Bel Ami to Possibly Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September?

Please keep in mind there is no confirmation on this yet and it’s just a rumour at this point but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. 

From Mr. Will

Although the Toronto International Film Festival is only a little over two months away, there already is wide speculation about which major Oscars Keyplayers will be getting a Toronto Premiere here come September.  Although these are based purely on rumour, the below v. possibly could be screening in the City – meaning you just might be seeing these Stars here!

Here are a few Candidates:

Bel Ami – Period Piece set in France starring Robert Pattinson as a Charmer who manipulates his way through some influencial and Aristocratic French Women.  Also stars Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci.

See the rest of the list here


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