter and i promise it will get better. I am so sorry

  2. Thanks for posting this, I totally agree this is about a family in need who lost everything, nothing else. if you are in the fandom, show some support, help by donating or spread the word, EVERY little thing you can do really do count.

  3. This is incredibly sad and I don’t know what drama is going on, but for goodness sake, this fandom really needs to get its act together and be supportive. I will make a contribution. I only wish it could be more.

    • I totally agree with you Maria and any contribution is great.

      • I made a contribution, posted your link on my facebook wall, and also read the news story. The pictures are heartbreaking and I especially got all teary when I saw the last photo. Some of the comments under the story, though, are really in bad taste, and I don’t think they are even from the fandom. I didn’t even bother to comment there.

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  5. Hi. My heart breaks for this family. As of yet, is there an address where we can send food, clothes, shoes, anything they may need? I will be spreading the word on this. Please keep your site updated with any further info as to how we can help. Sending lots of love and prayers to them in the mean time.

    • We’re working hard on setting up a drop-off address and storage, together with a list of goods they need and sizes of clothes, shoes, etc. As soon as we have more info we will add it to the post

  6. I’m so sorry! I go through the same thing 6 months ago. My prayers are with you

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  8. Does she have a PayPal account? That way people can send money.

  9. The fandom has a huge heart…I’m sure the response will be huge. Thank you for sharing this…Shannon my heart aches for you and your family.

    I just wondered as another way to raise funds if any of you know or are in contact with some of our prolific Fanfic writers??? Maybe they could do a little outtake fundraiser on one of there popular stories…those seem to do very well as far as raising cash.

    This is very sad to see.

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  12. Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated money, or anything that we needed. I just feel like I can’t say thank you enough. It touches my heart how everyone has come together to help my family and I in our time of need.

    Things are going good. If you haven’t heard, we found our cat Terra and have her here at the hotel. We might have a house and will know sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. Things are looking up.

    All of your generosity is so greatly appreciated. It will help so much when we get into a house and need things. Thank you all once again. ❤

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