Flashback Post: My Remember Me Video ( 1 year ago)   4 comments

About 1 year ago Remember Me promo was in full swing. Here’s one of the videos I made during this time. Hope you like them =) It’s been ages since I’ve made a video.

For US people

See the Remember Me trailer I had made before an official trailer was out as per people’s request as well as my full spoiler video after the jump!

As a note when I made these 2 videos we didn’t have any footage from the Remember Me trailers. Also I was basing the videos on the first version of the Remember Script, therefore the quotes you see are all from the earlier version of the script.

Full Spoiler Video:


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4 responses to “Flashback Post: My Remember Me Video ( 1 year ago)

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  2. I loved all your videos. Always touched my heart and brought a tear to my eyes. We talked a lot about “Remember Me” last year. I just can’t bring myself to watch it again right now – too much sadness in my life, too many tears. (Lost our dog last Friday – she was very sick) Anyway, I do have something very big to look forward to next Friday, so I’m trying to concentrate on that. But I had to post about your vids because you did an awesome job on all of them. (Will never forget the “running up that hill” one – sorry I don’t remember the correct name right now.)

  3. These are my favorite favorite vids. I ❤ them so.. I must admit I do watch them quite often, especially when I am feeling a bit..off. They make me feel better and have become like a little piece of home to me. I am Quite attached to them all.


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