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New Robert Pattinson Interview with RTL from Berlin Press Junket   Leave a comment

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Robert Pattinson’s Interview with Sunrise (Australia)   1 comment

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The Media Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Robert Pattinson at the WFE Sydney Premiere   Leave a comment

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Robert Pattinson is 8th Richest Brit Under 30 Beating Prince William   2 comments


Figures compiled for the Sunday Times Rich List illustrate just how lucrative the Harry Potter and Twilight film franchises have been for their stars.

Just as JK Rowling’s wizard adventures have beaten Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga at the box office, Radcliffe has won the wealth battle against Pattinson.

Radcliffe, 21, is now said to be worth a staggering £48 million thanks to his appearances as Harry Potter on the big screen and his stage work.

Pattinson, 24, who appeared in the Harry Potter movies before going on to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, has amassed a £32 million fortune.

The figures put them in fifth and eighth positions respectively on the list of wealthiest Britons under 30.

With Keira Knightley’s £30 million securing tenth place in the table, it seems being a young actor pays better than being a young royal.

Prince William and his brother Harry only make 11th, with their inheritance from their late mother and land ownership worth £28 million.

That did at least put them ahead of Harry Potter stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who tied for 13th with £24 million.

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Box Office Update: Water for Elephants Reaches 62.9M Worldwide!!!!   2 comments

Water for Elephants has reached a total of 62.9M at the box office worldwide according to Box Office Mojo! We’re so happy it’s doing well! Keep going to see it! 

New Robert Pattinson Interview with – Germany   Leave a comment

Here’s a new Robert Pattinson interview with

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Do you remember the last time you have been incognito?
When has it been? Oh yeah, recently at a dinner. I was told at the reception that there’s a table with 18 persons next to mine. I thought knee-jerked “Oh no, a gaggle of teenagers?”. There have been 18 Asian kids but none knew me. I had the most relaxing dinner for ages. 
If you compare your life as a megastar with one of a guy from London who makes a night of, what are you missing most?
To meet new people. It sounds strange when somebody with my profession says this but I mean really get known new people. Mostly, I’m asking myself twice if I can trust people so the most relationships stay casually.

Whom did you adore when you were a teenager?
Puppy love wasn’t my thing. Maybe Arsenal London but that’s it.

Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz have an OSCAR at home, you are known as a teenage-swarm. How could you assert yourself?
It was very easy. You should always work with the best, it’s easy for you then. Reese and Christoph have been a kind of insurance package.

 In your movies, you’re suffering all the time. Must love always hurt?
When you look at my character in WfE, of course! Nearly every time I kiss Reese I get hurt afterwards (laughs)

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A Huge Thank You to All the ToR Girls For Amazing Promo Coverage!   22 comments

I just wanted to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to all the ToR girls who rocked the Water for Elephants promo! Promo time takes a lot of our time and energy and they worked a countless amount of hours with barely no sleep to keep the site updated.  Sim also made AMAZING signs and banners for the premieres. Major kudos girls!!! 

These are the girls that kept the site updated at all times: 

Slowie , DreamySim1MyRobAddictionSparksTProbmusementABF86_blackrose26_.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you girls!!!

And _SimplyGabby as well as Gittsyexe who weren’t able to be here but were with us in spirit 😉 

–  FPOnTheDL

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New Fan Video of Robert Pattinson in Sydney   Leave a comment

Here’s a new video of Robert Pattinson at the Premiere of Water for Elephants in Sydney. Thanks to MovieKNJ for sending it to us. 

*VIDEOS* Robert Pattinson’s Press Junket and Premiere Red Carpet Interviews in Sydney   Leave a comment

Here are new interviews of Rob at the WFE press junket and premiere in Sydney

3News Sydney Press Junket Interview

3News Sydney Premiere Red Carpet Interviews

3News Red Carpet Coverage

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Weekly Roundup of Pics and Quotes of the Day   Leave a comment

Here’s our weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“What worried me was if people would accept me or not as this character.”

-Robert Pattinson

(On his character, Jacob, in Water for Elephants)

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