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Here’s the weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

I guess my actual life hasn’t changed that much – it’s busier. The only time I found it really difficult to cope was when I tried to go to the same places I went to before, and live exactly the same life, and it’s impossible… 

– Robert Pattinson (Bristol Evening Post interview)

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I prefer being a writer, and to do that it has to become my first priority, but so far I have not had the time to focus on it. I just don’t have the time, but it’s definitely something that calls me. It’s something very fulfilling. – Robert Pattinson (Seventeen Brazil interview)

We were introduced at the Munich Olympiastadion for promo for the 2nd one and all of a sudden we stood in front of 20,000 fans that did nothing but scream. It felt like we were rock stars without even singing or playing something. We just stood on the stage and were screamed at. That was really bizarre. – Robert Pattinson (BZ Berlin)

It could have been an R-rated sequence – or a really ridiculous comedy sequence – Robert Pattinson (about the birth-scene – Bristol Evening Post interview)

It was interesting playing this one because I really didn’t like a lot of Edward’s actions in Breaking Dawn, and it’s nice to play actions where you think: “Oh, he’s doing the wrong thing. – Robert Pattinson (Empire Online interview)

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