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Here’s the weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“Just the environment of being around elephants was the first major thing. I loved the idea of working on such a peaceful set because just being around them is incredibly peaceful.”

-Robert Pattinson (On Water for Elephants) 

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“One of my favorite movies was It when I was younger. I kind of always liked the idea of a psycho clown.” – Robert Pattinson

“I like that Jacob jumps on a train out of desperation to find something else.” – Robert Pattinson (On Water for Elephants)

“It’s so far outside of the box. It’s really different from the other ones. There are some days on set just watching you go ‘How is this going to be PG-13?” – Robert Pattinson (On Breaking Dawn) 

“Listen, I had a cold and kept apologizing to Reese, who has since revealed to the press that I had the worst sinus infection when I was kissing her. She has said, ‘He was just sniffing all the way through.’ I guess that was her response to, ‘Reese, you’re the envy of so many girls.” – Robert Pattinson (On kissing Reese Witherspoon)

“It’s such a delicious, dirty world. I absolutely loved it. You’re allowed to relax, breathe and sweat in this world. There was something very real about it and it was quite a freeing experience.” – Robert Pattinson (On working on the set of Water for Elephants) 

“To understand the time of the Great Depression better I watched the documentation Brother, Can You Spare A Dime. I didn’t watch it to prepare for the role, but because I would have loved to have lived in the 1930s.” – Robert Pattinson (On Water for Elephants) 

“Reese always says the things I wanna say! (laughs)” – Robert Pattinson (Water for Elephants Premiere) 

“I was in New Mexico doing a road trip across the states with my friends. I didn’t get recognized at first, but then a woman recognized one of my friends because he was next to me in a paparazzi picture — from two years ago! Literally, we were in the middle of nowhere and this woman turns around and screams, ‘Aren’t you Robert Pattinson’s friends?’ Then her head turned again and she looked at me. She was in utter shock, This took place at a fairground outside of nowhere and I thought we’d have to find her an ambulance, which wouldn’t have been easy.” – Robert Pattinson

“It’s just hard to walk down the street. You can’t just do it in a regular way, I have to think about my moves. I can’t just casually run out to the store to buy milk. I have to plan ahead and figure out if the paparazzi will be there.” – Robert Pattinson 

“I used to write a lot more when I wasn’t getting acting jobs, you dream about writing parts for yourself.” – Robert Pattinson 

“The main rule was to watch out for the horses, They will kick you. I was told that the zebras would kick me even harder. The easiest animals were the lions and tigers and elephants. They’re so sweet and so confident. They don’t really get troubled or nervous.” – Robert Pattinson 

“There are so few comedy scripts, and most of the good ones are written for comedians. There are a few things… I read, like, three things that I really like as comedies, but my agents will never let me do them. Because they’re soooo far out. [Laughs]” – Robert Pattinson 

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  1. This picture are….!!!!Amazing!!! thank you sooo much !

    albalola gutierrez

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