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*Video* of Robert Pattinson on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart   8 comments

Here’s the video of Robert Pattinson on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

From 0.20


Rob’s part starts at 11: 20.

Or watch here on The Daily Show website


*VIDEO* Rob Talks about Cosmopolis with MTV   4 comments

or CLICK HERE or image to watch (unfortunately not viewable everywhere)


Josh Horowitz: How are you, Rob?

Robert Pattinson: How you doin’?

JH: Good to see you.

RP: You look skinny.

JH: Oh, you always say that. That’s why I love you.

RP: [Laughs]

JH: It’s not the acting, it’s not the film, it’s ’cause you say I’m skinny. Thank you, Rob. Not true, but congratulations on the film, man. So, I mean, for this film you don’t have an elephant, you don’t have Reese Witherspoon, you don’t have the Twilight cast to lean on. It’s all on you, man. No pressure.

RP: Well it’s on David. I keep trying to say it’s his movie. It’s not my movie. I’m just a pawn in it. [Laughs] So yeah. It was kind of scary in the beginning, but it was also kind a good, but no one else had too big a part. So I didn’t have too many… [Laughs] I got sort of confident that I had many chances to redeem myself throughout the movie.

JH: Are you anxious and excited to see the American audience receive this and see what, you know, they haven’t seen you in this capacity before, to see you in a context like this?

RP: Yeah, I think the sort of cultural relevance to being in Twilight and stuff… I was always afraid of it before, like kind of an overwhemling movie, but I think it kind of makes it more interesting ’cause it creates a lens to look good. So I don’t know, maybe it’d be cool.

MTV | Dailymotion thanks to @veronicaspuffy | via RPLife

Important – Please Read   7 comments

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Hi guys, 

Marie here aka FP, the owner of ToR. First off I’d like to start off by saying thank you so much for how loyal you have been over the years. It’s great having your support. I know many of you have been following us from the start and it’s great fun interracting with you guys whether it’s on here, Thinking of Rob twitter or our personal twitters. You guys mean so much to us and are our driving force and what keeps us going each and every time. 

As some of you know we’ve been working hard with Douglas Hamilton for the past three months.  If you don’t know who Douglas is check out his website here  and give him a follow on Twitter here. Douglas is a great singer/ songwriter and also has some cute videos of him working with lion cubs. As mentioned, over the past three months we’ve been working with him and with a lot of hard work from Douglas and myself we’ve finally managed to come up with something. Douglas will be going to work with dolphins in the Florida Keys from August to January. I’m not sure if you guys know this, but Douglas has been contacted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper for more animal videos and he was also was contacted by ABC to be the next Bachelor. 

That being said we are trying to raise money to help Douglas out, both with his music and his internship in Florida. 

We need your help to raise money. You can donate to ToR by clicking on the “Donate” button in the sidebar. All money will go to Douglas. 

What do you get in return? Well you’ll get a chance to see tons of cute pics and videos! Plus you are encouraging us ToR girls in something we’ve been working very hard to make happen. We have always been there for you guys and in return you have always been there for us. So if we do this together we can make this work! 

Thank you so much! 


 You can get his new song on iTunes (and spotify) now!! click HERE to order!

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Access Hollywood: Robert Pattinson Thanks Fans For Wonderful Support   6 comments

Click HERE or the pic to watch the video:

ETA: Video of Paul Giamatti talking about Rob – at 1:20 (click Image to watch)

From Access Hollywood:

Hitting the red carpet, the actor expressed remorse over not being able to take care of his fans’ red carpet wishes – an autograph from their “Twilight” hunk.

“Every time I’ve done [a premiere] in New York it’s pretty crazy, but there’s absolutely no way to sign anything,” he laughed while chatting with Access Hollywood on the “Cosmopolis” red carpet. “That’s the only problem.”

Dozens of fans held up signs of support for Rob as he hit his premiere, after an appearance on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” and the actor was thankful for their support.

“It’s great,” he said of the fan reaction and support. “It’s wonderful.”

Robert is proud of his new film, and he said shooting most of his scenes in a limo actually provided some comfort.

“It makes it easier… I was extremely nervous at the beginning. It’s a complicated script, so just having anything where you can have some kind of security, some kind of stability in it, just made it more comfortable for me, especially the caliber of actors and stuff,” Robert told Access. “People way more experienced than me — as long as I had my limo and I had the same seat, it was just a lot easier.”

Youtube source 

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Cosmopolis US Promo Master Post   1 comment

Links to all pics, videos, interviews, etc for the US promo of Cosmopolis. Known upcoming events also listed so you can plan ahead.

Cosmopolis Premiere August 13th:

HQ Pictures: Here | Here | Here
MQ Pictures: Here
Fan Pictures: Here
Videos: Here  Fan Videos: Here 
Red Carpet Interviews: Access Hollywood | MTV | Reuters | Associated Press | ET | Movie Bytes | ZoominUK

Interviews & TV appearances:

The Daily Show: (Aug 13th): Video | Screencaps

Opening Bell NYSE: (Aug 14): HQ Pics | Screencaps | Fan Pics | Video | Official Pics | MQ Pics | MQ Pics of Rob leaving  HQ Pics of Rob leaving 

GMA: (Aug 15): HQ Pics | HQ Pics 2 | MQ Pics | Fan Pics | Fan Pics 2 | Interview Video | Fan Videos | Fan Videos 2  | Screencaps  | HD Screencaps  

NYTimes Talk: (Aug 15): Video | Fan Pics | HQ Pics | Screencaps 

MTV First: (Aug 16):  Video | Screencaps | Pictures/Portraits |

Jimmy Kimmel: (Aug 22): Interview | Videos of arrival & Departure | HQ Arrival Pics | HQ Departure PicsFan Pictures | MQ Pics 

Press Junket: (Aug 14)

Pictures: First Pictures   Interviews: Time | Moviefone | FB Questions | Next Movie  | AP | Associated Press | LA Times | The Playlist | ET | Miami Herald  | Rotten Tomatoes  | The Boston Globe  AZ Central  | Fox  Screenslam|

HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson at the Premiere of Cosmopolis in NYC – August 13th   7 comments

Here are some HQ pics of Robert Pattinson at the Premiere of Cosmopolis in NYC on August 13th. 

Click to make bigger 

More after the jump! 


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Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson at the Premiere of Cosmopolis in NYC – August 13th   3 comments

Here are some fan pics of Robert Pattinson at the Premiere of Cosmopolis in NYC on August 13th. 

More after the jump! 

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