Wyck Godfrey Talks About ‘Breaking Dawn’   3 comments

In the December issue of Syfy Magazine (hitting stores now, with The Walking Dead featured on the cover), Wyck Godfrey (producer on The Twilight Saga) talked a bit about how and fellow filmmakers decided upon hiring Bill Condon to direct The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Explaining first how each of the previous directors matched up with their respective projects, Godfrey explained why he thought the final two were a good match for Condon.

“With Breaking Dawn, it’s a journey into adulthood. It’s a very mature step for Edward and Bella, moving into marriage and sex for the first time, pregnancy, birth. All of that really speaks to finding a filmmaker who could help our young actors, who hadn’t gone through any of that stuff … go through that process. Bill’s work has always come from a place of maturity, I found … He’s always directed films about misunderstood outsiders. And I feel that Edward and Bella are misunderstood outsiders, in terms of what they want. And Condon’s work also has some visual scale to it. Dreamgirls showed that he could direct a movie that had a really beautiful visual style to it.”

Godfrey also admitted that the Twilight fan community has been influential in more ways than one and re-iterated the point Bill Condon made at Comic-Con this summer, that fan blogs and opinions coming off of watching things from afar led to a few on-set changes during production.

“The first day of shooting in Brazil, Rob and Kristen’s pictures got taken everywhere. And overwhelmingly the response was, ‘Oh my gosh! His hair is too dark! His hair is black! What did they do? His hair is too black!’ And it literally forced us to go in the next day and look at him and go, ‘Did we go too dark with his hair? Should we lighten it a little bit?’ And I think we ended up lightening it . . . Also, you’ve read all the blogs about the books by the time you’re making the movies. So, in some way all that is subconsciously affecting your decisions as you’re working on the adaptations of the scripts. I know that numerous times we’ll be in a room talking about the script and someone will go, ‘No, No! That’s one fo the fans’ favorite scenes! WE have to do that!'”

Read the full feature in the December issue of Syfy Magazine (Note: The publication also contains a new interview with Kellan Lutz about “Emmett” in Breaking Dawn).

Source: TwilightExaminer | via GossipDance

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