Pics of Our Remember Me Tour in New York City   7 comments

As many of you know we were in New York City this weekend to cover the Water for Elephants Premiere. While we were there we toured some of the Remember Me filming locations. It was great to see all the places where filming had taken place even though the weather wasn’t on our side. We managed to visit the Pearl Street diner, Ground Zero, The Strand book store, Washington Square park (right in front of NYU where the scene where Tyler meets Emily is filmed). Unfortunately when we reached Central Park the weather turned really bad and we weren’t able to make it to the Alice and Wonderland Statue. Weather aside, we had a great time on the tour and met some great people.

At The Strand we were told the alley where Rob’s character, Tyler, is stacking books had to be entirely redone for filming as they wanted it to be historically accurate, therefore they redid their entire alley like it was back in 2001. They also told us that Rob fell quite a few times while filming the scene and that filming took 12 hours. 

Here are our pics from the tour. If you were there with us chances are your picture is in the ones below. 

**If you were there with us and have pics to share we’d love to add them!**

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7 responses to “Pics of Our Remember Me Tour in New York City

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  1. Thanks for posting these pictures! Sounds like everyone had fun despite the weather. Really like the Strand pictures – looks like a really cool bookstore and busy too! Someday I hope to get to NYC.

  2. Wow! could you show us the place and name on map or something? I wanna join you!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pics! So glad you ladies had fun! 🙂 The RM tour … very cool. <3s

  4. Thnak you girls for your wonderful pictures even if Robert wasn’t there 🙂
    For justfp…you can fouund the map here


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