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It’s his last interview of the day, and Pattinson looks exhausted “I’m about to pass out,” he says as he crashes on a couch. His exhorbitant fame would exhaust anyone. We still have to ait 1 year for the final movie, and that’s why Rob is now facing an emptiness that is waiting for him when the saga is over. He has two movies waiting for a release date, but as of now, the actor has no new projects lined up. He laughs, “I didn’t mean to take a break but…” aware that is strange how a star of his calibre has no work waiting fo him. There’s rumors that Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with him once Twilight is over. Pattinson doesn’t seem worried, and talks wisely about the whirlwind that is his life.

No more Edward Cullen. Do you feel liberated?
I’m nervous. These past few years it didn’t matter if I did a bad movie, I still had Twilight and I wasn’t worried.

And now you don’t have a safety net anymore.
Exactly, and that’s scary. I have to choose right. I’m the clumsiest person when it comes to making decisions.

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If I read a script and I liked it, that means I didn’t get it (laughs). I get so excited with the idea I have in my mind that I don’t let anyone else give me their opinion. Not even the director. I take the part and then it becomes something else and it hits me “What the f*ck am I doing here?!” and the director has to tell me “I thought I told you…” (laughs).

So you really worked out for the sex scene?
I knew I had to take my shirt off. I worked out obsessively and ate nothing for seven weeks. When we finished those scenes I order a pizza and finished it by myself. Then I got called back to do some shirtless scenes again, and I just kept thinking “I hope it’s dark”.

The birth scene is so gory?
When we were starting the movie it felt like it was impossible to not make it R rated. There was so much blood. We had a really baby for three months, and we were worried we were going to traumatize him for life. We kept telling him “We’re sorry, we’re sorry!” (laughs).

Do you wish Twilight had stayed the indie movie everyone wanted it to be?
Sometimes. But maybe I wouldn’t have been able to get work afterwards. I’ll be able to make a living the next 20 years because there will always be Twilight fans willing to watch whatever I do, even if it’s not good. I might even have a steady job just signing autographs! From now on, I can be a total loser! (laughs).

In teen movies, the cast needs to be role models too. Is that uncomfortable?
If you try to do a good job, and you take work for quality and not for fame or money, you’re a good role model. But who’s a good role model? People who seem the cleanest are the worst in real life.

There’s rumors that Bel Ami is having a hard time being released because the studio doesn’t think the audience should see you as a villain.
That’s not true at all – I do whatever the hell I want (laughs). If it takes off, good. If it doesn’t, I don’t mind. You can’t chase your audience, or you’ll never know what they like. There’s no garantees, you need to let go.

You seem to be interested in producing too. Is acting not enough?
I want to write a script and not let anyone take it away from me. I want to shout to an actor and say “Don’t you dare change a f*cking word. Say it like it is!” (laughs).

You just wrapped Cosmopolis. What can you share about it?
Crazy, strange and different from everything I’ve done. The only thing Cronenberg said to me the final day of filming was “This was so much fun!” I’m like, “Fun? What are you talking about?”.

Looks like you got it wrong again…
Yeah, God knows what it’ll look like in the end (laughs).


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  1. edward is so deep. i love it. and old fashioned, that is hard to come by these days in age.

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