Share your thoughts on the Bel Ami trailer   5 comments

Fansite  @BelAmiUK, shared the following on their facebook:

Been asked to request Bel Ami trailer feedback, of course love for RP is taken as said, what they want to know is ‘were there any specific elements which held particular appeal for you [aside from the RP bits] for example, the ladies, the cast, the setting, the general feel of the movie? Come on share those thoughts!

And then on their twitter:

Our distribution contact asked for some views on it which I will feed back

We all loved the trailer so give your feedback on the trailer HERE and let the distributors know.


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5 responses to “Share your thoughts on the Bel Ami trailer

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  1. I can hardly wait till this movie comes out Rob is so hot in this !!!!!!

  2. I’m not exactly sure that this is my style of movie. I’m not a huge fan of period pieces. But I will definitely go see it because of Rob.

  3. I particularly like the female casting, Thurman, Ricci and Thomas. These are strong pedigreed actresses and seem so right for this period piece. I’m also glad to see RP play such an amoral rather ‘nasty’ character and show some strong emotion.

  4. I saw this movie last week in Belgium and it`s so great! Rob is the best actor in the world!

  5. I just want to see this movie just looking at the trailor says to me that Rob did an amazing and wonderful performance in this movie I am so glad he took this role it will make the crtics shut their mouths and give him the recgonition he deserves and respect as well

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