Weekly Roundup of Robert Pattinson Pics and Quotes of the Day   1 comment

Here’s the weekly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“I never really considered myself attractive. I was always kind of gangly in school.”

-Robert Pattinson 

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“I keep forgetting I’m speaking in an American accent sometimes. The dangerous thing is that you end up forgetting what your real accent is after a while! It’s really strange; I’ve never done a job in an American accent before.” – Robert Pattinson

“I don’t know if I’m particularly funny, I mean one of my legs is shorter than the other one, it makes everything look very awkward, so I can just pretty much look like an idiot, but I don’t know whether I can be like witty. It could be a problem.” – Robert Pattinson, Comic-Con 2009 (When asked if he would do comedic roles in the future)

“I wanted to play piano in restaurants in the south of France. I went there on holiday once and I saw this guy playing in an old tuxedo. He was all disheveled, with a whisky glass on the piano. I thought that was the coolest thing. So what’s happened to me with ‘Twilight’ isn’t really what I’d planned.” – Robert Pattinson

“I’m afraid of buying a house or anything, ‘cause if there’s one paparazzi outside for one day, then they’ll never leave.” – Robert Pattinson

“My dad says he likes to bask in my glow.” – Robert Pattinson

“Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I’m like, Whoa, I’m so cool.”- Robert Pattinson

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One response to “Weekly Roundup of Robert Pattinson Pics and Quotes of the Day

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  1. EXCUSE ME?! Rob?! okay I will say this and that is when we were teens(or pre-teens) and just turning into teens yeah we go thru the awkard stage period BUT Rob went from cute little boy(off the cute meter I might add) to awkward teen to DAMN! WHAT A GOD! so let me just say you Robert Thomas Pattinson are NOT dangly at all!

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