Question of the Day: Who Would You Like To See Play Robert Pattinson’s Wife in Cosmopolis?   54 comments

Yesterday we found out that Kiera Knightley would not be playing the role of Eric Packer’s (Robert Pattinson) wife in Cosmopolis. We were a bit disappointed because we thought Knightley was perfect for the role. However things being what they are, it seems Robert Pattinson will have in a new co-star in Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don Delillo’s novel.

Our question for you guys today is who would you like to see play opposite Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis?

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54 responses to “Question of the Day: Who Would You Like To See Play Robert Pattinson’s Wife in Cosmopolis?

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  1. Emma Roberts !!!

  2. I’m going to say Emma Watson

  3. Kristen Of course ^^

  4. Natalie Portman!!!!!!

  5. I’ve always thought he and Rachel McAdams would be great together!

  6. Scarlett Johannson, Oliva Wilde, Dakota Fanning, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Anna Kedrick, Michelle Williams,

  7. It should be someone who has an “Oscar” attached to the name like Marion and Keira, my choice is Jennifer Lawrence and in her IMDB no upcoming project listed yet.

    Emma Watson – would be great but I do not think she is open to do a naked scene

    Kristen Stewart – Summit would be against it, wait until Breaking Dan 2 is over

    Olivia Wilde -In her IMDB, she has plenty of upcoming films to do

    Anne Hathaway – too sweetlooking for the role and she is busy

    Mila Kunis – She fits the role but she has many films lined up also

  8. Kristen !!! Who else ?

  9. I mean! Emma Watson!!! LOL, the girl who plays Hermione! I need coffee, really LMAO

  10. I’m also gutted about Kiera… I think Emma Watson would be great also, she’d be my first choice..

  11. I completely in love with Kristen but there are more actresses in the world…. Kristen in Cosmopolis = NO! I vote for Rachel McAdams

  12. Alicja Bachleda-Curus, she’s young , talented, definitely has something in her looks that makes her interesting and she isn’t as mannered as many Hollywood actress.

  13. I hate to say it but what about Ashley Green…hummm?

  14. After reading the book I’ll say:

    -Emma Stone
    -Olivia Wilde
    -Clemence Poesy
    -Emily Blunt

    Rachel McAdams is great, but she’s older for the role and looks older that Rob…

  15. Diane Kruger, Jessica Stoup, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Evan Rachel Wood. In that order.
    Diane has a movie to film in spring, but maybe she could fit Cosmopolis in.

  16. Please, no twilight girls! Rob needs to evolve.
    i would say Abbie Cornish, her beauty is sweet. That’s my choice. Or Jennifer Lawrence!

  17. I would have liked Keira Knightley. I LOVE her performance in “Atonement”

  18. Just watched the trailer of the “adjustment bureau” and now I´d say, Emily Blunt is perfect. To me, she seems to be comparable to Marion Cotillard and Marion was supposed to take the role in the beginning, right??
    Apart from that, I agree with maah. he cannot always work with the same colleagues….Plus, i think Emma Watson is a sweet and talented girl, but too young. The characters in the book are in her late twenties, she doesn´t look like that….

  19. omg… Please, no twilight girls. I liked Marion but is pregnant, I liked Natalie Portman but is pregnant too. I think that would be perfect Emily Blunt or Rachel McAdams. Emma Watson is too young for this role.

  20. Natalie Portman
    Emma Watson!

  21. i think kate hudson or emily blunt, since natalie portman is pregnant she is my first choice.

  22. Charlize Theron
    Sophia Bush
    Kate Walsh

  23. Natalie Portman is pregnant, so Emma Watson

  24. I think it should be Kristen. I can’t see him with another woman, even if it is a movie. So it should be Kristen!

  25. Mila kunis I thibk they would make a cute couple or jennifer love hewitt

  26. Kristen is so sweet but not her he need someone hear fame not like him someone like Mila kunis or Leighton Meester or Amanda Seyfried or Michelle Trachtenberg but in the end i dont care its Robert in the movie

  27. Mila Kunis she is fabulous, they would compliment each other well.

  28. Someone new, naive yet alluring …with sex appeal.
    Wish we could be there for the screen test we’d know the minute their eyes met!
    k is always my 1st choice but this role is a bit odd?

  29. I think Rachel McAdams would be awesome for the part!

  30. My choice would be Rachel Weisz

  31. Clemence Posey. Even if it’s to crack some snarky comments about “Cedric/Fleur.”

  32. Carey Mulligan, Rachel McAdams, Eva Green, Abbie Cornish, Sacarlett Johannson. They are all very beautiful, talented, sexy, have style, elegance, charm and sophistication. Amanda Seyfried and Leighton Meester are on my list too but not my front runners.

  33. Carey Mulligan, she will deliver an amazing performance…

  34. Carey Mulligan, they almost same age..and she is really very good

  35. Sienna Miller
    Jessica Biel
    Scarlett Johansson

  36. Hi! mm I think olivia Wilde, Scarlett Johanson or Eva mendes!! Huges from Colombia!!

  37. I think Liv Tyler would be perfect.

  38. I thought Rob and Olivia Wilde looked great together when they presented at the Golden Globes. She is also a good actress, not just a pretty face. She gets my vote.

  39. Maybe Scarlett Johanson, Mélanie Laurent or Diane Kruger.

  40. Carey Mulligan?

  41. Carey Mulligan, in Wall Street : Money never sleeps, Education , Never let me go…To name few, she is simply amazing, I agree with Lina, she and Robet are almost same age…She has a real potential, and I can see her in this role….

  42. Megan fox

  43. -Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    -Rose McGowan
    -Amanda Seyfried

  44. Sophia Bush

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