*VIDEO* Rob Talks about Cosmopolis with MTV   4 comments

or CLICK HERE or image to watch (unfortunately not viewable everywhere)


Josh Horowitz: How are you, Rob?

Robert Pattinson: How you doin’?

JH: Good to see you.

RP: You look skinny.

JH: Oh, you always say that. That’s why I love you.

RP: [Laughs]

JH: It’s not the acting, it’s not the film, it’s ’cause you say I’m skinny. Thank you, Rob. Not true, but congratulations on the film, man. So, I mean, for this film you don’t have an elephant, you don’t have Reese Witherspoon, you don’t have the Twilight cast to lean on. It’s all on you, man. No pressure.

RP: Well it’s on David. I keep trying to say it’s his movie. It’s not my movie. I’m just a pawn in it. [Laughs] So yeah. It was kind of scary in the beginning, but it was also kind a good, but no one else had too big a part. So I didn’t have too many… [Laughs] I got sort of confident that I had many chances to redeem myself throughout the movie.

JH: Are you anxious and excited to see the American audience receive this and see what, you know, they haven’t seen you in this capacity before, to see you in a context like this?

RP: Yeah, I think the sort of cultural relevance to being in Twilight and stuff… I was always afraid of it before, like kind of an overwhemling movie, but I think it kind of makes it more interesting ’cause it creates a lens to look good. So I don’t know, maybe it’d be cool.

MTV | Dailymotion thanks to @veronicaspuffy | via RPLife

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