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An EF-5 tornado wiped out a third of the Missouri town, Joplin, located near the Lake of the Ozarks. Many people have lost their homes and there are now over 118 confirmed deaths.  Many are without shelter, food and water.  The town is devastated and many are still missing and injured. Needless to say this town needs our help! Below are easy ways to donate by text or  via website. Please help them out if you can. 

1.  American Red Cross
Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.00 to Joplin
2. United Way of Missouri:
When you click the red button, a webpage from Truist, United Way Worldwide’s partner in giving, will appear on your screen. This “https:” page is secured for your giving needs and your gift will be sent to United Way of the Mid-South.  Be sure to indicate “Disaster Recovery Fund” in the “focus area” section of the giving page. Thank You!

3. The Salvation Army:
Please put  in that you want this specifically donated to Joplin when donating online.
4. Missouri State Emergency Management
You can donate here or volunteer here 
5. Americares
You can donate to Americares here
6. Convoys of Hope 
You can donate to Convoys of hope here
Click here for more places to donate or volunteer. 

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3 responses to “Joplin, Missouri Needs Our Help

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  1. As a fandom member and a resident of a neighboring town to Joplin, I have some updates here.

    So far, the death toll has risen to 125 with 1,500 still missing. As the days go on and more people get to computers and cell phones, the number of missing will go down, but sadly, the fatalities will rise as fears are confirmed.

    Remarkably, in the past three days of search and rescue, they have found 9 alive in the rubble. That number is small in comparison to those that are missing, but it is nine families that can cry some tears of joy when there are so many tears of sorrow.

    Eight thousand structures in this town of 50,000 have been destroyed or damaged. It will never be the same. I will never be able to drive down 20th to Range Line again without seeing the emptiness.

    The hospital my niece was born in was destroyed. The Home Depot I bought half of my kitchen remodel items in was leveled and is now just the place where so many died tragic and horrific deaths. The gas station I stopped at countless times has now been witnessed in its final moments by millions of people that wanted to watch a dark cell phone video with haunting screams. And for a brief, terrifying time Sunday night, I thought my father had been killed.

    I beg you to not forget about us. When the news crews move out, and you get back to loving all things Rob, we will still be trying to put the pieces back together. We’re a strong area that has overflowed shelters with food and water and clothing and personal hygiene products and search items, but so much more is needed.

    Please donate to these above organizations if you have the ability so that when the immediate need arrives, they can run out and get it instead of waiting for someone to donate it. These people have lost everything, and a $10 donation could mean the world to them.

    Thank you all for your support. If you have any questions about donations or volunteerism, you can contact me at my fanfic email account, and I’ll be glad to assist. I’m doing all I can to help my sister city and its people.


  2. ToR has the biggest heart in the fandom! ❤

    Much love & prayers have been and will continue to go out to Joplin, Tuscaloosa & Smithville.


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