Remember Me Release Date – Japan   2 comments

From Cinema Cafe :
Cinema café has announced “Remember Me” Japanese opening day: August 20th, 2011

It was a surprise gift for Japanese fans, we were longing for this day for ever! As a part of celebration of Rob’s 25th Birthday, pre sale ticket will be available today at selected theatres.

“Robert Pattinson well known vampire hunk for “Twilight Saga” series, is playing a young man who struggle for value of life, family and love. In this movie he is not only acting but also took a part as an executive producer; he was impressed by the original script by a new writer. Tyler’s (Pattinson) love interest Ally, played by Emille de Ravin most known for her act in TV series “Lost”. Perce Brosnan plays Tyler’s father and Chris Cooper for Ally’s dad; great combination of all generation brings us thoughts about many forms of love.”

Read more about ‘Remember Me’ in Japan on Cinema Cafe


2 responses to “Remember Me Release Date – Japan

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  1. Cool..!! Next should be India..!!

    Shrestha Bhaduri
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