Poll Results are In! Remember Me is Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie   2 comments

Yesterday we posted a poll asking you what your favorite Robert Pattinson movie ever was. Well Remember Me won by a landslide as you can see below.  I forgot to add The Bad Mother’s Handbook to the poll. So sorry.

2 responses to “Poll Results are In! Remember Me is Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie

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  1. I find it interesting that what made Robert a global superstar, is not what is going to sustain him as an actor. HIs best acting is done outside of Twilight and his roles for the future need to be as far away from Edward as possible, just like Leonardo DiCaprio had to break away from Jack in Titanic. I hope he lives up to his potential and he needs to break away from some quirks that I see in many films, but I also blame the directors, because I don’t understand why they would leave those quirks in the film and inform Robert to redo the scene so the quirk like sticking his tongue out or excessive blinking would not be so noticeable. I know I am a bit critical but it is only because I really want him to succeed. My hope is that he will and because Remember Me in several fanbase polls has overwhelmingly been selected as fan’s favorite movie of Robert.

  2. Satine! Well, hello!
    I think it’s so interesting how RM wins with so great a margin, polls like this one. Even though it was the 30th most profitable film of 2010 (out of 800 films), according to numbers.com, which gives it respectable financial figures, we all know the broad Twilight fanbase did not support it. I think that’s why I find the polls so fascinating. It bears analyzing.

    FYI: By the way, I’m still writing RM articles on rememberme-film, although I am coming to the end of my run. Two new articles, one about Ally and Tyler and one about Emilie and Rob portraying the lovers, will be posted in a while. Even you might wonder how the heck I could write so much about one movie. With those two, it’ll be 19!

    Cheers, Satine!

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