Confirmed – UK Bel Ami Release Date Moved to 2012   5 comments

From BelAmiUK

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but UK rel of Bel Ami has moved to next year!!

“as mentioned we cannot advise on the US release I’m afraid.  However, in terms of with UK release, we do now have some news which may not be terribly favourable to yourself or the fan base.

It has now been confirmed that the release of BEL AMI will be moving to the start of next year due to talent availability.  The availability of the cast is obviously always a key consideration for any film campaign, and having them available to support in the run up to release is of course always preferable.

Apologies for the disappointment this news will bring.  Please allow us to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and rest assured we will be in touch when have some news on the campaign.”

Best wishes


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5 responses to “Confirmed – UK Bel Ami Release Date Moved to 2012

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  2. This news does not surprise me at all. If BD is set for release in November in the US, they sure aren’t gonna release Bel Ami at the same time because Rob won’t be able to do press for BOTH of these films set for release around the same time. God only knows when we’ll get to ever see Bel Ami 😦

  3. I too am really not surprised by this news. As one of the other posters indicates, the timing of the release must match a schedule that can be supported. Bummer!!!

  4. It’s set open in the US in October 2011 and a couple of other countires in August and September of this year. Rumor had it that Bel Ami will open the Tornoto Film Festival .If its well received , I’m sure he’ll find a way to press for both. The role will definitely show his acting akills are far beyond being simply just a vampire.

  5. The release dates for the US and other countries were pulled when the trailer was leaked. So there are NO confirmed dates except for this new UK date. It will not be at the TIFF, sadly.

    Something for everyone to understand (although, hey we are always thinking of Rob) it is not just Rob’s availability. While his schedule is busy with BD starting in late October, the production company needs to consider their three ladies as well. Coordinating for Kristen Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci as well as Rob is a huge undertaking.

    I am not surprised by the news, although I am sad it will not get an Oscar nod by any means by its release placement.

    But those of us in the US and beyond can hope that perhaps with the confirmation of any date, more will come alone…

    Patience is a virtue… That’s what I keep telling myself… Not sure its helping…LOL

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