2nd Worldwide Give Away! Win a 50$ Gift Certificate to Buy Twilight Merchandise on CafePress   117 comments

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This is the second and last giveaways we’re doing courtesy of CafePress. This giveaway is for a 50$ gift certificate that can be used on millions of Twilight Breaking Dawn merchandise at CafePress!

The contest is worldwide. All you have to do is leave a comment. One comment per person.

You have until Friday October 21st, 2011 at 5PM ET to enter.

We’ll be numbering the comments and picking a winner using random.org. Sometimes it takes a while for us to approve comments so be patient 🙂

The winner of the first CafePress giveaway was announced here

Posted October 17, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

117 responses to “2nd Worldwide Give Away! Win a 50$ Gift Certificate to Buy Twilight Merchandise on CafePress

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  1. 1) Please please please 😀 Meee !!! XD

  2. 2) I love these worldwide giveaways. They really give the international fans a chance! Thanks so much

  3. 3) I sooo want to win this!!!

  4. 4) I really love Twilight and so does my Neice… I know she would really like to have something Twilight..

  5. 5) I cross my fingers, never know I win somthing xxx

  6. 6) Cool another give away. I’m in.

  7. 7) I would love this for my daughter & me. I hope I win!!!

  8. 8 ) I want to win!!!

  9. 9) *fingers crossed*

  10. 10) Great Contest!

  11. 11) Great contest- Cafe Press is awesome for cool stuff!

  12. 12) i love Twilight and Cafe Press. Pick me!!!

  13. 13) Sounds fun I hope I win!!! @melsvfp

  14. 14) I’ve got my fingers crossed! 🙂

  15. 15) OMG!!! one more chance, I hope win! =D

  16. 16) I’d love to win this!!! 🙂

  17. 17) Very nice giveaways! Fingers & toes are crossed…! 🙂

  18. 18) I’d love to win this and get myself some Breaking Dawn t-shirts<3

  19. 19) Fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  20. 20) Thank you for this awesome giveaway 😀 I would love to win. <33
    Love, Carina

  21. 21) This is is cool!!! PLease please please pick me random.org!!!! xx

  22. 22) Thanks for the opportunity

  23. 23) Hope I win I’m crossing my fingers and toes!!!!

  24. 24) Can’t wait for November 18th!

  25. 25) Would love to win some Twilight stuff so I can proudly wear it in front of the non-Twilight loving people, who think that I should grow up (as I’m 41). Never gonna happen!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win =)

  26. 26) it would be so awesome to win this!!!

  27. 27) Thanks to make this kind of giveaway ! I wanna win ! 😀

  28. 28) I love Cafe Press! I wanna win.

  29. 29) i want to win

  30. 30) It would be amazing if I won this!

  31. 31)I want to win, crossing my fingers and toes 🙂

  32. 32) It would be so wonderfull if I would win this. I admire him very much!!

  33. 33.) This would be so awesome! (: <33

  34. 34) Let’s try this one more time!

  35. 35) Une deuxième chance ! Thank you ToR and Cafepress 🙂

  36. 36) Crossed my fingers and my toes this time!

  37. 37) Just 1 month and 1 day…so excited…I ❤ Twilight!

  38. 38) Thanks for the contest! Hope to win!

  39. 39) **waving hands in air** Pick me! Pick me oh wise random picker thingy-majingy!!!

  40. 40) I know i’m not gonna win, but i can still hope…

  41. 41) Would be wonderful to splurge on something to do with Rob!!!!!

  42. 42) Thank you ToR for another chance! I love this site!

  43. 43) This would be awesome to win! A college student loves anything free :0)

  44. 44) Awesome! It would be awesome o win. I’m dying for a great BD T-shirt! :))

  45. 45) Another great contest!!!! Would LOVE to win this! *fingers crossed*

  46. 46) I would do anything to win this i will be honest i am a diehard fan of twilight but i don’t have alot of money to buy fan stuff so it would be a dream come true to win this!!!!

  47. 47) Yay… again wordwide… that´s great. you are great 🙂

  48. 48) Yay!! Another worldwide giveaway 🙂 hope I win this one!! Team Edward ❤

  49. 49) Wow, where do I start. makes no difference what I say as its randomly chosen, but I will say is, its so hard living here in UK. Trying to get any merchandise at all is painstaking. This would mean the world 🙂

  50. 50) Nice to win a certificate to buy Twilight Merchandise on Cafepress,if anything!lol x

  51. 51) I would LOVE to win! I have my fingers and toes crossed!! 🙂

  52. 52) I LOVE ROB!!!!!!

  53. 53) I would love to win this!!! Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!

  54. 54) Ooooooh would love to win this

    shannon (robsessed)
  55. 55) I would love to win this….

  56. 56) I wish Robsert a long, healthy and happy life and successful career. I will love you Robert Pattinson forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤

  57. 57) I would love to win 😀

  58. 58) how great!!!

  59. 59) Very cool! Hope I win! 🙂

  60. 60) Hmmm I would love to participate and win 🙂 Thank you for keeping TOR going strong ❤

  61. 61) I would love to win!!!

  62. 62) OMG I love CafePress &my Thinking of Rob. What a great giveaway!!!!

  63. 63) Hi 🙂 I would like to enter this giveaway

    Pernille Meldgaard Pedersen
  64. 64) Please let it be me :0

  65. 65) Hope that somebody nice win that thing;):P

  66. 66) *fingers crossed* 😀

  67. 67) This would be awesome!

  68. Would love to win!

  69. 68) I hope I will win 🙂

  70. 69) Huge Twilight fan and I’ve been really short on money and this would help a lot !

  71. 70) Such a great contest. You are awesome!

  72. 71) i want to win sooooo much! please please pleaseeeeeeeee:D<3333333333

  73. twilight is the best!!!!!!

  74. woooooo team edwardd!!!xxxxx

  75. 72) Awesome giveaway 🙂

  76. 73) i hope win 🙂

  77. 75) I have purchased a great deal of Twilight merchandise for myself from various sources including Cafe Press. I love Twilight and would love to have $50 to spend! I am out of work, and I am suffering from withdrawl from not having new Twilight stuff!

  78. 76) Cafe Press is an amazing place to get so many unusual items, not only for pop culture icons like ‘Twilight’ but lots of other fun and creative merchandise you won’t find elsewhere. Very much looking forward to the upcoming “Breaking Dawn” film.

  79. 77) I want to win, please!!!! Pick me!!!

  80. 78) one in ?? chances to win-Bring it on!!

  81. 79) Thanks for the opportunity; I love me some CafePress and I want me some Twilight merchandise!!

  82. 80) Yes please 🙂

  83. 81) I am ENTERING 😀 ♥

  84. 82) I wanna I wanna I wanna!!!

  85. 83) i hope i win…………

  86. 84) I want iiitt!

  87. 85) OH THE contest ends on my BIRTHDAY I WOULD LOVE TO WINNNNNNN!!!!

  88. 86) Twilight has changed my life by coming along when I was struggling with things in my life. It was my fantasy away from real life.

  89. 87) Pick me!!! I love Twilight! I go to everything Twilight-related that comes to or near my town. And I go broke buying twilight gear! Pick me pick me!!

  90. 88) I would LOOOOOOVE to win! I love Twilight and Cafe Press!

  91. 89) Please pick me. I love Twilight and would love to win the gift card.

  92. 90) I love both sites and even though random(dot)org tends to hate me maybe it’ll cut me some slack this time around. I would love to win. 🙂 Thanks.

    Christina ~ @VerucaMarie

    Christina Nadeau @VerucaMarie
  93. 91) Great contest ! Pick me

  94. 92) I want to win!!! I live twilight and cafe press!

  95. 93) Pleeeeeeeeease… I’d b great to win from somewhere far like Egypt!!

  96. 94) I hope i win 😀 never won anything in my life 😛

  97. 95) thankkss

  98. 96) And the winner is 96? 😛

  99. 97) I love numbers that end in 7 🙂

  100. 98) Thank you for this great contest! I hope to win it… please choose me!!!

  101. 99) Meeee Please!! 😀 Im dire need of something to wear to the midnight screening lol

    Bryydie Pattinson
  102. 100) aww, I really wanna win this.

  103. 101) Cafe Press has good, quality products…it’s one of my favorite places to shop online.

  104. 102) Count me in 🙂

  105. 103) I think it would be nice to win something!

  106. 104) Sounds like a great contest 🙂

  107. 105) Yes please…I really need something to wear to the London premiere 😉 This would be perfect!!

  108. 106) this is the very first time I have entered!!! exciting

  109. 107) i love cafe press merchandise and i love that these give aways are world wide. i would love it if i win

  110. 108) Would I love to win this!!

  111. 109) I love when there are worldwide giveaways! love thinking of rob, its the first thing I look at when I get home from work 🙂

  112. 110) I always wanted to buy a twilight necklace, maybe that’s my chance 🙂

  113. ************************************************CONTEST IS OVER***********************************

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