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Confirmed – UK Bel Ami Release Date Moved to 2012   5 comments

From BelAmiUK

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but UK rel of Bel Ami has moved to next year!!

“as mentioned we cannot advise on the US release I’m afraid.  However, in terms of with UK release, we do now have some news which may not be terribly favourable to yourself or the fan base.

It has now been confirmed that the release of BEL AMI will be moving to the start of next year due to talent availability.  The availability of the cast is obviously always a key consideration for any film campaign, and having them available to support in the run up to release is of course always preferable.

Apologies for the disappointment this news will bring.  Please allow us to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and rest assured we will be in touch when have some news on the campaign.”

Best wishes


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New Robert Pattinson wallpapers   9 comments

Here are some new wallpapers by @DreamySim1 | Click to make bigger


Great Pic Edits Made by @Carolinee81   4 comments

Here are some great pic edit made by Carolinee81. Make sure to check out her Tumblr here

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Bel Ami to Possibly Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September?   6 comments

Please keep in mind there is no confirmation on this yet and it’s just a rumour at this point but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. 

From Mr. Will

Although the Toronto International Film Festival is only a little over two months away, there already is wide speculation about which major Oscars Keyplayers will be getting a Toronto Premiere here come September.  Although these are based purely on rumour, the below v. possibly could be screening in the City – meaning you just might be seeing these Stars here!

Here are a few Candidates:

Bel Ami – Period Piece set in France starring Robert Pattinson as a Charmer who manipulates his way through some influencial and Aristocratic French Women.  Also stars Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci.

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New/Old fanpics of Robert Pattinson at the Water for Elephants Premiere – New York   4 comments

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