New release date for Bel Ami in the Netherlands   12 comments

Independent Films, responsible for distributing Bel Ami for the Netherlands just replied on their facebook page that the release date for the Netherlands is March 15th. NOT confirmed though!! The correct translation of their reply is:

The release is set to march 15 for now. There’s no official movie poster yet: we’re waiting anxiously for it!

So not March 8th as was posted as expected date of release on the site of Pathe (one of the biggest movie theater chains in the Netherlands).

We can’t wait to see the official movie poster and a final release date for a lot of countries: we’ll keep you updated.


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12 responses to “New release date for Bel Ami in the Netherlands

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  2. I live in Canada and unfortunately can not jet across the pond to see Bel Ami. Would it be infantile of me to cry in my beer? I have to wait until the US gets release date before I can start a count down.

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  5. I need to know when the movie Bel Ami is released please say it in english i don’t understand. Is Bel Ami released in February, late February please tell me i need to buy this dvd.

    Loredana Thank you?

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