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Departure from the Twilight World

Teenage star Robert Pattinson on the last vampire speed, minute-long Fankreischen and the benefits of a life with no fixed abode.

His early career as Cedric Digorry in the fourth “Harry Potter” movie has long since forgotten, because for millions of fans around the world, Robert Pattinson is just still the charming vampire Edward – and perhaps the biggest heartthrob of the cinema under the sun. Three years after “Twilight – Bis (s) to the dawn” and a few other movies like “Remember Me” or “Water for Elephants,” the Briton the immortal lovers, is now playing in “Breaking Dawn – Bis (s) at the end of the night 1 “. It is the fourth and penultimate time the final, already wacky, Finale will follow in November 2012. In an interview Robert Pattinson looks despite his mere 25 years of fairly mellow and cool.

Mr. Pattinson, five films and one long to play the same role – that is a challenge?The most difficult thing about the “Twilight” movies for me was always, be careful that you had not to repeat itself. Especially when Edward, because the figure is changing so, unlike some of the Bella, not really.He is no more, he does not sweat, he does not cry, he makes himself never dirty. Not so simple that you can not always look the same since.But is not “Breaking Dawn – Bis (s) at the end of the night 1” placed special difficulties? After all, there is a wedding and honeymoon.

Yes, it was definitely a new experience, because for the first time Edward and thereby makes everything that follows, by a certain change.I was honestly easier than ever to slip into his skin. It felt more natural, somehow he got a bit more human.

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Also because of the much-discussed sex scene?

Sure. While rotating the scene was actually quite straightforward, very easy. Our director Bill Condon has made sure that no one had to feel uncomfortable. Strange was only the pressure of expectation, because we really felt we had under observation before we had begun to turn at all. And even though there was actually a thing that will make most people more or less the same.

Were you on the last day of shooting happy to Edward behind?

Above all, I was stressed out because my last scene was a night shoot, and after only two hours sleep I had then on a press trip for my film “Water for Elephants” go. Kristen and I had a little later but then one last time before the camera, on the beach in the Caribbean. That was a nice final because we were only a small team and were able to say goodbye at dawn and with cocktails in the hands of the “Twilight” world.

Is it over the years actually become easier to deal with the incredible fan-hype?

Some things you take the time to simply as given. But I think all this excitement to this day still completely insane and unnatural. Who ever this hubbub accepted as the normal state, which presumably psychological difficulties. That’s why I try to keep the so far as possible from me. As the then everything started, I was emotionally involved much. This made me incredibly tired. After our initial promotional appearances in shopping malls, I always had to then go to bed, I was so broken. Meanwhile, I have more distance and see the public more as a kind of Robert alter ego of the real, private.

What situations are most difficult?

Above all, this is inevitable unpleasant suspicion that one develops. I had to learn to judge within a few moments, whether my opposite to me as a person or concern me as the celebrities. I’m not so cynical or jaded, I just followed me feel and think that everyone is really after me. But be very careful and interpersonal interaction is loose lose all self-evident.

The “Twilight Saga” is now turned off completely in about a year is the final piece in the cinemas. You now have all the freedom-minded, could get involved in London as a theater engagement.

In theory, yes. Although I should wait a little longer so sure. Now, if I was going to the theater, the audience would probably remind you more of a “Twilight” fan convention. And nobody would have it, if every time starts several minutes of shouting, as soon as I enter the stage. That’s why I prefer to leave me with something a little more time. Especially since my film anyway more interested in theater.

On your first vampire movie songs were also two of you on the soundtrack. How is it these days, look at your music career?

From music career, you can not really speak. That was with the songs on the soundtrack rather a nice coincidence. But I am still a regular basis and take up the guitar again and again to songs. Who knows, maybe one day I publish some. So far I push those plans but rather a bit ahead of me.

What are next on the program?

The next year will finally be my new film “Bel Ami” with Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas in the cinemas, with which we are really ready for quite a while. And “Cosmopolis,” the new film by David Cronenberg, I’ve also been turned off. But I just vacillate between a few new projects that I could throw myself in early 2012. But nothing is definite.

How about accommodation? Or you do not live more out of a suitcase?

But, I still have no fixed abode and would rather draw from hotel to hotel. I do not feel too old for such a lifestyle, so this is just for my current life situation extremely practical. That all my possessions in three suitcases fit is simple and liberating. The only thing that matters sometimes a bit complicated, is my dog.

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