Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie   19 comments

It’s been a while since we’ve done this poll. So tell us, what’s your favorite Robert Pattinson movie? 

Feel free to tell us why in the comments! 

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19 responses to “Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie

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  1. For me it still hasn’t changed. My favorite Rob movie is still Remember Me.

  2. “Water for Elephants” because I love animals and circus 🙂 But “Remember Me” is my second fave movie !

  3. its the one and only Remember me and then new moon

  4. I would say Twilight, since that is were I first saw this gorgeous man, but Remember Me & Water for Elephants are right up there as my favorites as well.

  5. Always Remember Me!! 🙂 Although he was brilliant as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. Twilight still holds a special place in my heart!

  6. It’s a close race between Remember Me and Water for Elephants. Rob was soooo good in WFE, but I thought the chemistry between him and Emile in Remember Me was wonderful. The romance between Tyler and Allie was totally believable. Sometimes in WFE I just didn’t feel it between Jacob and Marlena. I don’t know. I usually love Reese but I thought she had a hard time in this movie.

    I love the beauty in WFE and the heartbreak in Remember Me. Plus I believe that’s as close as we’ll get to seeing the “real Rob” on screen.

    So I pick Remember Me.

  7. I voted WfE because I’m an animal nut and seeing Rob with the animals made me swoon. Remember Me is my second favourite.

  8. REMEMBER ME. This movie was not a blockbuster, many (quote-unquote) critics said it was a cliché melodrama and what not. People said the acting was mediocre, etcetera, Offensive ending. I say, bullsh*t. As Tyler/Rob said (pre-Art Show dinner scene), “It’s a metaphor.” The ending may be anything. It shows the uncertainty of life. In the first place, this movie was written as a tribute to the victims. Months later, CRITICS were singing praises for this movie and for Rob’s acting, as well as the rapport of the cast. Among all he had done (so far), this movie is the best for me. What he did here is owning the character, making him live, making me feel that this is not just a movie with a cliché love story and dramas of a Catcher In The Rye-type of kid. This is not just a boy-meets-girl and boy has a fucked up upbringing like the girl whatever-blah-blah-too-cliché-Hollywood-has-done-that movie. The movie focuses on the life of that guy, showing the audience that all these victims weren’t only numbers in the papers. They had their own story, a story that rudely stopped from one moment to the other.
    Rob’s performance is great. Not because of all the tear-inducing-emotionally-targeted-side of the movie but because he just makes you feel.

  9. This was tough because I’m a huge Twilight Saga fan but I tried to answer based on just Rob performance n over all movie so I chose WFE

  10. Hands down, Remember Me. I saw it nine times in the theater and I watch it at home every chance that I get. I’m not really sure why it is my favorite it just is. There is something about Tyler Hawkins that I love. He was never damaged enough that you knew he couldn’t be saved and Allie did save him. He had a lot of angst but you could see under the surface how loving and loyal he was. Oh and lets face it, Aidan was a total dick but you had to love him. I think everyone needs at least one friend like him. They make life interesting.

  11. It’s Remember Me ( very well explained by raz4hyde ) but I haven’t seen WFE yet. He was great in Eclipse, and I have a very very soft spot in my heart for Twilight. And I really enjoyed watching him in Little Ashes and How to be… oh well, I just love him ! 🙂

  12. I love Remember Me–it’s the movie that propelled me from being just an Edward fan to being a Rob fan. But I voted for Water for Elephants. I saw that film twice in the theaters (once with my mom, hubby, and a friend, and once by myself), and I can’t wait for the DVD. I love the story, both in the book and the movie. The magic of the circus, the frightening character that is August (the most dangerous villain is the one who doesn’t realize he’s a villain), Rosie (I love elephants!!), and Rob… Couldn’t ask for a better movie!

  13. Performance and plot wise I would have to say Remember Me, but twilight has to be in close second.

  14. Water For Elephants and Remember Me. Hard to choose between the two.

  15. It’s very easy to me: Little Ashes. He was wonderful as Salvador Dalí.

  16. I loved Remember Me. I loved the characters, Tyler & Allie, and I thought they had amazing, amazing chemistry together. I loved the story, the fact that the characters develop throughout the story, the acting – all of it. I thought Rob gave such a stellar performance and it was nice to see him as a normal guy, just questioning life and trying to come to terms with it all. I won’t watch the ending now, but I do not think it was in any way disrespectful of the people who died that day, on the contrary. It illustrated the point that everyone who died that day had a life and, for me, it brought the tragedy of 9/11 home yet again. Remember Me is what made me such a Rob fan. I also loved Water For Elephants, but Remember Me really touched a nerve.

  17. Remember Me and Eclipse U__U

  18. I love both Remember Me and Water for Elephants (along with everything else Rob has done) but give the edge to Elephants because of the happy ending. I always stop the DVD OF RM at the part where Tyler is looking out the window in his Dad’s office.It’s very touching and sad, whereas Elephants ends on an upnote. Twilight is wonderful too, and he was very moving in Little Ashes. It’s great to see how he is stretching himself with a variety of roles. Can’t wait for Bel Ami and Cosmoplolis.

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