Poll of the Day: “What’s Your Favorite ‘Old’ Robert Pattinson Movie   27 comments

The poll of the day today is: What’s your favorite ‘old’ Robert Pattinson movie. By ‘old’ we mean prior to Twilight. Here’s the list:

Rings of the Nibelungs

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Haunted Airman

The Bad Mother’s Handbook

The Summer House

How to Be

Little Ashes

So which is your favorite and why? Leave your choice in the comments!

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27 responses to “Poll of the Day: “What’s Your Favorite ‘Old’ Robert Pattinson Movie

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  1. Little Ashes 🙂 & How to Be

  2. I have to say, in terms of acting, I think Little Ashes was amazing. It’s the film I refer people to when they say that he’s not a good actor. Those shorts he’s wearing don’ hurt either 😉

    In terms of pure entertainment…Harry Potter. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for those red cheeks?

  3. Little Ashes, TBMH & HP

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  5. HP ( I`m a hp fan and really loved him as Cedric)
    & How to be -a bit strange but very lovely movie..

  6. I love watching him do anything, but I guess my favorite is “Little Ashes.”

  7. I loved Harry Potter but I’m going to go with How to Be.

  8. I think Little Ashes is my favourite. Because Rob’s performance in this beautiful little movie is amazing.

  9. Little Ashes and How to be =)

  10. hard to say, if I must choose which is very hard, I go for Little Ashes

  11. How to Be and The Bad Mother’s Handbook
    Love the Geeky Rob 🙂

  12. Bad mother’s handbook! I love his character Daniel in that movie! Awww, he just makes me want to squeeze him!

  13. how to be and bad mother’s handbook

  14. Little Ashes. It’s like one big Calvin Klein ad.

  15. Little ashes. I love Salvador Dali.Fantastic.

  16. Little Ashes ❤

  17. I think his acting in How to be is one of his best roles but it is not my favorite that would go to The Mad Mother’s Handbook, for completely going in a whole other direction, funny, geeky, and sweet.

  18. My favorite is Little Ashes. I think he did an absolutely great job in it. 🙂

  19. How to Be and The Bad Mother’s Handbook. I can’t choose one. Most Fav is Remember Me. Dammit I love them all

  20. Little Ashes is absolutely the best one. He proves to be a wonderful actor.
    (even if I laugh every time I see How To Be!! so adorable…).

  21. How to Be. His performance was excellent and it makes me smile.

  22. Little Ashes. That’s the one that trapped me as an actor and it’s why I’m his fan today 🙂

  23. I’m between How to Be and Little Ashes.

  24. Haunted Airman and Bad Mother’s Handbook

  25. i like all, but little ashes, the bad mother’s and love remember me. how to be too.

  26. My favourite is Little Ashes: in the previous ones he was a good young actor, in Little Ashes he begins to be a GREAT actor!!

  27. I loved him in Remember the best! I also love How to Be! I made me laugh so much. I love Art!

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