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New pictures of Robert Pattinson from Paris – October 2011   1 comment

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New Fan Video of Robert Pattinson at the Breaking Dawn Premiere in LA   2 comments


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*VIDEO* David Cronenberg (Cosmopolis) mentions Robert Pattinson and the Twilight-fame   1 comment

Cronenberg mentions working with and casting Rob at about 1:57:

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David Cronenberg talks about his motivation casting Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

David Cronenberg talks about his motivation casting Robert Pattinson

Your casting of Robert Pattinson in ‘Cosmopolis,’ someone whose acting might not be as critically lauded as Mortensen’s, was obviously a well-thought-out decision, then.
Well, Keira’s acting doesn’t always get praise from high-brow critics, either. I would use that parallel. You have a young actor who’s found success with a franchise just like Keira did with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ who’s underrated because of that. In each case, they’re too pretty and too successful so people are jealous. As a result, people assume that they can’t possibly be good actors.

So what was the exact motivation for casting Pattinson in ‘Cosmopolis’?
He’s the right age, he’s got the right screen presence, and when I looked at his other work I thought he’d be really interesting for the role. Casting is a black art – it’s a bit mysterious how you come to these things – and it’s subjective, too, of course. As a director, there are no rules to guide you. You have to go with your gut, ultimately.

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New Robert Pattinson Interview with Capricho – Brazil   Leave a comment

Here’s a new Rob interview with Capricho

Robert Pattinson arrived at the luxurious Four Seasons hotel, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, very much like himself. Beard, jeans, white shirt and hat turned to the back. Before we started the interview, he passed by me carrying a dog bed and left it in a room, at the end of the hall, where Bear was. Yes, Rob’s dog always joins him in his business commitments, ever since his owner adopted him, during Breaking Dawn filming.

The English actor came back laughing and not even caring that I was there seeing everything. Rob is exactly like that: a simple guy that makes sure to always be himself. In 4 years of the Twilight saga, the most famous actor in Hollywood, never let success go up to his head. He was never involved in scandals and doesn’t like talking about his personal life – even his relationship with Kristen almost goes unnoticed. Rob’s secret? To have his family and his “few true friends” always around him. In this exclusive interview to CAPRICHO, Robert Pattinson also talked about what he felt while shooting ‘Breaking Dawn’: he said he only got scared during the wedding scene when saw Kristen walking dawn the aisle towards him, and that he was terrified to hold a real baby. Ah! Notice the loving way he talks about his girlfriend.

It was so cool to see you talking Portuguese…
I wonder what the fans thought of me. They think I did it all wrong.. Honestly, I was just repeating the words people were saying to me. (laughs)

What did you feel when you saw Kristen wearing the wedding dress?>
She looked amazing. To me, it was a very easy scene. I didn’t have to hide, like Kristen, because of the dress. She was so stressed, sitting inside the house, waiting for the paparazzi helicopters to leave. I was great, until I saw her walking in my direction. When I saw her terrified look, I realized that it was my scene too, that I was going to have to do something.(laughs) It was my time to freak out. But it was a beautiful scene.

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More Fan Pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from the UK Breaking Dawn Premiere   2 comments

Here are some more fan pics of Rob and Kristen at the BD premiere in London

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*SCANS* “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” in ‘L’Ecran Fantastique’ Magazine – France   1 comment

“Breaking Dawn” in “L’Ecran Fantastique” French Magazine – November 2011

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