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We love to hear from you guys but we don’t always have the time to make posts like this. As we’re a bit in a lull right now, before Breaking Dawn promo starts, we’d love to hear from you! So where in the world are you guys located? It’s always fun to hear where everyone comes from. Lurkers come our of hiding! Feel free to tell us a bit about yourself! 

Since we used to do polls and ask questions of the day I’ll throw in a few while we’re at it. Feel free to answer them: 

– Have you ever met Rob? 

– What’s your favorite Rob movie? 

– Which upcoming Rob movie are you most looking forward to seeing? 

We hope to hear from many of you! 

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181 responses to “Where In The World Are You From? We Want to Hear From You Guys!

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  1. I’ll start 😉 My name is Marie. I created ToR over 2 years ago. I never thought it would get so big lol. I’m from Canada but ToR posters are from around the world. My twitter handle is @FPontheDL.

    Yes I’ve met Rob, well met is a big word. I saw him at the Water for Elephants premiere in NYC for the first time. My favorite Rob movie is Remember Me and I can’t wait to see Bel Ami!

    I hope many of you comment. We love to hear from you.

    • Hi, my mame is Ashley and I am 38 years old and from North Carolina. I love your site and I like the way you respect Rob’s privacy! I hate that he is tormented by the paparazzi on a daily basis and can’t have a “normal” life. I think he and Kristen are adorable together and I hope that one day they will get the privacy that they deserve. I am a huge fan of Rob’s. He is funny, down-to-earth and amazingly talented!! I thought he was brilliant as Salvador Dali in “Little Ashes” and I can’t wait for Bel Ami! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to Rob!

  2. Hey guys, I’m Susanna from Austria. I have never met Rob, unfortunately. My favorite Rob movie is “Remember me” and I can’t wait for “Cosmopolis”. And I hope that Rob will anounce a new project soon.

  3. my name is shannon from united kingdom, northern ireland to be precise, im 16, never met rob 😦 my favourite rob movie so far is water for elephants, he is just amazing and when he wears the brown leather jacket, it is sooo sexy!! 😛 im mostly excited to see breaking dawn part 1 and 2 but i also cant wait for cosmopolis and bel ami 🙂 i cant wait for his future projects and i know he will go far 🙂 xx

    shannon dand (robsessed)
  4. Hi,

    I live in The Netherlands. Born and lived on the beautiful island of Bonaire. 33 years old and kind of a weird and fun jung woman. I work hard and this is kind of a strange hobby of mine. I drive everybody crazy with My Rob thing but it’s funny. I never met him. Actually I wouldn’t go all the way to meet him either. He will be in Belgium for BD. Nice for the girls over there. Love your blog. I have your posts pushed on my Iphone. Bye bye. Oh btw. I watch twilight (all three) all the time but I loved Remember me. Looking forward to see Bel Ami and BD 1&2

  5. Sweden calling:-). NEVER met Rob, but would I like to? YES!!!! Really love all his movies, think he was brilliant in Remember me, guess it’s My favourite, but he’s à really Good actor. I’ve seen most of his work from ring of the Curse, How to be to The haunted airman and can’t wait to see Breaking dawn, but would really like to see him in another genre, like a western, perhaps?! Lots of love from Malin in à cold Sweden

  6. hey guys
    my name is Angela and i’m from munich, germany.
    I’ve met Rob on the hvb event in munic for the promotion of >new moonthe water for elephantsRemeber Me< Bel Ami<. I hope he is so headsome like in the other non twilight movies 😉
    best wishes ang from Munich

  7. Ne, s Robertem jsem se nikdy nesetkala a myslím, že ani nesetkám. Jsem z České republiky, která je celkem bezvýznamná pro známé herce a skvělé lidi, jako je Robert. Můj oblíbený film je Nezapomeň na mne, ale je smutný. Nicméně všechny Robertovi filmy jsou skvělé, protože do nich dává celé srdce a sebe sama. Těším se na Rozbřesk, který bude mít premiéru v listopadu letošního roku. Robertovi přeji hodně štěstí a lásky v osobním životě a úspěchy ve své profesi.

    • Ahoj René, diky za komentar. Doufam ze nevadi, kdyz to rychle prelozim 🙂

      rough translation. No, I’ve never met Rob and I think that I never gonna meet him. I’m from Czech Republic, a really small and meaningless country for actors and great people like Rob. My favorite movie is Remember me, but it’s sad. However all Rob movies are great, because he’s such a good actor.
      I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn. I wish Robert good luck and love in his live and success in his career.

  8. I am from California in the high dessert., love all of his movies but sadly I have never met him…Because of my health I can not go camp out for three days for the LA premiers. He is a beautiful man.

  9. Okay again, beacouse the postbox didn’t like me -.-”

    hey guys
    my name is Angela and i’m from munich, germany.
    I’ve met Rob on the hvb event in munic for the promotion of new moon and to the water for elephants premiere in Berlin. He have a nice kind of humar 😉 And I like his voice.
    My love movie with Rob is Remeber Me
    I looking forward Bel Ami. I hope he is so headsome like in the other non twilight movies
    best wishes ang from Munich

  10. Hello I am from Germany, huge Rob Fan, but I’ve never met him. I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis and of course the end of the Twilight Saga. Best Movie yet is Water for Elephants.

  11. hi, that’s sweet of u 🙂 I’m Lamiaa from Egypt resident in Dubai UAE and I’ve been blogging about twilight, Rob and Kristen at Apotamkin the Cold One of Egypt. I have met Rob’s wax figure in London and hopefully will see Rob one day. I’m looking forward to BD I. II, very curious about Cosmopolis evil role and Unbound Captives and hoping very much for a romcom and an album from Rob. I’m not particularly fond of Rob’s early work but I think his upcoming movies will be awesome..

  12. Hi there, My name (well part of it anyways) is Sim,
    I’m from the Netherlands and haven’t met Rob. Don’t have the desire to either: I know I’m weird 😉
    I joined ToR about 2 years ago now I think? And I’ve met some amazing friends here!
    I loved the first Twilight movie and am looking forward to Bel Ami and Cosmopolis. LOVED Water for Elephants too!!

  13. My name is Lucie and I am from Czech Republic. I have never met rob 😦 , my favourite Rob movie is Water for elephants. I looking forward Breaking Dawn, Bel Ami too

  14. Hola, yo soy Marivi, de España, os sigo desde hace tiempo, adoro a Rob y no he tenido aún la suerte de conocerlo, todas las películas que estan pendientes quiero verlas, pero espero más de Cosmópolis y Bel Ami, que de Amanecer, aunque por supuesto deseo verla en cuanto la estrenen aquí.Tengo un blog sobre robert desde hace un par de años, para poder subir sobre todo mis modestas creaciones en imágenes de Rob. A pesar de que me gusta mucho la saga crepúsculo, en libros y películas, para mi mi trabajo favorito de Robert es Remember me

  15. I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Although I have not met Rob, I did see him earlier this year in Sydney, when we had the chance to walk the red carpet ‘with him’ for the Water For Elephants Premiere. Even though he was literally a couple of metres away, it seems like a dream. I’m going ‘old school’ to say that I adore him in The Bad Mother’s Handbook. I think it’s just because he plays to my school girl fantasies. Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend like Daniel? I’ve enjoyed watching him in all his movies so far, but Twilight holds a special place in my heart because that’s really where I feel in love with him. I’m especially looking forward to Rob branching out into other projects. Can’t wait to see Bel Ami and Cosmopolis and where the future takes him.

  16. im from New york but now i live in FL and go to an art school named Ringling. I what to meet him or just see him in person and i want o see BD and my fav move is WFE or the haunted airman

    Christina Nuccio
  17. Hi! I’m from Moscow.Rosten.ru loves you, guys!!!
    I’ve never met Rob, but I’m gooing to be at BD in London, I hope I can meet him 🙂 I think he need another “stolichnaya” t-shit 😉
    My favourite movie with Rob is WfE.
    I’m looking forward Bel Ami and of couse BD.

  18. Sure I will 😀
    I never met Rob !! And I want it soooo badly :O 😥
    But I’m going to try to go to the BD promotion in Paris, :’)
    Uhh, favorite movie,, well all of them actually 😀 but the Twilight Saga the most ❤ Can't wait for Breaking Dawn of course 😀 always hyperventilating if I watch the trailer 😀 =D that was all… love to Rob Xx Greetz meggie


  20. I’m from London 😀 I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn and Cosmopolis 🙂

    • in reply to Kristen me too! I can’t wait! it is (as of today) 40 days 16 hours, and 31 minutes til BREAKING HEADBOARDS DAY oh believe me when I say I am SO keeping track :p

  21. hey guys my name is imen and am from Tunisia, I never met with rob and this is my dream, rob movie’s that I want to see is of corse BD but also Cosmopolis, I think that is going to be amazing as always 🙂

  22. Hi I am 33 and from Boston Massachusetts, USA. I have never met Rob but would love too. But I am also not willing to to go way out of my way…lol I know strange;) but my life is not set up that I can go to Premiers and such.
    My favarite movie over all of his is Little Ashes. But my favorite character he has ever played is Edward and I am most looking forward to the BD movies. BD is my favorite book and can barely wait..lol Out of the Saga movies, Twilight is my favorite movie but I thought Rob did the best Edward in Eclipse… I always cry during the proposal scene♥

  23. Hi my name is Jessica I m french but I lived in NY for 2 years. i have met Rob 3 times: once when he was shooting remember me, at the remember me premiere in NY, and at the wfe premiere in Paris, and a quick glance at his hotel in Paris. I wish to all of you to meet him because he is so much more georgous in real and so kind. i have been disappointed by a lot of star because they werent nice with their fan but Rob is really a nice person who is nice with his fans. i love him even more for that! My favorites movies are remember me and wfe but its hard to choose because I love him in every movie he did! I really want to see bel ami.

    • It’s great that you got to see RM Filming! Love that movie. When we went to NYC for the WFE Premiere we went to the Pearl Street Diner and did a RM tour. I need to go back! 3 days in NYC wasn’t enough.

  24. Hi, everyone! I’m Anna and I’m from Russia,Murmansk city. Its on North of my country near Norway. 🙂 I’m big Robert fan and I’m the head of ClubRobland on vkontakte.ru (russian bigest Social network). I yet have not met him, but I hope. 🙂 My favourite movie with Rob is WFE. And I’m looking forward for Cosmopolis and Bel Ami! Can’t wait for all of his new movies!!!

  25. I’m from Peoria, IL, 😉 I’ve not met Rob but if I do I imagine it will be in some odd way. It wouldn’t be attending any red carpet events etc.. I wouldn’t be able to handle the noise! 😉
    I LOVE every single movie Robert has been in.I think the only one I’ve not seen is Ring of the Nibelungs. Bad Mother’s Handbook was lovely. Little Ashes was freak’in amazing! Of late, WFE. Looking forward to Cosmopolis ( I think he is going to blow our minds in this). and future works. I’m hanging on for Unbound Captives but as the years go by Roberts only getting older… how long can they keep him in the part of son?
    I love.. and I do mean love.. that he saved Bear!!!! Muts.. they are the best! 😉

    • Little Ashes was freak’in amazing!!! He was brilliant as Salvador Dali!! Can’t wait for Cosmopolis either! He is an amazing actor! I can’t wait for Bel Ami to be released too!

  26. I am from Chicago, IL. I’ve been a fan of Rob since March/April 2009, when the Twilight DVD came out.

    I have met Him. At the WFE premiere in NYC, and spoke with Him at the Today show. He really is so much more in person. His fans are great people too.

    Favorite movie of his… Hmmm, I would say WFE. Though How To Be, is what made me realize how amazing as an actor he is.

    As much as I’m psyched for BD1, I am dying to know when BelAmi is going to be released. Rob in a period costume, using his own accent, and having sex with several women. Seriously, looking forward to that. 🙂

  27. I’m Meg, I live in England
    I have never met Rob 😦
    My favourite film up to now is Water For Elephants and i’m most looking forward to Cosmopolis
    I also run the fan page Rob Pattinson should make a CD on facebook

  28. I am from the coast of North Carolina in the USA. Over 40 but don’t give a hoot, and I just love that man. I have never met him since the places he visits is too far from me. My favorite movie is Water for Elephants. Kinda funny really since my favorite keeps changing because he keeps making more. His talents are really starting to blossom and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to see it happen over the years.

    There are some scenes that I look forward to in all the movies coming up, I really cannot pic one I want to see over the other one. Doesn’t really matter since I WILL SEE THEM ALL. I am very hopeful to see Rob with Hugh Jackman in Unbound Captives . GAH. Both are delicious and have some similarities.

    • Hi, rdmickey1989. Sounds like we have something in common….Rob!! I am from Lumberton, North Carolina. I will be 39 years old next month and I am not ashamed to say that I adore Rob. He is so funny, beautiful, and amazingly talented! I have two children also (boy and a girl). Nice to know I am not the only “older” devotee of Rob. 🙂

      • trust me: there are a lot 😉

      • A lot of similarities between us. I am due north of Lumberton, just inside the VA line. My birthday is also next month !! During ROBOVEMBER !!!
        I have two boys though. One a jr in college and the other a jr in H.S.

        There are plenty of us mature individuals that love that man and have been Robsessed for a long long time. We usually aren’t the lurkers because at this age….we know what we want and what we like ….without question. Not a bashful Scorpio here!!

        • I hear you!! My birthday is Nov. 6th. When is yours?

          I just adore Rob and wish him continued success! I wish that there would be an opportunity to meet him. I would just love to tell him how amazingly talented I think he is and how I look forward to all his future endeavors. I would not be the typical fan that would scream and claw at him. I respect him and his privacy. Don’t get me wrong…I would definitely enjoy him in all his beauty! 😉 I hate that at such a young age he is dealing with all this “madness”. I hope after BD part II is over that he can enjoy his life more and not have to run from paparrazi. I will still follow his career no matter what. I desperately want him to record some of his music. His voice is so sultry and soulful! That is one thing I am looking forward to!

  29. Hi all! I’m Siew Ling from Singapore. Mesmerized by Rob ever since I saw Twilight. Glad that my friend brought me to the movie if not i’ll never join this amazing fandom.

    Sad to say that I’ve never met Rob but I really hope to meet him someday if he ever comes to Asia again for any promotional events.

    My favorite movie is Twilight and i’m looking forward to BD, Cosmopolis and all of his upcoming films!!!

  30. Hi – Malta Illinois – have not had the honor of meeting Rob – can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn – while I truly enjoy all of Rob’s movies, Art (How To Be) holds a little special place in my heart. TEAM EDWARD! ;o)

  31. Just carrying on from my other post; I loved him in Remember Me. I was in new york when he was there but I missed him by mere hours 😦 he’s my first obsessive teen crush 😉

  32. Hi I am Sharon from The Midlands in England. I have never met Rob but would absolutely be thrilled if I ever got the chance. I love all of his work. Remember Me is one of his finest pieces so far. He is far too underestimated for his Edward work in the Twilight Saga and I hope he can prove continuously that he is here to stay. Really looking forward to a little hotness in Bel Ami and some seriousness in Cosmopolis. I do not doubt he will rock both. xx

  33. It’s great to hear from all of you! =)

  34. Hi. I’m Amy from Omaha, Nebraska. I am 35 years old. I have never met Rob and probably will never have the opportunity but I would love to. I do love the Twilight movies but I think my favorite of his is Remember Me. I am most looking forward to Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. I am hoping the PG-13 rating doesn’t hinder the story.

  35. Hi!! I’m from Spain. Yes, I met Rob in WFE London premiere. He signed my book 😉 I like almost all his films but Little Ashes is my favorite. I’m anxious to see Bel Ami and he starts shooting Unbound Captives.

  36. Hello everyone, I´m Sol, 29 and from Chile =) (yes, I live hanging out the map) I´ve never met Rob and I think I never will, nothing ever happen in this country except tragedies hahhahaha, but I would loooooove to, as half of the woman in the world 🙂 I think my favorite movie is How to be, I love him as an adorable nerd and speaking in his lovely English accent, though i love Remember me and WFE as well, and i´m looking forward to Cosmopolis, hell yes! I just love him in that black suit!

  37. Hello, I’m Shirl from Pennsylvania. I have never met Rob and since I know it won’t ever happen, I’m content to worship from afar 🙂 Favorite movie is Remember Me and most looking forward to Bel Ami. I love all the Twilight movies so far but love the first one the most. This was a fun topic and I’m enjoying “meeting” everyone here!

  38. Hey, I’m Bayan from Jordan. I’m 17 and Rob is my first and only celebrity crush. 🙂 I’ve never met Rob and probably never will unless something takes me somewhere he’s in.Remember Me changed my life so it’s my fav. Can’t wait to see how he portrays Eric in Cosmopolis coz I didn’t like the book that much so I’m hoping he added something nice to it 🙂

  39. My name is Serena or Rena for short. I’m 38 and I live in Las Vegas, NV, but I’m from CA originally. I’ve been a fan of Rob’s since New Moon. I came in late on the Twilight thing, but I’ve loved every minute of it since.

    -Have you ever met Rob? No, but I hope to one day.

    – What’s your favorite Rob movie? Remember Me

    – Which upcoming Rob movie are you most looking forward to seeing? Bel Ami

  40. Hi, I’m Paula from Poland. I love Rob since I saw him in Twilight, but now I think he was amazing in Remember me and just adorable in WFE. I never met him :-(. I’m looking for any of his work, BD ofcourse and Bel Ami.
    Many kisses for you Maria, Thank you for this wonderful place. You make me smile every day!!!

  41. I’m Kathy in Pensacola, FL. I’m a 65-year-old grandmother (!), & I’ve never met Rob & probably never will, but my daughter is on notice that meeting him is my dying wish, so it’s up to her & her husband to figure out how to make that happen. :-). I have a niece who lives in LA (Beverly Hills), and she went to the Twilight premiere in 2008 and actually met Rob & shook his hand. She assures me that he’s just as handsome and sweet in person as he seems. I’ve enjoyed all of Rob’s movies, but my favorites are Remember Me and Twilight. I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn, and I really hope Bel Ami is released soon. I’ve enjoyed ToR since 2009, shortly after seeing Twilight for the first time. (Thank you, Catherine Hardwick, for introducing Rob to the world!) I’m a big Robsten fan, as well. In spite of my age, I’m still a romantic, and their story fascinates me. Anyway, I love your website, you do such a good job, so just keep on doing what you do so the rest of us can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

  42. Hello and I’m Mellie (aka Melbie) from Mesa, Arizona and I’m 61 yrs old! I’ve never met Rob and never will but I have many friends online who have and ALL say he is the sweetest, dear man in person, he is the “real deal”. As far as my favorite movie, I have to stay with the original Twilight film as my favorite…it is just sentimental to me and very special. I certainly enjoyed his other films, especially Water for Elephants, and so look forward to seeing Rob’s career blossom as he plays more challenging and different diverse roles. I believe he is an excellent actor who can only grow to be better and great, and I hope I live to see the day he wins an Academy Award for Best Actor. The upcoming film I’m most looking forward to seeing is Breaking Dawn Part 1 because I love the Twilight Saga and if the trailer is any indication of what the film will be like, it is going to be really wonderful! Thank you Marie and all the gals at ToR for keeping us up-to-date on all things Robert Pattinson and creating and maintaining such a great website for all of Rob’s millions of fans the world over.

  43. It’s really great to read about you and feel connected with the other fans 🙂 I’m from Montréal (Canada), I’m in my 40’ties, and as I’ve written before «I’m a new born» in this fandom, as my love for THE MAN only started this past june. I think I saw RM first, really loved it, was touched by his caracter and thought he was very good, and cute. But I didn’t went crazy for him right away. What !?! Then I watched Eclipse, and I just went nuts ! I guess something in his way of playing Edward touched something deep inside me, and since then, I’ve been hooked, like, totally, by his absolute -inside and out- beauty, his charm, wit, humour, well everything ! Favorite work so far ? Don’t want to choose, but probably RM and Eclipse. Sometimes, it’s a little thing, like the little sound he makes, as Edward in Eclipse, when he says « iced tea on the porch, hum » that, right there, just kills me… And I haven’t seen WFE yet ! So there’s 5 movies coming for me in the next year. Hiii Haaa ! I believe that if Cosmopolis is what we think it will be, it could be a best actor’s nomination for THE MAN in a big festival or at the Oscars… 🙂 To end this long post : I work in a public library, and I joke that it has become my «pusher» for my Robaddiction since we have a lot of stuff about him : movies, books, magazines… like I’ve been listening to the WFE score while waiting for the dvd to come out… Oh, and I LOVE his singing… sigh… hope he’s going to record some day.

    • Well, of course ToR is my FIRST «pusher» concerning Mister Pattinson 🙂 Thank you guys !

    • We don’t live that far apart! =)

      • Bonsoir Marie, I’ve looked at your Twitter, you live in the beautiful Québec city ? Or near.
        Another question : do you sleep sometimes ??? It amazes me to see you posting, reading, raising a child, and certainly much more, I think you are like a Gregory Charles on your own ! Well, we all benefit from your hard work, that’s for sure. And following the comments on the auction site, I read Divergent and I loved it ! Amicalement 😉

        • Bonsoir à toi aussi =) Yes I live in Québec City. LOL Yes I do sleep, there are a few of us updating the site. I started it alone but now there’s 6 of us that post and update the site. So I don’t do this by myself. I could never do it as I work as well. I love Divergent too! Great book!

  44. Hey everyone I am leah and I am from Northern California(Bay Area) I have never met Rob cause there are never any premires here in the Bay Area I hope too someday and as for one movie I can’t pick one movie I LOVE them all but here is my list of favorites
    1. Remember Me
    2.Water For Elephants
    3.Bad Mothers Handbook
    4.Little Ashes
    5.The Twilight Saga……I remember the first time I picked up Twilight I had just finshed reading the whole HP(Harry Potter) series and I was desperate to read ANTHING ha ha haha and I went to Target(for those of you that live in the states know this store :)) and I was looking around(*side note: this was “fate”) and I saw this book with two very white arms holding an apple and I was courious so I picked it up looked at it and thought hmmmm I will read it then I looked again and there was NM and Eclipse so I got those two(way before BD came out) the minute I got home I started reading Twilight I instantly bonded with these charaters and was VERY attracted to Edward OKAY I know that was so not normal but I was ha ha haha and then one day I go online to look at some of the news of HP and come to find out Half Blood Prince was being swtiched from 2008 release to 2009 release I was seeing(and once again “fate” steped in) red it was so funny I was threating to write to the stuido ha ha haha and then come to find out oh Twilight grabed the spot(that HP was susposed to be in) so I thought okay well awesome so Twilight is a movie well I go to see it thinking oh my god what if this guy IS 17?! then I calmed down and thought to myself just pretend its Harry Potter ha ha haha NO IMPURE thoughts well its up to the sence where they walk into the cafertia and first it’s Emmett and Rosalie then Jasper and Alice(meanwhile I am dying seeing those HOT dudes) then THE GOD(Robert Pattinson) walks in and ladies let me tell ya ALL bets were off!

  45. Hello everyone ^^
    My name is Aurora, I’m from Italy (North Italy) and I love Robert ❤ ❤ ❤ Unfortunatly I never met him 😦
    My favourite Rob's movie is…the Twilight Saga 😀 I love all three film 🙂 I cant't wait for BD and for Bel Ami XD

  46. Hello hello!

    I’m Nikki! I’m 27, from Minneapolis, MN.

    I’ve never met Rob but I hope to have the opportunity at some point in the future. My favorite Rob movie would have to be ‘Remember Me’ or ‘Water for Elephants.’ I’m looking forward to ‘Bel Ami’ the most (hopefully we’ll get it eventually!!) and of course BD.


  47. Hey my name is Jenny & I’m from Germany/ Berlin 🙂

    I met Rob this year on April 27 and it was… amazing !
    I love him so much!

  48. Hi 😀 My name is Carina and I am from Norway. I have been a fan of Rob for over two years; since March 2009 🙂
    I got to meet him on May 3rd 2011, on my birthday, at the Water for Elephants London Premiere 😀 That was the biggest moment of my life. I got to see the person I love most in the world. He didn’t see me though, since he didn’t look up. But I don’t mind that 🙂 I did however get two autographs; one on my WFE movie-book-tie-in, and one on a WFE picture I had with me. ❤
    My favorite Rob movie is Remember Me 🙂 And I am most looking forward to Bel Ami 😀 Although I am also very much looking forward to the beginning of Breaking dawn 😉

    • Hi Carina/lovingrob ! Just to let you know that when I was a teenager I read -many times- a beautiful french novel for teens called « Adieu mes 15 ans » (I still have it !) One of the main caracter came from Norway, and that made me dream a lot about your amazing country *sigh* There is a beautiful word that was invented a few years ago to name the specificity of living in northern countries like ours (I’m from Québec province) : nordicité… 🙂

  49. Hi, I’m Micki, live in Maryland, USA but grew up all over the world as my dad was military. Never met Rob (yet), favorite movie is hard to chose, but I would say Water for Elephants, but loved him in Bad Mother’s Handbook!! Most looking forward to BelAmi, loved the book and can’t wait to see bad, dirty, mean Rob. It will be such a departure for him and I think he will do it justice.

  50. Hi, i’m from Greece, it’s hard to choose one…but i think my favorite is probably Remember me. I am looking forward to see BD and i can’t wait to see Bel Ami.

  51. Sorry I forgett

    – Have you ever met Rob? Yes I have 🙂

    – What’s your favorite Rob movie? Remember me & Water for Elephants 🙂

    – Which upcoming Rob movie are you most looking forward to seeing? Bel Ami ♥

  52. From Indiana – fav Rob movie is Eclipse &you Remember Me!!!

  53. Hello my name is Sara I am 29 I will be 30 in December :(. I am from Torrance, California (Los Angeles area). I have never met Rob. It would be nice if I were to just by chance see him out and about in LA but I am not the type to camp out to see him or any other celeb for that matter. Guess I am content to admire from afar and make wallpapers and photo edits of him 🙂 My favorite movie would have to be Twilight and Remember Me. I am looking forward to all of his up coming projects! I am also looking forward to seeing Water For Elephants I have read the book but I didn’t get the chance to see it when it was in theaters. I know I am a bad Rob fan :\

  54. Hi! I’m Vanessa from Barcelona, Spain. I’m 30 and I’ve met Robert 2 times: at the New Moon fan event of Madrid and this year at the WFE promo here in my city which was great! ^^
    M fave movie is WFE, closely followed by Remember Me and Little Ashes and I can’t wait to watch Cosmopolis!!! 😉
    BTW, I love this web and I love your respect for Rob’s private life 😉 Keep doing the good work!

  55. Hi,

    My name is Daphne and I’m from the Netherlands (where we don’t speak german *looks at FP*)
    I’ve never met Rob, maybe this will change when he comes to Brussels.. (and still it won’t be really meeting him, but seeing him IRL LOL)

    May favorite Rob movie is Remember Me.. I just love that movie!

    I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn, but mostly I’m looking forward to Bel Ami and Cosmopolis.

    So yeah that’s about it..


  56. Hi! I’m Nika from Minsk, Belarus. Never met Rob yet, but I hope I will one day…
    I like all his movies, but my favorite is Twilight:) I’m SO looking forward to Bel Ami and Cosmopolis!
    And BD, of course.

  57. Hello everyone! My name is Melisa, everyone calls me Missy, but Im sure everyone on here probably only knows me as EmilyRayne! Im 33 yrs old, Im from Atlantic City, NJ, but now live in the mountains of Virginia. I used to be a Medical Assistant until I got really sick and was pretty much forced into retirement early;0-) So, now Im on permanent disability. I used to run a site of my own (Virginia Twilight Moms) but I started getting really sick again last year, so I had to quit. I do have my own personal site that I use for my own artwork though … I love Photoshop!

    As for picking my favorite Rob movie, now thats really really hard! I absolutely love Harry Potter! But then, I loved Little Ashes too… then there is Remember Me, who could not love that? Its really hard for me to choose just one!


  58. Hello! 🙂
    I’m Gisele from Brasilia, Brazil’s capital and I’m 21. I’ve never met Rob but I really hope to meet him someday. I have been a fan of Rob since 2009. I love him so much!
    My favorites movies are Remember Me, WFE and Little Ashes!
    I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis and Bel Ami! =D

  59. hi im Momena from Amman Jordan im 33 ,my dream to meet Robert ,i been afan for him since 2010 .
    i love him when i sow him in Twilight the another movies is remember me and water for elephant
    i cant wait to see Bel Ami

  60. My name is Ashley and I am from North Carolina. I think Rob is funny, beautiful, down-to-earth, and amazingly talented! Unfortunately, I have never met him but who knows, maybe some day….. My favorite Rob movie is “Remember Me” and I am most looking forward to seeing him in “Bel Ami”. Of course, I can’t wait until Nov. 18th. BD is going to be fantastic!! Curious how “Cosmopolis” is going to translate to the big screen. The book was a somewhat difficult read.

    • I also thought he was brilliant in “Little Ashes” and WFE! I am 38 years old and just can’t believe a guy that is 25 years old fascinates me so much! I think he and Kristen are adorable together and I hope they can continue their relationship with the privacy that they deserve!

  61. Hi girls!
    My name is Kasia (or in English- Kate), age: 16. I’m from Poland, to be excat- nothern-western part of Poland (and as I can see- I’m not only person form Poland here).
    Unfortunately, I haven’t met Rob yet. But I hope I will soon!
    It’s not easy to pick one Rob’s film which is my favourite. Ok, if I have to, I pick… “How to Be”. Rob as Art is just flawless. One day I said (maybe I shouldn’t) that Rob is like mix of Art and Tyler.
    Next question is as difficult as previous one. Many good Rob’s films are having premiere next year (Yes! I’m not talking about Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn). I’m not able to pick one now. Cosmpolis and Bel Ami will be the hits! And they are my favourites!
    Although Twilight films gave Rob this fame… but I don’t like them, I’ll watch BD only because of Rob, but I’m not waiting for them as impatiently as I’m waiting for Cosmopolis and Bel Ami 🙂

  62. I’ve never met Rob. :-(( My favorite Rob movie so far is Water for Elephants. I’m most looking forward to seeing Rob in Bel Ami.

  63. Hi, My name is Angela and I’m from Italy. I’ve seen all Rob’s movies and think he was great in all of them but if I had to choose one I woud say Remember me. Can’t wait to see BD, Bel Ami and Cosmopolis and hopefully many others. No I haven’t met Rob and probably never will, you know I’m not a girl anymore and it would ridiculous for me going around the world to chase him. bye

  64. My name is Daniela Millan and I am from Honduras in Centro América. I Love Robert ❤ amm my favourites movies are LITTLE ASHES, Remember Me and Water for Elephants. I looking forward Cosmópolis and Bel Ami too!!!

    My web in spanish http://robert-pattinsonfan.topgoo.net/

    100% ROBERTFAN!!

  65. Hey,
    My name is Linda and I’m from Germany. My favorite movie is Remember Me and I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn and Bel Ami. I’ve never met Rob:( He is so awesome and beautiful. Because of him as an actor…I know today that I wanna become an actress, too. My life changed completely. Rob is so talented, soooooooooo good-looking, cute, he has a really special and great voice. I love his hair and his hands 😀 His beautiful smile…and his way of thinking.
    I thank you so much for this site…I couldn’t live without it anymore.

  66. Hi fellow Rob lovers. I am from Melbourne, Australia and would LOVE to meet Rob one day. Sadly I didnt get the opportunity when he came to Sydney for the WfE premier. I loved watching Rob in Remember Me, and I cant wait to see him in Bel Ami. Keep up the great work here. This site is wonderful. XXX

  67. I’m from Hawaii. I’ve never met Rob. My fave movie is How to Be because he’s in every scene, uses his own accent and he makes me laugh. I would love to see him in Unbound Captives because I like stories with Native Americans and to see Rob dressed like one would be awesome!

  68. Hi! I’m from Arizona and I love what you guys do on this site. Thanks for all the great information, pics, and artwork to feed my fandom. 🙂

    1) I’ve never met Rob.
    2) My favorite Rob movie (aside from the Twilight Saga) is The Haunted Airman. He was absolutely amazing in that role.
    3) I’m very anxious to see Breaking Dawn, but I am really looking forward to Bel-Ami. I loved the book and I can totally see Rob as Georges Duroy.

  69. Wichita, KS USA

    Never met Rob. 😦

    Remember Me is my favorite so far.

    I can’t wait to see Bel Ami, if it stays true to the book we’re in for a treat!

  70. I live outside of Charlottesville, Va. Unfortunately, I have not met Rob yet but hold out hope that it will happen one day. I like so many if his movies that it is hard to choose a favorite. I guess that I will pick Water for Elephants only because it comes out on dvd before anything else. Really can’t choose one I’m looking forward to. I’m excited to see them all.

  71. I’m Christy and I live in the Philadelphia suburbs of Bear, Delaware.
    Unfortunately have not met Rob YET but its on my bucket list. LOL
    Tough choice but I’ll have to go with Remember Me as my fav Rob film so far but Eclipse is a close second.
    I’m excited for any film Rob is in. Unbound Captives sounds incredible and Rob + Hugh Jackman = too much pretty ::THUD::

  72. Hi there I’m Debbie and I live in Lynnwood, Washington (about 25 min from Seattle) in the US, and am a huge supporter of all things Robert Pattinson! 😉

    – Have you ever met Rob?
    Sadly not yet! But I’m hoping it’ll be any of these days now.

    – What’s your favorite Rob movie?
    How To Be

    – Which upcoming Rob movie are you most looking forward to seeing?
    Bel Ami. That’s my “most-anticipated” for him. 🙂

  73. Hello from Athens Greece,my name is Vicky, I’m 53 years old and a mother of two wonderful children. I would like to thank you once again for ToR, absolutely great job from all of you. I would also like to congratulate you for the respectful way you are treating ROB. He’s an exceptional man, believe me I’m old enough to know, as well as the best artist of his generation. Never met him… I realy wish, someday… My favorite films Little Ashes, How To Be, Remember Me, Water For Elephants up to now, still, I have every little second he’s ever filmed at home, watching over and over again. I can’t wait to watch BEL AMI, COSMOPOLIS, and the last parts of Twilight Saga as well. I always hope that he will grace us with his music too, for he’s a musician at heart as we all know. Thank you for letting us be a part of your companion/friends in this site. Thank you for helping us have a few carefree moments, for life is not that easy most of the time, to say the least. ROB, if you ever read your fans’ messages, take good care of yourself, be as happy as possible your way, thank you for every single moment of soothing you have given me through your fine art and your tender heart.

    • Bonsoir Vicky, just wanted to say that I’m touched by what you have written…

    • Κύπρος εδώ! Πολύ συγκινητικά αυτά που γράφετε κυρία Βίκη 🙂

      • Μαράκι ευχαριστώ σε καρδιά μου. Τα φιλιά μου στο κουκλίστικο νησί της Αφροδίτης, που ελπίζω να επισκεφτώ μόλις μπορέσω.

    • awwww thank you so much for your sweet kind words!! hope you get to meet him one day ❤

    • Awww Thank you! ❤

      • Thank you girls. Keep my fingers crossed for the wish to come true. By the way, would you be intrested in a coloumn with short stories or free “poetry”, or something like that? I happen to write a lot and I believe that a few more friends from the site would enjoy. I would really love to help you to some work, but I’m completely ignorant with all this stuff you’re dealing with, plus I don’t have the hardware inquired. Still, if… whatever let me know. XOXO

  74. Hi, my name is Tracy and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I have never met or even seen Rob in real life. I’m not the screaming, fainting, sitting in a car for 3 days type so if I ever did get to meet him it would have to be by coincidence. I loved WfE and Remember Me. Whenever I read the Twilight books I picture Edward as Rob so I love them too! Thanks for the great site and for keeping me up to date on all the RobHappenings!

  75. Hello, my name is Annelies Meijer. I am from the Netherlands.
    I never met Rob, but I am going to the red carpet in Brussels. So I hope I will see him then!!!
    My Favorite Rob movie, hmmm, I’m doubting between the Twilight movies and Remember Me.
    And I am really looking forward to Breaking Dawn part 1

  76. Hello there.I’m Tamara and I’m from Montenegro (right now living in Serbia)..I’ve never met Rob.Not sure if I ever will,but,hey,never say never:) I (almost) like everything he does,but if I have to pick my favorite movies then I’d say HP4,How to be and Remember me.Really looking forward to seeing Bel ami and Cosmpolis or any other project of his..rgds

  77. Hi i’m Emanuela, Manu for everybody, you know me like “HisHandsObsessed” ; i’m Italian but i live in France! Never met Robert yet :(((((((
    My fav film is Remember Me for now….i think i will love Cosmopolis and Bel Ami

  78. My name is Hilda from Hungary, Eger. I’m 53 years old, have a son 1 year older than Rob a daugther 1 year younger than Rob and a 13 years old son. Rob’s How to Be made me his fan,and I’m desperately waiting for Bel Ami and Cosmopolis. Don’t wait too much from BD, not my favoutite story, and because in the Eclipse they made Edward whinny…Ok. I saw him inBudapest from far, and in Berlin on WFE premiere, but in my whole life I will be angry for Dean… he made Rob go away from our line. I’d like to see him again… maybe sometimes it will happen. My favourite film? i can’t choose. HP,HA, BMHB, HTB, Remember Me, WFE, Twilight, all have their moments why I love them.

  79. Hi I’m Laurence from Puerto Rico. I’m 34 and i haven’t meet Rob, hope one day i will. I’ve being fan of him since Twilight. I have been fallow ToR since the start ToR girls are awesome. I can’t wait to see Breaking Down and Bel Ami. I’m such a fan of Rob that my husband add most of the Fan Page in Facebook to keep tracking something new to tell me 🙂

  80. The power of Rob…

    He has created a fandom that crosses cultures and generations. I never dreamed that when I saw a little movie called “Twilight” on a fluke (knew nothing about the books) that I would find myself years later traveling across the United States to meet amazing people from the fandom…and the Twifecta.

    I live near what is known as the Quad Cities in Illinois, about three hours from Chicago and only a little over an hour from Peoria (waves at Antuanet). I will turn 50 next year. Ugh. My daughter is 25 and my son is 23. I’m lucky they support my mantra of “growing up is overrated” and that my husband is a good sport all things considered.

    1) I first saw Rob at the WFE premiere in NYC (wristband holder) and again at Regis & Kelly (one of only 7 standby people let in that day). I also did the whole camping in line for the BD1 panel at Comic-Con in San Diego and was lucky enough to be one of the people who got a winning raffle ticket to meet Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Bill Condon at the autograph signing they did after the panel. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed. Still on my bucket list. I actually had a conversation with Rob. It still shocks me that I could form coherent thoughts. One of the things I mentioned to him was that I hoped music was a part of his future and he said he hoped so too. *sigh*

    2) I have to be honest and say that Twilight will always be my favorite Rob movie because without it, I wouldn’t be here typing this. It will always hold a special place in my heart. But as far as a pure joyful experience from start to finish, that would be WFE. I started following it from day one and capped it off with being on the red carpet at the premiere.

    3) I am really looking forward to seeing Bel Ami (Rob as a man-whore speaking in an accent? Yes, plz.) and Cosmopolis (Rob is in every second of every scene, including every naughty scene. Need I say more?)

    Great idea, girlz. I have followed this site from practically day one of my online journey. I don’t comment often, but I’m always lurking. I’m also blessed to call two contributors to this site friends: itsjustme1217 and donnersun. XO

    • Hi 17foreverlisa ! Love your post. And I’m also with you on that one ” I will turn 50 next year. Ugh. ” 😉 When I was 29, I used to tell people that I was 30… so I could get use to it !!! Same thing at 39… but now, I never say the big “50” word, but only that I’m in my late 40’ties. Well, I guess I just spit it out right now !!! 🙂

    • *big hugs* <333

      • Hello dreamysim1, just wanted to say that I’ve been browsing your site lately and I really really like it 🙂 There are some beautiful pieces of creation, and now I have many of your art as wallpaper for my computer, as my eyes never have, of course, enough of THE MAN… Thank you for puting some more beauty in the world with Rob as your inspiration. I don’t have all the english vocabulary to fully express my feelings on this, but also I find it very touching to read everybody’s posts, all from different part of the world, background and age. I think that we need that, in this kind of difficult time and world we are living in.

      • And thanks for the big hug ! 🙂

  81. I’m from New Zealand! (That little country down the bottom right hand corner of your map!).
    Never met Rob – closest he’s come to me is Sydney Australia (boooo)… favourite movie so far? Remember Me, and really looking forward to seeing Cosmopolis!

  82. Hi. I’m Nicola from Ireland. I’m 18 and I haven’t met Rob…yet. I’ve loved him since Goblet of Fire. I think he’s brilliant in The Bad Mothers Handbook and How To Be. I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn and what he’s gonna do in the future 🙂


  83. Hello my name is Yolanda known on twitter as yolycopro…I was born in Havana Cuba but been in the USA since I was 4. Now I currently live in Florida…Ihave never met Rob but someday hope to do so…My favorite Rob movie other then in Twilight is Water For Elephants. He was awesome in that movie and look forward to getting my DVD in few weeks. I love your blog and visit it often to get info on All Rob!!

    Yolanda (YOLYCOPRO)
  84. Hi!
    I’m Amy from St. Louis, MO
    My fave Rob movie is Little Ashes… (I also have a love for The Haunted Airman..)
    I have met Rob 1.5 times, once in Brooklyn (got a pic w/him) and sort of at the Remember Me premier (he signed my RM script)
    I have been a fan since Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire..who doesn’t love Cedric!!!
    I am really looking forward to Cosmopolis, it will be interesting to see Rob bring Eric Packer to life on screen, especially since the book/story was so unique. I also hope that we will actually get to see Bel Ami some day…
    ToR was the first fan site I followed.
    Keep up the good work ladies!!!

    Twitch (@AmyM11_11)

  85. Hi, I’m Sylvia, 53 years old, live 10 minutes from Ghent, a beautiful Medieval City in Belgium.
    I met Rob in may at the WFE premiere as you can see on my profile picture and I hope to meet him
    again in Brussels on october 26.
    My favorite movie: hard to say, I really love al his movies, he is a very great actor and put
    so many feelings in his caracter. But if I really have to choose I guess it will be WFE.
    The movie I’m looking foreward too? All off them but the most Bel Ami and Cosmopolis.
    so I really hope they finaly release Bel Ami next year all over the world.
    xxx Sylvia

  86. Hi, my name is Sune and I’m from Pretoria, South Africa. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to meet Rob but would love to one day. My favorite movies of Rob are Eclipse & Remember me, though I love him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and of course The Twilight Saga movies.

    Thank you TOR for all the hard work keeping us up to date on Rob! You are great!!!

    Sune van Jaarsveld
  87. Hi! My name is Eva and I´m from Frankfurt/Germany. I was lucky to meet/see Rob at the WFE Premiere in Berlin. He walked and waved and smiled just one meter in front of me – unfortunately I hadn´t the opportunity to speek to him. My favourite movie with him is still Twilight, but he is an excellent actor, so I love all of his films. I´m looking forward for Cosmopolis an indeed for BD!

    Thank you guys for giving us so much information and sharing our one and only passion: ROB!

  88. my name is samar from jordan i never met him,my Favorite movie is twilight but i think he will be awesome in musical movie

  89. Hello everybody, my name is Maria and i am from Cyprus, an island in the mediterrenian sea, near Greece. I am a veeeery big fan of Rob, but unfortunately i’ve never met him 😦 and i know that it’s very hard to meet him cause cyprus is very far away from america, and it’s too small to be noticed by him. 😥 i really hope i meet him one day 🙂 i must think positive 🙂 well, my favorite rob movie is Water For Elephants and i can’t wait for Bel ami, and Cosmopolis! I can’t say that i can’t wait for breakind dawn because i’ve read the book and know how the story will be like, but i just can’t wait to see how rob will act there!!!! Also, i hope Rob will act in many comedies in the future cause i will love to see him making jokes, and i also hope he’ll record his own album one day 🙂

    Maria Kythreotou
  90. Hello, I am from Easton, Pennsylvania (a small city north of Philadelphia). I have never met Rob but he certainly seems to be one of the most genuine, down to earth, sweetest people I’ve (n)ever met. I’ve loved him in all his movies, but I have to say my favorite movie, so far, is “Remember Me”. And, i can’t wait to see Cosmopolis . . . Rob on the screen for the entire movie . . . I can surely handle that !!

  91. My name is chisom and i am from nigeria. Am 19 yrs nd i became a very big fan of robert after i got 2 watch twilight and i fell in love with the whole wierdness thing. Ever since then i hv been combing the market searching 4 any dvd containing rob’s film 2 buy cos dats all we get 2 see. We dnt hv much cinemas in nigeria nd d few we have shows only local movies hence d dvds which are mostly pirated. We dnt get 2 see or hear much cept of course wen some terrorists had dropped a bomb somewhere, lol nd we dnt have anything lyk movie premiers heck! i dnt even no d meaning of d word until my dad bought cable nd i started watching E!, i jst discoverd dis site 2day on twitter nd i’m soo happy 2 finally meet ppl dat share my interest in movies, my family nd frnds still dnt know wat d fuss is all abt, so in my opinion i think am d only rob fan in nigeria. So far i got 2 see only 3 of robs film cos we only get 2 see foriegn movies a yr or 2 yrs after they have been released, only then is it safe 4 ppl 2 pirate. I have never seen talk more of meeting robert live nd i wish dat 1 day i will get 2 meet him though i dnt know how dat will ever happen bt hey!, a girl can dream right? U guys over in d US nd ur neighbouring countries are very lucky. I wanna tnk u guys 4 opening up this site so ppl can share there thoughts especially ppl lyk me dat are constantly in d dark, its gud 2 know dat one is not alone in this robert fanactism. Pls keep me posted nd 4 those of u dat get 2 see him, give him all d love nd support.

  92. Hi, my name is Sveta? I’m 35. I am from Russia. I’ve never met Rob, most of all I like Twilight and Little Ashes, and I’m looking forward to see Bell Ami.

  93. Hi im from Colorado and I love how you act.You are so Handsome and I am a big fan of you and all the movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Hi from Winona, Minnesota. I have never met Rob and probably never will, but that’s ok. I have had fun following his career since 2008 since I first saw Twilight. My favorite movie of his has to be WFE, following closely by Remember Me and Twilight, but I truly have enjoyed all his films. I am really looking forward to Cosmopolis as I am intrigued by Cronenberg movies and I also love all the work of Paul Giamati – can’t wait to see their scene together. Also really, really hope he gets to act in Unbound Captives with Hugh Jackman – those two together in the same movie is almost to good to be true.

  95. My name is Andrea, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Lima – Peru but I’ve been living in Quito – Ecuador for a year and a month. I’ve never met Rob but I saw him close enough at the Teen Choice Awards 2011, I was reeeeaaally sad that I couldn’t met him, cause who knows when I’ll go to L.A. again??? Hopefully soon! 🙂

  96. Hey. I´m Susi from Germany. I´m 25 years old. My Hometown is near Leipzig. Love Rob in Remember Me an Water for Elephants. I´m looking forward to his new Movie Cosmopolis. I saw him 2010 in Munich to the Fan Event but my seat was to far away. He was hardly recognizable. And 2011 I was in Berlin to the Preview from WFE. But I stood on the wrong site and just saw his hot backside 🙂 He´s so cute in real life 😀 Hope I have sometime the chance to get a foto with him…

  97. Hi, I’m from Poland, now I live in Wrocław. I have never met Robert Pattinson, but of course I really would like to do it 🙂 I like all movies with Rob, especially The Twilight Saga and I’m looking forward to see Breaking Dawn! I really like your website about Rob, it’s great 🙂

  98. Hola! I’m slowie 😉 and I’m from Germany. I joined ToR last year and it’s so great to be a part of this amazing team.
    I’ve met (well saw him for like 20 seconds( at the WFE premiere in Berlin and got an autograph. I liked Twilight and I loved Water for Elephants and Little Ashes. Can’t wait to see Bel Ami and Cosmopolis!

  99. Hi everyones ! My name is Karine, I’m from Paris, i saw Rob on “Water for elephants” Première in Paris. It was amazing. For the movie it’s “Remeber me” my favorite and really like WFE. I can’t wait to see “Bel ami”.

  100. Detroit, MI

    – Have you ever met Rob? Nope.

    – What’s your favorite Rob movie? Remember Me

    – Which upcoming Rob movie are you most looking forward to seeing? Bel Ami

  101. Hi everyone! My name is Dani and I currently live in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I have never met Rob, however we’ve been in the same airport, at the same time 3 different times. What are the chances right? One of these times will be my lucky day!. My favorite movie so far is tied between WFE and Remember me, and I cant wait to see Bel Ami. I have to say I love this fandom! You are all the best.

  102. Hi. I’m from Brazil and I’ve been a fan of Thinking of Rob for a very long time. I remember the mornings when it was just Marie online on my twitter feed, this was before she went on the down low. LOL

    My favorite Rob moment? There are so many. But I love Rob’s interview to a fan for MTV, back in the Twilight days and he thought he was still wearing Edward’s clothes he stole from set. 🙂 – I just checked and you guys did not ask that, but I’ll leave it… LOL

    My favorite Rob movie is The Bad Mother’s Handbook – odd choice, I know. And also Twilight.

    I’m most looking forward to Breaking Dawn , part because is the very next one, part because of all the honeymoon scenes. But any upcoming Rob movie is a thrill.

  103. Hi! I just love you girls here at ToR! You all do a great jod here! =)

    I have never met or see Rob in person. Of course it’s a dream of mine. ❤
    Remember Me is still be far my favorite Rob movie. I'm hoping Cosmopolis will change that. =)

    -Crystal from Southern California

  104. My name is Lynn, I’m 41 and a big time lurker from Wisconsin! LOL I guess I always thought I was too old to participate but by the looks of the comments maybe not! I’ve not met Rob at all 😦 But I have met Peter Facinelli, who is awesome and I remember thinking “he knows Rob!” I really loved him in Remember Me and Water for Elephants. Of course I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn next month but I’m also looking forward to Cosmopolis. I need to read the book quick first though!

  105. My name is Stephanie and I am from Missouri (USA). I love TOR- you girls do an awesome job!

  106. Thank you!

  107. My name is Serenity and I’m from the snowy city of Syracuse, NY. I love you ladies! You do such an excellent job!
    Rob and I briefly had a moment at the WFE NY premier. He was so confused as to what camera to look at because a bunch were being held up at the same time. He took my magazine to sign and then couldn’t figure out whose it was. He apologized for not being able to hear me say it was mine (I tried, like, 10 times).
    I’m pretty sure at this moment, Bel Ami is the one that I’m looking forward to the most…if we ever get to see it 😉

  108. Hi! My name is Gloria and I live in San Francisco. I’ve never met Rob, but I would love to.
    My favorite movie so far is Water for Elephants. And I am looking forward to seeing Bel Ami.

    Thanks for all the work you put into this site!!

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