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As you all know we tend to stick to Rob stuff on the site, however Doubleday recently contacted us regarding a new book called The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Summit has bought the film rights for the novel and Doubleday was offering us the chance to get a review copy as well as an Advance Reading Copy to give out to our readers. The book has not yet been released, it will be released on September 13th, which gives the winner of the contest a chance to read the novel before everyone. 

Here’s my review of the book: 

Two ruthless masters, two rivals who were pledged together since a young age, only one can be the winner…

The Night Circus brings you into the midst of a universe of dreams. A place where the smell of caramel wafts through the air and the lights glow magically under the night sky, for the circus only takes place at night and no one knows when it will arrive or when it leaves. Every tent flap you lift brings you into a realm more enchanting than the next. 

However all is not as magical as it seems behind the scenes of Le Cirque des Rêves,  for the circus is only a platform for a duel being played out between two rivals. A duel that is a game of wits and imagination. From a young age Celia and Marcus have been trained by their respective masters for this challenge, however no one expected them to fall hopelessly in love with each other and from that moment on everything changes…

The Night Circus is simply amazing, a must read. I’m an avid reader and I read this book in 24 hours. This book is a page turner, once you start you won’t be able to put it down.  A stellar debut novel for Erin Morgenstern. I give this book  5 out of 5 stars. Pick this book up as soon as it comes out, you won’t regret it! 

For more information on the book click here

To enter the contest simply leave a comment below. The contest is Worldwide and you have until August 18th, 9pm EST to enter. All entries will be numbered and the winner will be picked randomly using One entry per person. 

If you wish to pre-order the book, you can order it here.

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89 responses to “Contest: Win an Advance Copy of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

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  1. 1) hi im italian and i’d like win this book because seems interesting!!!fingers crossed

  2. 2) I’ve heard a lot of hype about this book and am really keen to read it. 🙂

  3. (3) joining the ToR boat for this contest! ❤

  4. 4) I can’t wait to read this book.

  5. 5) Sounds like a great read!

  6. 6) Looks great!

  7. 7) This book seems interesting 🙂 fingers crossed!

  8. 8 ) I’ve read so many of the books you have recommended..Haven’t been disappointed yet…

  9. 9) Would love to read it! Sounds like a great book!

  10. 10) I have never won anything so I would love to be the lucky one!!!

  11. 11) Love getting my hands on new books! Would love to win 🙂

  12. 12) Sounds like very intresting book, i hope i have lady luck on my side with this competition!!!!

  13. 13) Sounds interesting! And I wold never say no to a book 😉

  14. 14) I heard about this book at comic con from the summitt booth. The book sounds good I would like to win a copy in english.

  15. 15) This books sound fabulous! I loved Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell–sounds just as great.

  16. 16) The book sounds very interesting. Love reading and I would like to win the copy.

  17. 17) i’m in! this books sound really interesting!

  18. 18) from the cover its look like a good book and i love reading so much

  19. 19) I cannot wait to read this book as I have seen nothing but good things about it. It sounds like it has the makings of a Twilight phenomenon–can’t wait!!!

  20. 20) I’m always looking for a great new book to read!

  21. 21) I want it! Sounds like a very good read!

  22. 22) Entering to win “The Night Circus”! 🙂

  23. 23) circus – that sounds good! good luck for me and everyone. 🙂 greetings from germany.

  24. 24) Looks like it’s a lovely book!!

  25. 25) Sounds like a great read! Would love to win this book!

  26. 26) Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see if I win!

  27. 27) It sounds really interesting! I wish i win

  28. 28) Always love to read a good book!

  29. 29) I need a new book to reed, and this will be perfect! 😉

  30. 30) Cool to read a book before anyone else ;D Count me in! xxxxx

  31. 31) I’m contemplating going to buy this one though it would save the deliberation if i were to win 😉
    just what I need – new reads! may have to check up on this site more often 🙂

  32. 32) Sounds interesting!! Hope I win!

  33. 33) Sounds like a great read—please enter me to win!

  34. 34) I can not wait til this book is released. I would love to win the advanced reader!! Looking forward to reading it.

  35. 35) This sounds like a very imaginative story and great read. It’s going on my reading list, right now! 🙂

  36. 36) Would love to check out this new book.

  37. 37) I would love to win a copy of this book 🙂 Thank you for the chance.
    Love, Carna

  38. 38) Okay, why not…I do love reading. 😀

  39. 39) Sounds like an intriguing read! I would love to own a copy.

  40. 40) I’m in too.

  41. 41) I´ve never heard of this book before but the descriptions sound quite promising…!! Greetings from Munich…

  42. 42) sounds like its a great book to read, I’m in!!! Love from Belgium

  43. 43) Would love to win this, sounds amazing !

  44. 44) I can’t wait to read this book!

  45. 45) Thanks for the chance to enter!

  46. 46) I’ve been looking forward to this book forever and would love to win a copy!

  47. 47) This one has been on my TBR list since I first heard about it!

  48. 48) I would love to win a copy! You make it sound so good.

  49. 49) i’d love to read the book. It seems interesting. 🙂

  50. 50) This sounds like a really fun book. I’ve loved circus stories ever since I read Water For Elephants

  51. 51) I have seen this book mentioned everywhere lately and would love to have a copy to read!

  52. 52) This book sounds a good book . for sure I will read it.

  53. 53) Thanks for the chance. I love that it involves the circus, especially since I’ve never read a book that about it. Reading something completely new doesn’t happen often these days.

  54. 54) if I don’t win a copy I’m going to end up buying this book!!!!

  55. 55) Sounds like a great book!

  56. 56) I’m glad to see that you loved The Night Circus, I’ve really been looking forward to it’s release. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  57. 57) Sounds like a great read! I really like the circus as a setting, as it’s outside of the mainstream straight away, and kind of magical.

  58. 58) This book looks fantastic! I’d love to win a copy!

  59. 59) Sounds interesting and I’m always looking for new reads!

  60. 60) Would love to win a copy. Thanks for hosting this contest.

  61. 61) Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! (:

  62. 62) still have a shitload of books I have to read.. But I’d love to add this one to the list..

  63. 63) The Night Circus sounds like a good read, different than my normal genre. I am always looking for new books to read because I am an avid reader. If I don’t win one I will be picking it up when it is out. Thanks:)

  64. 64) Sounds great!

  65. 65) Would love to win this book. Always looking for something new to read.


  66. 66) Sometimes it’s good to escape into a world of magic and mystery and it sounds as though this book will provide just that – I can’t wait to read it greetings from south Africa … Mani

  67. 67) It sounds really charming, so why not reading it?

  68. 68) Je participe =)

  69. 69) Thank you for this contest! (interesting number LOL)

  70. 70) Circus reminds me of clowns and clowns freak me the eff out and to think of clowns at night?? YIKES!!! But it might be a good read…LOL

  71. 71) So I’ve tried to get an ARC of this book for a while now and… nothing…
    so I’ll try again 🙂

    I heard the author talking about this book during a segment on CC radio and it sounded fantastic!
    Can’t wait to read this.


  72. 72) This book sounds amazing. I would love to read it . @tinsbabe

  73. 73) Great review! It sounds good. Even if i don’t win, I’ll definitely be buying this. 🙂

  74. 74) Count me in!

  75. 75) I’d love to read this book. Its on everyone’s to read list on

    Someone I used to know
  76. 76) I wanna read it! *fingers crossed*

  77. 77) would love to win this book…I am an avid reader and this one sounds like a great new book to start..

  78. 78) I am reading so many good things about this book, I would love to win a copy!

    Jennifer Downing
  79. 80) Yes, please! 🙂 (Thanks for the great review and recommendation.)

  80. 81) This book sounds amazing and it would be amazing to win it!

  81. 82) I’d like to win this book 🙂

  82. 83) I am a Twi-Hag who lives vicariously through these books…. This sounds like a rollercoaster of dreams this is right up my alley hope I win one to share with my five granddaughters….

  83. 84) I love books of this genre, among others. And to see this book come to life via the big screen would be a treat!

  84. 85) Good Luck to all who have entered! This is exciting!!!!

  85. 86) The Night Circus sounds like a great book. I would love to read it. Thank you for the chance.

  86. 87) I want the book!

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