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*SCANS* David Cronenberg talks about Cosmopolis and Robert Pattinson in Vogue magazine (Italy)   9 comments

Translation via RobPattMoms:

Cronenberg has just finished shooting “Cosmopolis”, based on a novel by Don DeLillo and produced by Paulo Branco. It’s the first time I have a film competing in a festival, not yet in theaters, and another in post production. Whatever happens, I’ll start the editing this summer and next year you’ll see me again in Venice with “Cosmopolis” and Robert Pattinson, one of the most intense actors of this generation. He’ll blow your mind” (n.b. this interview was done before the Variety interview)


*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in Vogue Magazine – Russia   5 comments

Robert Pattinson is in April issue of the Russian Vogue magazine

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Little Ashes in Germany's Vogue Magazine   1 comment

Here’s a scan of Germany’s Vogue Magazine where Little Ashes was mentioned.

Little Ashes – Madrid in 1922, the poet Federico García Lorca and Salvador Dalí become a couple. But the painter escapes from the relationship to Paris and with that right into the arms of Gala Éluard. Film biography from 2008 with “Twilight”-Star Robert Pattinson as young Dalí.

Source: Rob Pattz News

Pics of Robert Pattinson in Vogue – Magazine Tags Removed + Black & Whites   1 comment

We removed the magazine tags on the new pics of Robert Pattinson in Vogue and also made some black & whites. I had a lot of trouble de-tagging the jacket so it might not be so great. The source for the original scans is Bean over at nonsten.

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