More Info on The Breaking Dawn Event in Paris   1 comment

Here is more information on the Breaking Dawn Event in Paris 

From the SND:

Dear fans, we are very attentive to all your comments. Here are the answers to many questions of the weekend:

  1.  The unpublished 10 minutes of the movie will appear only in Fan Event.
  2.  Although the Fan Event takes place in Paris but we held most of the contests on the national media so that everyone has a chance.
  3.  All the contests, except Fun Radio and MSN, allow you to earn 1×2 places.
  4. A Red Carpet will be set up for the coming of the actors. We are seeing with Summit for a possible autograph signing and photos.
  5. A translator will obviously present.
  6.  The remaining 156 places will be dispatched between the national media journalists, bloggers with which we work since the beginning of the saga, as well as our partners.

Source: SND via PattyStewBoneCity 

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