*GREAT* Cosmopolis Video Made by @Fearlessmore *MAJOR SPOILERS*   6 comments

Here’s a great cosmopolis video that was made by Fearlessmore .

**There are MAJOR SPOILERS in fact I wouldn’t watch it if you haven’t read the book. The entire book is revealed** 

**Some scenes are NSFW**

This video contains a lot of manips which I don’t normally like but they suited this video.


Posted October 13, 2011 by justfp in Cosmopolis, Fan Vids

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6 responses to “*GREAT* Cosmopolis Video Made by @Fearlessmore *MAJOR SPOILERS*

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  1. Wow my Dear Fearlessmore, you are magic, everythings you do are so gorgeous!!! Thanks for all. Love you !!! Your Friend Manu ❤

  2. WOW ! I read the book so I watched the video without any guilt 😉 and it’s something, bravo ! Lot’s of patient work in there, a really great job !!! Love the music too, it’s powerful. Like justfp, I’m usually not into Rob’s pictures manipulation, but as she said they suited the video. Thanks !
    Oh and THE MAN is always so georgous…

  3. WOW! I’m just speechless! I would like to applaud the person who made this video. Bravo! It was like i was watching the mini version of the movie.

  4. Thanks for these lovely comments<3 and thanks again to ToR for posting my vid!!!

  5. Amazing!!!

  6. Wow that was really well done!

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