Worldwide ToR Giveaway! Win a Thinking of Rob Coffee Mug! Just Leave a Comment!   143 comments

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It’s been a while since we did a giveaway (some Twilight ones are coming next week courtesy of Cafe Press). We decided to do a giveaway to thank you all for everything you’ve done to help us support Schelmy and her family. To thank everyone for helping and bearing with us we’re giving away a Thinking of Rob coffee mug (pictured above).

The contest is worldwide. All you have to do is leave a comment. One comment per person.

You have until Monday, October 10th, 2011 at 5PM ET to enter.

We’ll be numbering the comments and picking a winner using Sometimes it takes a while for us to approve comments so be patient 🙂

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143 responses to “Worldwide ToR Giveaway! Win a Thinking of Rob Coffee Mug! Just Leave a Comment!

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  1. 1) What a great opportunity! Love Rob. ❤

  2. 2) Ah sure go on. One more thing to irritate the most understanding husband in the world 😉

  3. 3) I would love a mug!!!

  4. 4) a perfect daily dose of coffee in this mug!

  5. 5) Comment – 43 days 😉 Yippee

  6. 6) i love it

    Christina Nuccio
  7. 7) i want a mug:)

  8. 8 ) you guys are awesome! yes, I’m sure the hubs would love this. lol 🙂

  9. 9) rob is a wonderful actor and i fully support every thing he dose. i love you rob

  10. 10) Finger’s crossed.

  11. 11) What more can I say but TOR rocks!

  12. 12) ohhh cute coffee mug! 🙂

  13. 13) I would love a TOR mug! You guys are the best! 🙂

  14. 14) I can already see myself drinking my cuppa out of that mug!

  15. 15) I would love a new coffee cup from the best rob site oh there!!!

  16. 16) My morning coffee would taste so good in this lovely mug while I check out all the latest news on TOR!

  17. 17) Would Love It For My Desk….Love ToR! 🙂

  18. 18) Pick me!!!!!

  19. I have to say it’s nice to hear from you guys! We don’t often get a chance to see you in the comments and it’s good to know that you guys like the site. Thank you so much =)

  20. 19) Now my they know what’s on my mind when I don’t answer and have my coffe cup up to mouth!

  21. 20) cool! me wants one 🙂

  22. 21) The mug is so cute! I always “Think of Rob” He is the best!

  23. 22) Robert is a beautiful, talented man and I love him with all my heart and soul : )

  24. 23) Awesome ima take it to the premiere

  25. 24 ) I’m hoping 24 is my new lucky number. Cute mug. I was just thinking that I need a Twi mug to put my pens in on my desk at work. ToR FTW!

  26. 25) 🙂

  27. 26) I love the mug:) TOR is my daily stop! Thanks for everything you do.

  28. 27) I’d love a mug!

  29. 28) Love your posts

  30. 29) TOR is my addiction. 🙂

    Kellie Robsessed
  31. 30) Live, Laugh, Love & Think of Rob 

    Maria (@leaf_chick)
  32. 31) Very cool of you to do this!

  33. 32) I’d love to get this mug! ToR is the best! I love your work! ❤

  34. 33) I think of Rob every morning, when I get my dose of coffee and Thinking of Rob. Would be very cool to have the mug to make it complete. Have never fell in love with a “movie star” ( but Rob is so much more than that) in my many years ( I’m a great-grandmother, please don’t be grossed out by that!) I absolutely adore the man…..

  35. 34) Well Katrena, we love him wathever our age don’t we ! The exterior body may age, but the heart stays young, and I totally understand you 🙂 I’m in my – late- forties and I’ve been swept of my feet by THE MAN since late june this year, it was totally unexpected, and now I’m thinking of him everyday, thanks to the gggrrreat job of Thinking of Rob ! I have my tickets for Breaking Dawn in Montréal on the 19th, I’m going with my 13 years old niece (today, so Happy Birthday again Sweetie), we can’t wait and I’m as excited as she is, and I’m not ashamed, even if some people at work are starting to wonder what’s wrong with me, ha ha ha !

  36. 35) I haven’t yet this kind of mug so I want it. Thinking Rob all the time 🙂

  37. 36) that is one cute mug! let me be lucky for once ! 🙂

  38. 37) oh oh, I want a mug!! For hot chocolate. 🙂

  39. 38) perfect day 4 a nice cup of tea in England in Oxfordshire 🙂 Amber Cann x

  40. 39) A mug to remind me everyday of how wonderful you guys are… *mwah*

  41. 40) awww, awesome!!! I want a ROB mug!!!! xx

  42. 41) I love this Blog and love everything you post !
    It keeps us updated everything about ROB ! 🙂
    And I would LOVE to Enter in this contest ! 🙂

  43. 42) How could I not want one when this website gives me my awesome pics, desktops and all the info I need about Rob.

    Michelle - Sydney, Australia
  44. 43) ❤
    Why, yes, I would like this mug 😀 Thank you so much for the chance to win it. ❤
    Love, Carina

  45. 44) I really want one! ;))) pleaseee! bisous from France!

  46. 45) Yes please! 🙂

  47. 46) Thanks for this. Nice mug 🙂

  48. 47) Wow awesome! 😀

  49. 48) I WANT ONE!!!!! *jumping up and down*
    ME ME ME!!! 😛

  50. 49) Everyone else in my house has a mug. I would love this one to be my first 😉

  51. 50) Really good idea, i need a mug to drink my coffee lol

  52. 51) Oh I’d so love this mug, keep up all the great work guys 🙂

  53. 52) I would love to drink my coffee out of this mug. Thinking of Rob makes me smile 🙂

  54. 53) There is no better way than to start the day drinking from a thinking of Rob mug! And than use it everytime I want something to drink offcourse!!

  55. 54) ToR is the best…would love to win a mug

  56. 55) Great giveaway!

  57. 56) Lovely idea! Maybe I will win…probably not, lol :DD

  58. 57) Omg!!! I would soo love this!!! It would be awesome!! More stuff to add to my love of rob collection!!! Please!!

  59. 58) It would make my year to win this mug!

  60. 59) Great idea 😉

  61. 60) Uh…. is it fair for me to enter?

    *blushes & hangs head*

    I flove ToR & all the girls who keep it running

  62. 61) It would make a mice birthday present for me;)

  63. That was supposed to be nice. Not mice. I think it may be time to turn on the heat in this house. I can’t type anymore :0

  64. 62) Ce mug est superbe, idéal pour un bon café !

  65. 63) Great site, great mug! I’d love to have it for my morning coffee. I am also an older fan who would gladly pay to watch Rob read the phone book!

  66. 64) Can’t think of à better way of thinking of Rob, than Thinking of Rob

  67. 65) Udělat si kávu do tohoto krásného hrnku a myslet na ROB.

  68. 66) Rob is one incredible unique individual! Everything about him, his mannerisms, his infectious giggle, his sense of the absurd, his self-deprecating charm, insightful interviews, OMG I could go on and on 🙂 and I’ve never felt this way about any actor with the exception of James Dean. And this site is simply the best for giving me my Rob fix everyday!! And thank you for the chance to win this mug 🙂

  69. 67) ohhh i want it!! i’m always thinking of Rob anyway 😉

  70. 68) I want a mug to drink my everyday morning cuppa java! 🙂

  71. 69) Nice play… I’ve never ever won anything… but it is a nice mug. I think anybody wins it, will be happy with it.

  72. 70) Which is more addictive coffee or TOR?

  73. 71) OMG. Love the mug & this site!! Daily pics of Rob!!

  74. 72) I would love to win this ToR mug!

  75. 74) Isn’t it obvious 😉

  76. 75) I want! 🙂

  77. 76) Thinking of Rob is what I do every single day!!!!!Great idea!!!!Keeping my fingers crossed to win the mug….

  78. 77) Omg really :O That is so freaking awesome..
    I love that quote so much because it’s what I do every day 😀
    And really great it’s wordwide.. I so love that mug ❤
    I really hope to get one 🙂 Will drink with it every day.. breakfast and dinner xD

    Greetz Meggie

  79. 78) Pick me Pick me!!! Please contact

  80. 79) Helloo, it would mean the world to me to win something, this is because I never do 😀 I always look through your tweets and use you website to keep up to datee on robert pattinson 🙂 eeeee

  81. 80) Beautiful mug! Thank you for Worldwide Giveaway!!!

  82. 81) Would be a nice first win!! I never win anything! lol Thanks for including everyone!:)

  83. 82) Would be a great companion to my Eclipse mug that I use at work. I’m sure this mug would make all my co-workers jealous!

  84. 83) Great for including everyone! Hope i win!:) lol But good luck to everyone..:) @RobPatzfanTLCam

  85. 84) Really great with a worldwide contest! 🙂

  86. 85) Who’s hotter Rob or the coffee ?

  87. 86) I have only received one of the items that I won in the auction for Schelmy but I have all four charges on my credit card. I thought I would have received these items by now. I have only received the autographed book by Peter Facinelli from Ireland (thanks!) $395.00 is a lot of money to only receive one item…

    • I’m sure you’ll get them soon. Some stuff was mailed out only last week. I’ve asked Slowie (who is one of ours) if she has shipped the poster yet. I know that Jo shipped the dolls. Pretty sure Pattinson UK shipped out the EW last weekend. =)

  88. 87) Wow! Love it!!!!!! 🙂

  89. 88) Team Rob forever!!!

  90. 89) Rob’s fan forever!!!

  91. 90) would love to win this! 🙂

  92. 91) 😉

  93. 92) Love your website, facebook page & twitter feed! Thanks for all you do to keep me up-to-date on Rob & his career.

  94. 93) i don’t really like coffee, but I’d do it for Rob 😉 😛 Nice cup!

  95. 94) Do you have a Cafepress page? I want a t-shirt.

  96. 95) That mug would look awesome on my desk. 🙂 And I’d love to advertise that fact that I’m always thinking of Rob.

  97. 96) I would love a TOR Mug as i love your site and check it Daily. I wish Robert Pattinson a long, healthy and happy life and successful career. I will love you Robert Pattinson forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤


  99. 97) so nice..i want it =)

  100. 98) I love your site and the mug looks awesome. I’d love to win it!

  101. 99) Great opportunity! I love robert. Kisses from Italy 😀

  102. 100) would love it ❤

  103. 101) i fucking need this mug ;D

  104. 102) I want it!!! 😀

  105. 103) Please pick me, I love Rob and want this beautiful mug. Greatings from Germany


  107. 105) Since I got hooked on Twilight and all things Rob it has always been you I went to first. You are always respectful of Rob’s privacy. Your efforts were wonderful for the recent auction and now this…for all of that I thank you.

  108. 106) I am so happy it’s worldwide so many times
    competitions are only for Europe and the US
    I would love to win a ToR Mug
    and have my coffee in the mornings thinking
    of Rob:-)

  109. 107) I would love to have a TOR mug I view your site everyday, and besides I’m always TOR. 🙂

  110. 108) I just love these contest! Rob is the best ever I love him

    Alicia stockwell
  111. 109) I want one!!!! They are so cool!!!! You are so cool!
    Love, Me

  112. 110) Wow nice mug, it’s what I do very day “Thinking of Rob” 😉


  113. 111) Great mug!! I look forward to your post every day.

  114. 112) I’d love to win this mug, would look great on my desk at work and everyone would be jealous. Love Rob

  115. 113) My life changed completely since the Twilight movies and since ‘Thinking of Rob’. Thank you sooooooooo much for this side_____couldn’t live without it anymore ♥

  116. 114) Thinking of Rob every day keeps me lit from within. When friends notice a far-off look in my eyes, or a wistful Mona Lisa-like smile on my lips, they always ask me what I’m thinking about. I can never bring myself to tell them. But if I win the mug, I won’t have to . . .

    Thank you ToR for all your hard work. You’re my favorite site for all things Rob 😉

  117. 115) I’d looooove to have one of this! 😀
    Congrats for your hard work, girls! We all love ToR! 🙂

  118. 116) I would love a “Thinking of Rob” mug!! It would be the only mug i use. <33

  119. 117) ToR mug to keep the cold WI weather nice and hot while sipping on java.

  120. 118) I’m really looking forward to the Breaking Dawn promo getting into full swing. I wonder if Rob has any photo shoots coming out as part of the promo.

  121. 119) I want a mug 🙂

  122. 120) Great what you all do for us… The perfect morning start with this mug 🙂

  123. 121) i would love to drink my morning coffee from this mug 🙂

  124. 122) Oh I what a lovely mug! So glad the giveaway is WORLDWIDE! 🙂

  125. 123) My husband’s name is Robert, so no one would actually know that he wasn’t the Rob I was thinking about. =)

  126. 124) …the best way to start the day: a tea in a great mug…thinking of Rob!!!

  127. 125) Love me some ToR!!!!

  128. 126) Love the mug, love TOR, love Rob and thank you for an awesome opportunity to win your giveaway! Happy Monday ;o)

  129. 127) Thinking of Rob and just can’t wait to see the new films.

  130. 128) what a cute mug :O love it so much!!! ;;)

  131. 129) hmm I hopE coffee will be delicious if i drink it in this LOVely yummy cup 😀

  132. 130) ToR is such an awesome site!

  133. 131) OK, even though I don’t drink hot beverages very often… I’d still love to have the mug! lol Good luck to everyone! And thanks for the great promo!

  134. 132) I want this!! Too cool!!

  135. 133) Thanks for being so gracious and generous!

  136. 134) Can you say win? I would love to flaunt this around all my roommates. It’s not like they tease me enough!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. 135) Would love to win theThinking of Rob mug!

    Donna Bridgewater
  138. Comments Closed

  139. 86) Oh wow. I would love a mug. just to look at most of the time. I drink the occasional coffee or hot chocolate. a great addition to my desk at work!!!

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