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Black & White Pictures of Robert Pattinson from the Cosmopolis Promo Shoot   Leave a comment

Here are black & white pictures of Robert Pattinson from the Cosmopolis Promo shoot. 

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NY Times: Cosmopolis – Cronenberg’s take on Don DeLillo   3 comments

Here’s a great article about Cosmopolis from NY Times

Mr. Cronenberg’s latest film,“Cosmopolis,” takes place in a spectral world of global capital, digital information and virtual everything. Its currency-trading billionaire hero, cocooned in a white stretch limousine that serves as a second skin, deals and speaks in abstractions and is himself something of a hologram, an inscrutable young master of a conceptual universe.

Cosmopolis,” due Aug. 17 from eOne, follows the suave Eric Packer (played by the“Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson) on what proves to be a day of reckoning. Inching through Manhattan traffic for a haircut on the other side of town, he receives a succession of experts and analysts in his leather-upholstered sanctum, which doubles as a boardroom, a bedroom and even a doctor’s office. External distractions — a presidential motorcade, anti-capitalist demonstrations — appear through tinted windows and on touch screens. Everything happens and is experienced at a dreamlike remove. Eric’s bet against the Chinese yuan has turned disastrous, but he responds with eerie detachment, numbly contemplating the prospect of his economic and actual extinction.

“Cosmopolis” is hardly obvious screen material on the page. But Mr. Cronenberg has located cinematic life in other novels that many would deem unfilmable, whether for being too bizarre (William S. Burroughs’s “Naked Lunch”), too graphic (J. G. Ballard’s“Crash”) or too interior (Patrick McGrath’s “Spider”).

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*SCANS* Cosmopolis in ‘Filmmaker’ magazine   Leave a comment

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More Info on TimesTalk ‘’Cosmopolis’’ Q&A on August 15th   Leave a comment

To those of you attending the Times Talk Cosmopolis Q&A on August 15 in New York here is a refresher on te guidelines plus new of oration regarding the event.

”We will not have a live audience Q&A for this event. We are, however, accepting questions in advance. Our moderator will choose a select number of these questions to read to Mr. Cronenberg and Mr. Pattinson during the interview.’ If you wish to submit a question for consideration, please email and please include your name and location.”

Following are the guidelines of conduct:

Camping outside the venue overnight is not permitted. The area outside The TimesCenter is private property and building security will remove anyone who remains overnight on the property.

The doors to the lobby of The TimesCenter will open early for this event, at 4pm, and patrons may queue up at this time. We encourage you to arrive no earlier than 4pm.

Doors to the theater will open at 6pm. Only ticketed patrons will have access to the lobby and theater of The TimesCenter.

Any photography, video and/or audio recording are strictly prohibited in the theater. Violators may be subject to removal.

This event is being filmed and Webcast live on Video of the event will be available on demand, also at

From CNN:

“Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting,” Pattinson’s rep told CNN. “No confirmed engagements have been canceled. Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”

And that’s not all: E! News adds that a rep for The New York Times’ TimesTalk series says Pattinson’s plans to appear with director David Cronenberg on August 15 to promote the film are also apparently “still on track.”

“Cosmopolis” opens in limited release on August 17.

Via | CNN

More HQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson from the Cosmopolis Promo Shoot   2 comments

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New Robert Pattinson wallpapers   Leave a comment

Here are some great new wallpapers thanks to Robert Pattinson Italia:

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in Magazines around the globe   4 comments

Here are some scans of several magazines from around the globe:

“20 Minuten” Magazine – Switzerland | “All Star” Magazine – Russia | “Vanidades” Magazine – Spain:

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New/Old Pic Of Rob at Breaking Dawn Premiere   1 comment

thanks @JoJoWright

Source | via Gossip Dance

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New/Old David Cronenberg interview on Cosmopolis, Rob and Twilight fans   2 comments

From Time Out Sidney:
At 69, Canadian director David Cronenberg is more prolific and respectable than ever. But from the venereal turd-creatures of 1975’s Shivers to Eric Packer, the dead-eyed capitalist played by Robert Pattinson in his adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel Cosmopolis, Cronenberg’s intelligence, integrity and clinical insight into human psychology have never been in doubt. As the one-time Baron of Blood becomes a pillar of the filmmaking establishment, we find out that, although his subjects may have changed, Cronenberg’s passion remains undimmed.

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*Video* “Bel Ami” Rob’s Set Interview + Clips with portuguese subtitles   Leave a comment

The videos are not new but we’re posting because of the Opening of Bel Ami today at a lot of countries (check below)

from California Filme:

The SEDUCTIVE, starring Robert Pattinson, opens this Friday, Aug. 3, in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Brasilia and Salvador. The film selected for official competition of the last Berlin International Film Festival, is based on the work of Guy de Maupassant and directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod. In the cast are still Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas.

More Clips at CaliforniaFilme | via Gossip Dance

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