Flash back to Rob in Italy   9 comments

How about a little trip back to Montepulciano this morning to look at some old pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of New Moon?


More pics after the jump!

Some of these pics I’ve had for a while on my computer and don’t even remember from where I got them, so if I forgot to source you please let me know and I will.

Source, source, source , source, source and source

9 responses to “Flash back to Rob in Italy

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  1. Everytime I see this pic, my heart skips a beat. So gorgeous!

  2. Nice! Please post more of these……ONE pic is just a tease!

  3. Yeah! Italy! It’s my country!! I love Volterra 😀 It’s a nice city 🙂 And Rob…mmh,soo sexy :-Q___

  4. Beautiful!!

  5. “More pics after the jump” WHERE???

  6. geniale la photo j aime bien

  7. Young, sweet, and precious, YESSSSS! But he already knew how to tease his fans with his open shirts! His chest is male perfection–just the right amount of chest hair. Thanks for posting these pics, some of them are new to me.

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