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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Bill Condon Speak to Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con   2 comments

From EW

Comic-Con’s Hall H held all the devoted fans (some who had been waiting to get in since Monday) it could pack in for Thursday’s Breaking Dawn panel. “You always forget just how huge it is,” said Robert Pattinson, a few hours later, relaxing with coffee alongside Kristen Stewart and director Bill Condon.

The highlight of the presentation had to be the screening of the never-before-seen footage of Bella and Edward’s honeymoon on Isle Esme. “I thought it went over really well,” said Condon. “I was hoping that the beats that they would kind of ‘Oooh’ and ‘Ahh’ over were the ones they would. It felt really good.” There certainly was plenty of both oooh-ing and ahh-ing (thanks to scenes of Stewart clad only in a white towel and Pattinson shirtless in the ocean by moonlight). And yet both actors agreed it was a calmer, gentler panel scene than during previous years at Comic-Con.

“The first time we did it,” says Pattinson of his first Comic-Con in 2008, “all the lights came up when everyone came in. And people just went insane. People didn’t stop screaming for ages — and that was before the movie even came out. It was a turning point. It was the first bit of promotional stuff — we’d done one Entertainment Weekly cover at that point, and that was it. And it was like the characters from the book had actually just walked out on stage.”

Stewart agreed. “It was the first real sign,” she said, that the movie versions of the beloved books might be a hit. Of that first appearance, “I think I was genuinely scared.” But this year, “everyone was so nice,” she said of the fans who attended the panel. Both actors and Condon mentioned they were impressed with fans’ thoughtfulness and respect given during the Q&A, and were thrilled to be able to show them the footage. “We had a discussion about it,” said Condon about the length of the clip. “I said, ‘Let’s not just do a little thing. Let’s really show them.’”

More Fan Pictures of Rob, Kristen and Taylor from Comic Con 2011   1 comment

Here are more fan pics of Rob, Kristen and Taylor from Comic Con 2011

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‘Bel Ami’ Trailer with Italian, French & Hungarian subtitles   3 comments

Here’s the Bel Ami trailer with Italian subtitles

Vodpod videos no longer available.

French subtitles

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More New HQ and MQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson at the Comic Con 2011   4 comments

Here are new HQ and MQ pics of Rob at the Comic Con 2011

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Great New Robert Pattinson Wallpaper   5 comments

Here’s a great new wallpaper made by Jules

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New Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Comic Con 2011   3 comments

Here’s a new wallpaper by @DreamySim1 | Click to make


Bel Ami Trailer Reviews   10 comments

Here are some reviews for the Bel Ami teaser trailer


From The Improver:

Robert Pattinson is seething with lust in an explosive portrayal of Guy de Maupassant’s scandalous protagonist in a leaked trailer of “Bel Ami,” a movie about decadent French society, co-starring Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas.
This could be the film where Pattinson establishes himself as an actor, on par with Marlon Brando, James Dean and Richard Burton.
He exudes lust, desire and ambition as a “penniless” soldier who’s determined to find his place in French society by seducing the wives of powerful men at the center of Parisian society.
The film is about the corrupt rise of Georges Duroy, who becomes one of the most successful men in Paris by manipulating powerful, intelligent, and wealthy mistresses.

Thurman recently praised Pattinson’s performance: “He’s incredibly concrete in his presence on the set and obviously very handsome,” she told MTV.
“He’s a very nice person and he’s sensitive,” she added. “He’s present. He’s a really good actor.”

“Bel Ami” is scheduled to premiere in late 2011.

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*VIDEO* Full Breaking Dawn Panel at Comic Con   Leave a comment

Here’s the full Breaking Dawn panel in a compilation of fan videos, but in order

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New Pictures of Robert Pattinson at Comic Con   Leave a comment

Here are some more MQ pictures of Robert Pattinson at Comic Con (tagged)

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More New Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Bill Condon at the Breaking Dawn Press Conference – Comic Con   1 comment

Here are some fan pics of Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Bill Condon from the BD press conference. Thanks to Twilightish for sharing these with us!

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