Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson at the Paris Fan Event   5 comments

Here are some fan pics of Robert Pattinson at the Paris fan event for Breaking Dawn along with co-start Ashley Greene.


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Questions that will be asked:


1. What is the role of your dreams? The one you always wanted interpreter?

2. We can consider that edward and alice arenice, would love you to explore a darker sideof your characters

3. How did you feel the last day of filming of the saga

4. What is your favorite part of the saga

5. each director of the sage asked you to exceed your limits: what was the hardest thing to do on all the adventure twilight.


From @Lubie, a fan who attended:

During the fan event, a girl ask Rob to sing and i was so embarrassed he didn’t do it. Another girl give him a gift, it supposed to be a hat… Ashley answered first usually to the questions (courtesy) and Rob didn’t know what to answer because Ashley already said it… he was so cute. He tryed to translate in his head a question of a french fan but he had the wrong translation. The other questions was classic.

Another fan account, from Francesca_fr


Added the rest of her pics to the gallery.

Here’s a part of the fanaccount posted by Le Monde de Francesca (translation partly google):

After a few minutes, Rob and Ashley came into the room. The translator asked questions of Facebook fans (I confess that I was not super focused on those here) and people in the room asked questions.

– What is the role you have always wanted to play? Ashley: Alice. (I think) Robert: a role he has to shoot someone. lol

– How did you feel during your last day of shooting?

– What is your favorite part of the saga?

– What do you regret most about your character? Rob says he has tried to translate the question himself from French to English and he believed he was asked what type of cream he prefers. lol the question (he had forgotten MDR): his hair. ^ ^ Ashley said she does not regret the contact lenses.

– What is the most fun time shooting the whole Twilight saga? Ashley: the baseball scene in Twilight.

– Can you sing for us? Rob said he is too embarrassed

– What is your favorite song? Rob: those of Marcus Foster

– When is the most fun or bizarre filming Breaking Dawn? Ashley responds a scene with 50 vampires. Rob: the birthscene with Bella.

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  3. I’m actually ok with the facial fuzz! I’m surprised! Definitely still prefer clean shaven Rob but right now I still would! All day!

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