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Flash Back Pic Post: Robert Pattinson at the premiere of Twilight in Munich – 2008   3 comments

Here are some pics of Rob at the premiere of Twilight in Munich in 2008 | Click to make bigger

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Weekly Roundup of Pics and Quotes of the Day   3 comments

Here’s our weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr

“Becoming ‘in demand’ quickly affords you the opportunities to work with people who are far more experienced than you. I think you need to take those opportunities and not always try to shoulder the entire burden of a movie. In order to do that, you need to be mindful not to let your ego get ahead of you.” 

-Robert Pattinson 

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Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants in Screen Magazine – Japan   2 comments

Here are some scans of Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants in Screen Magazine, Japan. Thanks to Robert Pattinson Press Japan for sending this to us. 

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New Video of the Water for Elephants Premiere and Press Conference in Barcelona   1 comment

Here’s a new video of Robert Pattinson at the WFE press conference and premiere in Barcelona

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France: Pre-Order your Water for Elephants DVD   1 comment

You can pre order the DVD ( inkl. Digital Copy)

It will be out on September 7, 2011



New Video of Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Francis Lawrence at the WFE Premiere in Sydney   Leave a comment

Here’s a new video of Rob, Reese and Francis inside the theater in Sydney

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Robert Pattinson, Water for Elephants and Breaking Dawn in ‘Top Music’ Magazine – Spain   1 comment

Here are few scans of Rob, WFE and Breaking Dawn in Top Music magazine

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Robert Pattinson fulfills Starlight Wish – New Picture and Samantha’s Story   1 comment

Samantha shared her encounter with Rob and a new picture with LetMeSign

My name is Sam, I am 14 years old and I have got Spastic Hemiplegia (Cerebal Palsy) which is like having a stroke… I can walk but not for that long so I use a wheelchair most of the time…

In November of 2009.. I had surgery, I think that it was 3 operations in 1 (I had my left hip taken out of the socket and put back in the right place, then I had bone taken out of my right hip and then I had my right foot broken and had the bone from my hip placed in my foot, then I had muscles in my legs and muscles around my hip cut.) As a result of the operation I couldn’t walk for about 3 months and then I had to go into rehab to learn how to walk again and stuff like that.

The Starlight Foundation offered me a starlight wish and I knew immediately that I wanted to meet Robert Pattinson (because I love the Twilight Saga), so I put my form in and waited a couple of months and my starlight spoke person said that my wish had been approved.. Then another couple of months went on and Starlight said “you know that maybe since you’ve waited such a long time for your wish and Rob might not come to Australia for a couple of years, do you want to change your wish?” I said “No, I’ll wait…”

Finally after waiting so long my wish came true on Friday, 6th of May 2011.

In the morning my mum, brother and I went into the city of Sydney and mum and I got our hair washed and styled at Toni and Guy hairdressers… The after that we went to the hotel where Rob was staying and I met him and got photos, autographs and he hugged me twice!

After that we went back to the hotel room that Starlight had booked for us to stay in for the night and waited for a couple of hours and then got ready to go and walk the red carpet at the Water For Elephants Premiere, which we went to and from in a limo. Then we went into the theatre and watched Water For Elephants. Finally to end the day, the limo picked us up and drove us back to our hotel.

I would just like to thank the Starlight Children’s Foundation as they organized everything for my family and I.. It was the best day of my life!

A couple more pictures of Samantha and her family at LetMeSign


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