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Here’s a new Rob interview with Capricho

Robert Pattinson arrived at the luxurious Four Seasons hotel, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, very much like himself. Beard, jeans, white shirt and hat turned to the back. Before we started the interview, he passed by me carrying a dog bed and left it in a room, at the end of the hall, where Bear was. Yes, Rob’s dog always joins him in his business commitments, ever since his owner adopted him, during Breaking Dawn filming.

The English actor came back laughing and not even caring that I was there seeing everything. Rob is exactly like that: a simple guy that makes sure to always be himself. In 4 years of the Twilight saga, the most famous actor in Hollywood, never let success go up to his head. He was never involved in scandals and doesn’t like talking about his personal life – even his relationship with Kristen almost goes unnoticed. Rob’s secret? To have his family and his “few true friends” always around him. In this exclusive interview to CAPRICHO, Robert Pattinson also talked about what he felt while shooting ‘Breaking Dawn’: he said he only got scared during the wedding scene when saw Kristen walking dawn the aisle towards him, and that he was terrified to hold a real baby. Ah! Notice the loving way he talks about his girlfriend.

It was so cool to see you talking Portuguese…
I wonder what the fans thought of me. They think I did it all wrong.. Honestly, I was just repeating the words people were saying to me. (laughs)

What did you feel when you saw Kristen wearing the wedding dress?>
She looked amazing. To me, it was a very easy scene. I didn’t have to hide, like Kristen, because of the dress. She was so stressed, sitting inside the house, waiting for the paparazzi helicopters to leave. I was great, until I saw her walking in my direction. When I saw her terrified look, I realized that it was my scene too, that I was going to have to do something.(laughs) It was my time to freak out. But it was a beautiful scene.

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And the sex scene? Was it difficult to shoot?
No. That was easy! (laughs). The hardest thing was that, in normal movies, when you’re doing a sex scene, people don’t pressure you a lot because the director doesn’t want to intervene and suggest how he would do that. (laughs) But in Breaking Dawn, it was different, there was too much expectation. How to make all the people, that were waiting for that moment, happy?

Do you think you did well?
I think all the merits go to the director, Bill Condon. Because there weren’t many ways to film a nice sex scene with a PG-13 rating. You can’t show too much. It can’t be “complete”, with everyone naked. (laughs)

Was there anything that made your life easier during that time?
Actually, nothing made things less weird. (laughs) There were three men to break the bed. I was trying to do a sex scene and there was huge guy laying on the floor, looking at me and telling me what to do.

How was your attitude torwards Kristen
I was worried about protecting her because, you know, in that situation, everything is more complicated. But in the end, she was more comfortable with her body than I was with mine. (laughs)

Were you embarrassed to be shirtless
(Laughs) I was trying to keep the sheets covering us during the breaks between scenes. But it was more because of me than Kristen (laughs). Have to be judge by how I look like is terrifying. — I avoided that the whole saga. —

Did you work out to film those scenes
Yes. But, as soon as I filmed them and didn’t need to be shirtless, I stopped working out. (laughs)

The birth scene is so dramatic. How was to shoot that?
I read the script and didn’t understand it. It didn’t look like a Twilight scene. To see Bella almost dead and have to do a c-section with my mouth. I thought: “How are they going to film that?”

And Kristen? She was okay with it?
She’s very commited to the role and was really involved in Bella’s story. She was so intense in the scene, I don’t know, I think it brought out an emotion in me. For the first time during the saga I was nervous. There was no other way to shoot that. It’s a scary scene.

Taylor Lautner said Kristen looked really sexy as a vampire. True?
(Laughs)Of course, a sexy goddess. She looked amazing. It was funny because Bella is that girl that is always tripping on things, and then, she turns into this elegant woman, like a vampire queen. Kristen had the best twist in the plot!

Did the movie make you think what kind of father would you be?
I never really thought about that, but during the second part of the movie, we were filming with 2-3 weeks old babies, and I was terrified. You have no idea how small they are. (laughs). I was scared to death to break them.

Do you want to be a young dad?
I think that would be nice, because I don’t have a lot of friends. (laughs) Sorry, I don’t have a younger brother, my idea about kids is kind of immature. (laughs)

How do you define love?
Wow. (laughs) I think it’s to be with someone and let that person to be herself. Each one has to live their own lives, but with the support of the other person. And you need to be able to do what you want. This is one of the definitions of a couple in love, because love is about so many other things.

Have Kris, Tay and you really become friends?
We went through this moment in our careers together It’s nice to be around people that were going through the same thing. It’s easier to keep your ego and sanity under control. Like, any of us would judge the other if he/she changed. And the fact that we are still friends, after five movies, is amazing. We were lucky.

How would you describe Kristen?
She’s great. Ok, that was awful (laughs) She’s ambitious.I like that obsessive determination she has to be herself. She’s amazing. She takes the things she says too seriously, kind of like the opposite of me. (laughs)

What have you learned in these four years in Twilight
The importance to keep my feet on the ground. Ever since I became an actor, I saw people who with just a little fame, lost it. But the majority of the people I’ve worked with in Twilight didn’t, just like the actors in Harry Potter. Having family and real friends around me helped me a lot. That makes the difference in life.

Four years ago, you were shocked with fame. What changed?
Everything. It’s strange being the subject all the time. You feel powerful and think that you can do anything you want. You want to remember your original dreams because it all gets confusing and distorted when you have a million people telling you what to do. You feel that you are being judged, no matter what you do. I still believe in what I used to believe

Have you given up on being a musician?
I stopped doing gigs because who goes to see me wants to see the famous person. It’s nice to play to people that just want to have fun and don’t care about who I am.

But do you still make music?
Yes. I’ve made millions of songs. (laughs) I play the guitar, piano and cello.

You play paino in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’, right?
I teach Renesmee how to play the piano. It’s nice. I shot the scene with a 4 year old girl that played better than me. (laughs)

At 25, what do you want from life?
I don’t know, to become an adult? I still feel like I’m 12. I hope to grow up. (laughs)


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