Bel Ami to Premiere at The Berlin Film Festival?   10 comments

According to The Playlist, Bel Ami might premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February. 

From The Playlist

Robert Pattinson seems keen to establish himself as An Actor. While the drippy, manipulative “Remember Me” was a miss, Pattinson proved himself a non-vampire draw with “Water For Elephants” earlier this year which powered itself to a strong $115 million worldwide. And with David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis” and the period pic “Bel Ami” on the way, he seems eager to shake off the adolescent stink of “Twilight.” While we have to wait and see how successful that attempt is, as these new pics from the latter film show, he’s going to be turning up the heat in the process.

Based on the book by Guy de Maupassant and featuring Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci, “Bel Ami” will find Pattinson playing George Duroy, a sexy social climber in turn-of-the-century 1890s Paris, who seduces his way to wealth and fame from a poor beginning. Thurman will play the wife of one of Duroy’s friends who eventually marries Pattinson’s seductive schemer. Kristin Scott Thomas will appear as a woman who overestimates Duroy’s attachment to her. These pics show Pattinson easily proving his manhood with the female leads, but whether the film is a winner or not, we won’t know for a while yet.

From what we hear, the producers are aiming for a Berlin Film Festival premiere in 2012 and it might be a while later before it hits theaters as the film is still without a distributor. So stay strong RPatz lovers and let these pics tide you over for now.

via PattinsonStew

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10 responses to “Bel Ami to Premiere at The Berlin Film Festival?

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  1. I disagree with the comment about Remember Me being ‘drippy’. I actually really liked the movie and thought it was very moving and thought provoking. Rob was excellent in it, as always. I can’t wait for Bel Ami, I think it will probably be one of his best yet.

  2. all this time talking that remember me not good movie what they know about movies ?nothing…….. but for Bel Ami this one will prov that he is a very good actor and his limit is the sky

  3. Add me to the list of those who loved Remember Me. I get annoyed when people say that it bombed. It didn’t It made money and was actually a modest success ($ 60+ million worldwide and 12 million in DVD sales is quite respectable for a movie that only cost $ 15 million to make). A few critics have gone back and decided that it wasn’t such a bad film after all and everyone I knew who saw it was touched by it.. I hope that Bel Ami gets a distributer and we can see it soon. It looks like a great film!

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  7. ‘the drippy, manipulative “Remember Me”’?? I love this movie and is not drippy. About Bel Ami, can’t wait to see it and I think going to be the best. I love the pic with Christina, is see them and die instantly. Too hot….

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  9. “Remember Me” was wonderful, poignant, and historically significant. I’m still reading great reviews by many that didn’t see it earlier. It was a hard story to pr, and I think they could have done better in that departmenT. .When Rob spoke about why he choose it, and how the whole cast felt doing it you might begin to understand the depth of the project. Drippy? You’ve got to be kidding. True emotion is what one felt while watching the screen. And by the way, wasn’t it about time we connected again to the tragedy that affected us all when we were much younger, and now see it as a young adult. I so commend Rob for being the one to see that this little movie got made for us. I think he’s done a wonderful job of choosing the movies beyond Twilight, and millions (not just young fans) believe he is the next mega star to come along in years! “Bel Ami”, I don’t see how it could disappoint…but. please somebody release it! We’ve been waiting forever!!

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