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Robert Pattinson is in April issue of the Russian Vogue magazine

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The fifth time I’m meeting with Robert Pattinson.

He came to the interview by himself, without any entourage. He looks like he just rolled out of the bed. “I don’t care what people think of me, even if it sounds cocky” – he says like he could hear my thoughts about his appearance. – “I don’t like to be surrounded by crowd. The more people around you, the more judgment. I don’t have stylist or publicist – I don’t need them, and I don’t have to spend my money on them…”

After his first “Twilight” movie Pattinson turned from cute star-neophyte into major male movie icon following traditions started by Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable and now days continued by Jude Law.

When he was 12 years old, Robert started career as a model and even was a face of Britain fashion house Hackett, but now he talks about it as about the most unsuccessful career of model ever.

Robert Pattinson is one of the reasons “Twilight” movie turned into phenomenally successful franchise which seems never ends. First part of final book “Breaking Dawn” will be released at the end of 2011, the second – in 2012. But we don’t have to wait that long to see Robert on the screen – circus drama “Water for elephants” will be released in April… [Author tells about movie plot]… When this movie released, everyone, even Robert’s critiques will have to admit that his acting is supreme and the women’s idol is ready for new roles.

Does Robert consider himself a sex-symbol? He prefers to joke about it and saying that vampires are real sex-symbols because they are forever young. Robert – “I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of vampires, but I don’t have anything against them…There is an opinion, that platonic relationships between Bella and Edward have positive influence on teenagers. Also, just think about it, as a vampire I have to apply tones of makeup – it’s so sexy! And, before Twilight I couldn’t find a girl which would agree to go on a date with me, and now everything changed! Isn’t it weird?”

I’m asking why he became an actor? R .– “Because of the girl! I fell in love and for 10 years never told her about it – and I think this is the best kind of love. I re-read recently my diaries from those times – when I finally admitted my feelings for her, she was surprised and screamed – “But you’ve talked to me only three times in ten years !”.

Because of her Pattinson started his acting. That girl was an actress in a small theater and 15-years old Robert started working in that theater but not as an actor but as a stage worker. When troop started working on play “Guys and dolls” Robert suddenly felt push to play leading role. He went to the audition and got part – not the leading one, but a Cuban dancer! “Soon, all good actors quit the theater and I got finally leading role” – Robert laughs.

When director decided to work on Thornton ‘s “Our town” play, Robert was the only actor who fitted this role because of his height. In this role Robert got noticed by his future manager. In 2003 he passed audition for “Vanity Fair”, but his scene with Reese Whitherspoon didn’t get into final cut. Robert got more luck with his next project – “Ring of Nibelungs” where he played dashing prince Zigfrid. Decision not to continue formal education and try acting career came after Robert played Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and Goblets of fire”, camera loved his face. Robert laughs: “I finally looked in the mirror and told myself – it’s time to start real acting!”

To change profession, seems, is family tradition. His father at one time gave up his auto service business and started to write music. From his childhood Robert has been in love with Jimmy Hendrix and Van Morrison. “When I heard live Astral Weeks, I cried for a week! I wanted badly to become a rocker. But, unlike movie industry musical industry not that forgiving – in Hollywood if you performed your job you are getting paid, it’s not always the case in music – there is no guarantee you’ll earn money.”

Now, about money. “How much do you need to feel happy?”

R. – “I’m very undemanding. I agreed to play Salvador Dali in “Little Ashes” because I wanted to spend four months in Spain. Nobody spoke English during movie production and I didn’t speak Spanish, so I had completely submerge myself into this role. I read everything I could find about Dali and his friends – Garcia Lorca and Bunuel. If Dali had been alive, I think, we could’ve been friends. This specific role brought me huge satisfaction and I’d hope to have same feeling after each role.”

“Are you happy that you uber famous and the whole world knows you?”

R. – “I don’t know what the fame is. Actor is really free when he is unknown. It’s much more difficult to find a job, but you are not under constant watching.
Recently I got fond of films of Godar. So much freedom in those movies! Godar teaches you that when you feel sad, you shouldn’t look sad. His “The name Carmen” movie is the most truthful story of love. I adore hopeless love stories – both watch them and play in them. May be it’s because I’m still young”.

Robert recalls with a smile that between final shoots of “Little ashes” and starting “Remember me” passed three years. Now Pattinson doesn’t have any time off. Shooting “Breaking Dawn” will take six months and Robert has to live in airplanes again.

Robert stopped feeling himself British after settling in Hollywood. R.- “I’m not sure who I am any more. I live in LA and started to like it here. My family is in London, it’s much quieter there. When my sister visited me in LA, she was shocked to see me on all those covers of magazines for teenagers. I don’t talk with my family about my job. And my parents are so positive people it’s just impossible to write anything bad about them. So boring! “ – he laughs.

Robert promises me that as soon as all this noise around him goes down, he’ll play his guitar again. R. – “I gave a few concerts in LA but they were not very successful”.

Another dream – take long-long vacation. Robert recalls that after “New Moon’ was finished, he rented a house in Montepulchiano and spent all his time in hammock testing local wine.

Finally, I’m asking him last question – question which makes all girls around the world nervous – and Russia is not an exception. “Have you already met your soul mate?”

Pattinson as true English dude who knows his price answers with question:
“Do soul mates really exist? It’s very horrible to meet such soul mate when you are still young. You are changing her to fit your soul and girl is a goner! May be I’m a vampire after all?”

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  1. Such a beautiful man in every way! His family must be so proud of his wonderful work & they should be very proud of the man he turned out to be!

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  4. I think this is a tad old since the author stated he will be spending the next six months filming BD, but still it is a cool little article.
    Rob is a kind man! 🙂


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