‘Water For Elephants’ One of the hottest search terms in 2011

Internet company AOL has released some interesting data onto the UK and US versions of its Hot Search web site. It is no secret that key terms are at the heart of any SEO campaign so the search terms most popular amongst internet users are useful as basic guidance for SEO professionals.
The Hot Search web site identifies popular search terms on a range of topics and publishes them for the benefit of the public. According to the end of 2011 US category of the Hot Search web site, the most searched term of 2011 was “Casey Anthony Trial”, demonstrating the predictable public fascination with sordid trial proceedings. This one will come as little surprise to anyone who remembers the trial of O.J. Simpson.
Cinema fans will be unsurprised to see that “Harry Potter 7″ topped the list of film-related AOL searches. Other popular films included “The Help”, “Super 8″, “Water For Elephants” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.
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