*SCAN* Cosmopolis Reviews from ‘Nylon Magazine’ and ‘House of Paradox’   1 comment

Here are two Cosmopolis reviews

 House of Paradox 

Robert Pattinson plays Eric Packer, an uber wealthy, intuitive man of the world, who spends his days doing business in a limousine, drifting through city streets while staff, lovers and a doctor come and go as ordered. His day quickly spirals out of control when he loses massive sums of money and his life is threatened by an unknown source.

Director David Cronenberg has chosen a high profile cast for COSMOPOLIS, although it’s a surprising mix, especially the choice of women Packer has sex with.

There are plenty of close-ups of Robert Pattinson and he’s in every scene, his character is tough, cold hearted and calculating – kind of a passive aggressive, financial vampire and he plays it extremely well. Pattinson is clearly trying to round out the scripts he chooses and building a nice portfolio of work.

The script is overflowing with intriguing dialogue, taken directly from the book it’s based on. You could get caught up contemplating a particular line and miss several others if you don’t pay attention.

I found spending time in the limo created a growing sense of claustrophobia, only broken by the coming and going of odd characters speaking fabulous dialogue, it also added a feeling of freedom to the moments Packer did venture out into the real world. The sound outside of Packer’s immediate vicinity was muffled creating a bizarre distancing and enhanced the idea he lived in a world of his own.

As I settled in to the unusual style of the film, I was reminded of books that I read 20 years ago, in the way it layered questions about how we will live in the future and what makes us tick. By the time the movie meandered it’s way to the finish I was enthralled – and disappointed that it had to end. After which, the audience didn’t rush from the room, but talked about the movie and continued chatting in the elevator.

Some critics have bagged the performances, mostly by the women and thought it was slow – but I liked the pace once I’d settled into it, there were plenty of turning points and surprising outcomes and I found the quirky performances represented odd characters, which I enjoy – plenty of odd characters colour my life.

Robert Pattinson, Kevin Durand, Sarah Gadon and the amazing Paul Giamatti, were my particular fav performances, probably because of the dialogue, as that’s the key here.

COSMOPOLIS is a surprising film, perfect if you’re looking for something different and are willing to go with it. For days I continued to wonder about the end of our world as we know it

Nylon Magazine

Source | Via | House of Paradox

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  1. This really is an exceptional movie! And Rob is this movie from beginning to end.

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