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Here’s the weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

It’s annoying that you get the same amount of haters as you get of fans. People have fun hating you, while others have fun supporting you. It’s weird. 

(Seventeen magazine interview)

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it’s basically a story about someone who made peace with himself, in the fourth book he found peace with himself; if you’d do another book after that, it can only be boring. (about leaving behind his character Edward)
The thing that drives me crazy is if people follow you when you leave the building. As soon as I lose those people, I’m fine. (Bristol Evening Post interview)
I have never understood the fascination with vampires though. I mean, people are obsessed and I don’t know why. I know the history of it; I find it interesting to think there are true stories of things in, say, Romania. I like all the conspiracy theory aspects of it, but I guess when doing Twilight that is why all the vampire people hate us, because we didn’t have fangs, don’t get burnt in the sunlight or anything. I didn’t really have to do any research about vampires. (Empire Online interview)
I remember I had to go for the international press tour for Water For Elephants the next day and we were on a night shoot. So two hours later, I had to go home and pack, and then go out again! That was my last day and that was really exciting! (about the last day of shooting-Singapore Today)
I remember then, we did a mall tour for the first movie; I had to go to bed afterwards. It was exhausting. (Singapore Today Interview)
I love Berlin and I’ve also been on holidays here a few times. The first time was when I was 18, which has been a while. I was especially impressed with the eastern part of the city because there were galleries everywhere and bands played for free. I don’t know if it’s still like that now, but you could do a lot with little money back then in Berlin. (BZ Berlin)

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  1. upon seeing your pics, makes me happy, complete and…….

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